Freedom is free from of our troubles. Be it physical or mentally, from family or friends, which we take as holding us hostage. Or as a nation.
       How can one really know and say that he or she is free or has gotten freedom. It may be through behaviour, looks and maybe hosting and events to celebrate with friends.
       Nigeria has been free from her colonial masters (Britain)  in 1960 an a Republic in 1963 to be a free people to govern themselves, make policy an implement them.
     Nigeria as a nation turned 56 on October 1st 2016. It is a day that Nigeria and Nigerians are very proud of and very much happy to remember and make memorable. As a way of celebrating freedom, it is always a public holiday for people of all ages and abilities, kinds of life and qualifications can make it to celebrate an call history to mind and see how their forefathers fought tirelessly to make the nation independent.
        What do Nigeria do to show freedom apart from the ceremony. The release of doves or pigeons (white) . This has been the custom for years, but is that the case this year, not at all. When the pigeons were released from the cage, they refused to fly. What is the problem, is it tiredness, sickness or what. Is Nigeria still free or has some one or people taken us into captive? This is a puzzle to solve by all Nigerians and lovers of Nigerian country.