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Georgia motorcycle accident attorney is an answered pray. While will you seek a lawyer when you have a motorcycle accident? Is it possible to claim damages? Let see

Georgia is one of the most peaceful places in the place but that doesn’t mean that accidents can be completely avoided that is why there are Georgia motorcycle accident attorneys.

What Georgia motorcycle accident attorneys do for you as a driver is to ensure that you are not bully or badly treated by anyone or any company when demanding compensation from them.

Now how do they do that? Any Georgia motorcycle accident attorney that you hire, will stand in for you as your spoke person when presenting the case to the company or the court if necessary.

Yeah, as a middle-class person, there are some companies that you cannot just walk up to and start talking about the damages they have caused you of your household without going with a lawyer.

Even at times, while going with a lawyer, if your lawyer is just a newbie in the firm, there is a possibility of not getting anything from the company as compensation.

So that is why, before presenting your case or confronting a company for a motorcycle accident, you need to hire a lawyer.
Not just a lawyer, but a lawyer that can speak both cool and aggressively until they have no choice but to cooperate.

Yeah, cooperate because that’s all you need and that’s why the lawyer is there. But where and how can you locate such a Georgia motorcycle accident attorney?

Finding such a lawyer shouldn’t be a problem since you are here now. Because in this article, I will list out few good attorneys in Georgia and their details that you can get in touch with, so keep reading,


Motorcycle Accidents Attorney near me (Georgia)

John Foy and Associates

John Foy and Associates ensure as one of the best attorney’s you can get in Georgia will be your dream as they will carry you along to know what is going on in and out to avoid getting you a settlement you don’t want at the end.

John Foy and Associates contact

  • Phone: +1 404-224-9778
  • Location: 3343 Peachtree Rd NE #350, Atlanta, GA 30326, United States
  • Website:

2. Monge and Associates

It is a BBB accredited private associate owned by Scott Monge who has a good standing with the State Bar of Georgia. A 1992 graduate student from the southern Illinois University School of Law, J.D

As a cabpable hand for your motorcycle accident attorney, Monge and Associates have been in the business for over 28 years now. They offer services on different aspects of accidents, including, auto accidents, pedestrians, wrongful death, slip and fall, dog bite, Bicycle, workers’ compensation, motorcycle, etc.

For me, experience motorcycle accident attorney near me is Monge and Associates.

Monge and Associates Contact details

  • Contact: +1 866-294-4122
  • Location: 8205 Dunwoody PI Building 19, Atlanta, GA 30350, United States
  • Website:

Hit Georgia motorcycle accident attorney

3. Butler Law Firm

As a motorcycle rider, you don’t have to be intimidated by those high-class people who think that because you are a motorcycle rider that you have no right to sue them for the damage they have caused.

Butler Law Firm helps you by proving to them that you don’t just deserve it but it is your right to be compensated by them.
You may be saying how will they be able to help me when I don’t even know the main person that caused the accident.

Well in Butler Law Firm, that is seen as a hit-and-run accident. Still don’t worry about it with Butler Law Firm everything will be okay.

But how? In Butler Law Firm, their team makes sure that they use all means to get to the bottom of fetching out the driver of that vehicle even if going through the CCTV Cameras just to Identity it, they will.

So that’s how far Butler Law Firm can go for their clients to claim their rights.

Butler Law Firm Contact Information

  • Location: 10 Lenox Pointe Atlanta, GA 30324
  • Phone: 678-831-6521
  • Second Office: 154 Stone Mountain Street, Suite 250 Lawrenceville, GA 30045
  • Phone: 678-400-6166
  • Website:

Although there are other offices apart from these two so please do well to visit the site below to choose which office is closer to you.

4. Jonathan R Brockman PC as Georgia Motorcycle Accidents Attorney near me

This company has been in the business for over 31 years now. That means that they know what they are doing.

If you can find the time to go through the court records in Georgia concerning successful motorcycle accident case and the firms that did the case, you will see this law firm mentioned time without number. To see more testimonies from clients, please visit the firm wabpage.


5. Harris Lowry Manton LLP

How long does Motorcycle accident settlement take?
If this is one of the questions that you having in mind, then know that every settlement has to do with how the process went. That means that some settlements do take one month, to two months, even sometimes, less than a month for the settlement to be processed.

Note: Even while the settlement is being processed, you have every right to tell your lawyer that the compensation is too low or that it is okay. Perhaps that’s why you hired a lawyer in the first place.

So don’t be intimidated into collecting any amount given to you if you know that the negotiated price will not pay for the damage caused, and also for the lawyer percentage for hiring.

Contact details

  • Contact: (912) 304-9159
  • Website:

How to avoid a motorcycle accident

Though there are very good motorcycle accident attorney’s in Georgia that can get you the damages claims for your loss when you are knocked down by careless drivers, you still need to know how to avoid them.

Avoiding this accident is possible sometimes if the driver avoids overspeeding, driving, or being distracted while steering. It can also be avoided if the driver ensures that before taking his or her vehicle out from her garage that he does a lot of scanning both in and outer parts of the vehicle before taking it into the highway.