20+ Fully Funded Scholarships in UK for international students

There are many interesting fully Funded Scholarships in UK for international students that you can apply today and get awarded with with as much as $20,000. I must also tell you that when we talk about Scholarships in UK, it about the best of them.

Studying abroad in the United Kingdom is an excellent opportunity to get some of the best higher education in the world. However, this kind of quality usually does not come cheap, and many international students need some form of financial aid to fully or partially cover their study and living costs in the UK.

When it comes to applying for good, generous UK scholarships, the competition is really high, and some of the best providers take into consideration many requirements — your previous academic history often being one of them.

So if you can prove you’re a top student with impressive study achievements, you shouldn’t think twice and apply for an international scholarship in the UK.

Have you ever wondered what a UK education can do for you? Alongside a world-class qualification, studying in the UK will give you the opportunity to experience a new culture, network with students and professionals from all over the world, and gain skills to help further your career development. 

There are various financial support options available to help fund your studies in the UK. This includes scholarships, grants, bursaries, fellowships, financial awards and loans.

Receiving financial support could help you achieve your dreams – be it progressing your career, starting your own business or bringing change and opportunity to your community. In our film above, scholarship recipients talk about how the opportunity has transformed their lives. They have one piece of advice for students thinking of applying for a scholarship: ‘Just go for it!’


Fully Funded Scholarships and financial support in UK

The UK government offers hundreds of scholarships, bursaries and additional financial support to students from several countries. You can visit the UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs) website  to find out if you are eligible for a scholarship. 

Many institutions also offer their own financial assistance, and you can check their websites for more information.

Lots of universities offer fully-funded postgraduate studentships. You can find out more from your chosen university or from specialist websites like Postgraduate Studentships  and Prospects .

We are going to start with one of the most famous scholarships in the UK and abroad.

Fully Funded Scholarships in UK for international students

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Scholarships in UK for international students

1. Chilean scholarship.

Chilean scholarships in UK allows you to study in the UK being fully funded by the government. It also covers all your living expenses and all your tuition fees. This is a scholarship that many have got and that they started with in the UK.

This was a valuable experience, not only because it fully covered all their expenses, but also because it allows you to build a strong network of leaders, and it means that you are going to communicate with people who aim for the better future. Who are committed to their society and who want to create an impact in the world.

So Chilean is a most prestigious scholarship in the world and normally they are looking for people who are eager to change the situation in their home countries. You need to take this into account, because the main requirement of the scholarship is that you will come back to your home country for two years upon studies.Every year more than 1500 scholarships are awarded for more than 160 countries.

However, you also need to remember that it’s only for master’s degree and for one year program, so you can study any subject you want. However, you need to remember that it should be in accordance with your own personal brand, with your own stories that you’re, going to tell to the Commission in order to get admitted.

2. Westminster scholarships in uk.

The first one it covers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The University of Westminster is based in London and is really famous for its fashion, creating and so on. Its campus is located in the best parts of London and gives you access to student and city life. The scholarship in UK is very competitive, only around three six people every year get it.

However, the good thing is that not so many people have known about it in order to get it, you need to be admitted to the University and be a student from one of the developing countries that are participants of these scholarships, You can check the requirements on the website of the scholarships in Uk.

3. Commonwealth Master Scholarships in UK for international students.

These scholarships in UK are meant for people who are coming from developing countries and know the weaknesses of their countries and a concrete plan to develop it. It is designed to attract outstanding turns to the UK universities, while also supporting the development of the countries abroad.

You need to pick a field of interest related to science, how systems global prosperity, governance on some other fields as well. Also, if you cannot come to the UK, there is also possibility that they will cover your online education and if you do have a family or child, they will give you a child allowance and it’s only the one scholarship who does it last but not least, they do not require an IELTS exam in order to get the scholarship.

4. Equity and Merit scholarships in UK for international students

Equity and Merit scholarship for the University of Manchester girls. It’s your time, because this scholarship aims to empower women. They’re ready to cover your distance master learning program for three to four years depending on your course of choice.

The key to get a scholarship is your eagerness to walk with sustainability. The University of Manchester is one of the top universities in the world and in the UK, so don’t miss your chance at this scholarship, it is for excellent students who do have potentials to make some significant changes in the area of sustainability and the fiefs scholarships is widened out.

It is open for any course, and it is really highly competitive, and the feature of this program is that it also helps you to become a part of this leadership group and community, and They prepare this course, intellectually, and also prepare them for the chosen career path. This program includes enterprise challenge some debates and also some practical seminars.

5. Society Leadership Award At Saint Andrews University.

What makes this program different is that it also covers free academic preparation during the summer.
So, for example, if you want to improve your English skills or if you are going to study something that they have not studied before it’s possible to gain the knowledge during the summer. This makes it one of best Fully Funded Scholarships in UK for international students

Moreover, they specifically highlight film studies, which is really rare to be covered by scholarship.
So if you’re dreaming about study in the movies, it will be in this area. Don’t miss your chance.

6. Gate Scholarship At Cambridge.

You get experience beyond Cambridge as you join the global network of leaders committed to improving the lives of others. You can easily find the funding there for your projects, like-minded people and some unique events.
You can also meet gates and he’s right there, and normally they are looking for some people to hire for their project. So it’s unique opportunity and become a part of it.

7. M. I Scholarship At Imperial College London.

This is the only scholarship that requires you to make a video instead of writing essays in order to be admitted. Usually people hesitate to do so and develop that idea. However, the video allows you to express your energy expression, motivation and prove that you are the one who shall be chosen in order to get it.
You need to prove that you have an ability and also passion to become a visionary leader and also to show a concrete plan upon studies.

8. Postgraduate Excellence Award at Nottingham University.

Nottingham University is a founding member of the Russell group of the universities. In the UK, and you can pick any field from marketing to accounting or any other area of studies, and thanks to the scholarship, you will be able to get involved in some worldwide events and opportunities.

9. Warwick Chancellor scholarship for PhD students.

Every year around 30 participants receive it. However, to get it, you need to have research project and a plan in mind, so guys this is the last culture for today.

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Fully Funded Scholarships in UK for international students By Universities in UK

Numerous universities in the UK offer scholarships to international students so if there is an institution, in particular, you have your eye on, have a look on their website or reach out via email to see if they have any scholarship available.

Here are more:

Gates Cambridge Scholarships in UK

Hoping to pursue a full-time postgraduate degree at the University of Cambridge? This scholarship will cover all your costs.

Rhodes Scholarships at University of Oxford

The Rhodes Scholarship was set up in 1902 and is the world’s oldest international scholarship programme at one of the most prestigious universities in the world. It awards exceptional postgraduate students from certain eligible countries.

Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships in UK

Each year, the University of Edinburgh offers 30 scholarships to international students hoping to undertake a PhD research programme in any field of study. The scholarship reduces tuition fees to the rate given to domestic students (and students who are from countries in the European Union) but does not cover maintenance costs.

Old College, Edinburgh. Source: Shutterstock.

Denys Holland Scholarship at University College London

Undergraduate students from any country are eligible for this scholarship if they would be unable to fund their studies at UCL otherwise and show a desire to throw themselves into university life inside and outside of their studies. The student will receive GBP9,000 (US$12,870) every year of their degree which they may use towards their tuition or as a maintenance loan.

Bristol University International Office Scholarships in UK

The University of Bristol offers five scholarships per year for future undergraduate international students worth GBP8,500 (US$12,160).

University of West England Chancellor’s Scholarships in UK

Each year, Bristol’s UWE offers a number of scholarships totalling GBP100,000 (US$143,000) for international students. Some of the scholarships may require you to undertake an internship for a while alongside your studies.

University of Westminster International Scholarships in UK

The university awards scholarships to students from any developing country who wish to study in the UK and pursue a full-time Master’s degree in any subject area, except MBAs. Successful applicants can look forward to free tuition, accommodation, flights to and from London and living expenses.

Developing Solutions Scholarships at University of Nottingham

If you are from Africa, India or a developing Commonwealth country and you wish to study for a Master’s at Nottingham before returning to improve the development of your home country, this scholarship is for you. There are 105 available every year, with 30 covering the entire tuition cost and the other 75 subsidising it by 50 percent.

For more information concerning this scholarship for international students in the UK, like application link and deadline, go to the schools with Scholarships category in this website


Gone are the days, people suffer to learn a trade or even get the best academic opportunity they so desired to learn, when they don’t have the necessary resources. With this fully Funded Scholarships for international students in UK, you can study for free in UK Universities.

Now, anybody can start from any part of the world and still make reasonable thing out of it, like you can get fully funded scholarships in Canada as an international students. Be sure to have read the article from the beginning to the end