5+ Best Fashion Design Schools in Germany – Apply Now

In recent years, there has being an increase in the number of Application into the fashion design Schools in Germany and this has caused the research and for Schools with Scholarships team to write on this.

The schools for creativity is one of the best thing that has happened to this country and the world in general. There are many design Schools in Germany that anyone can apply to and be admitted.

This article will focus on the best fashion design Schools in Germany and what this schools have to offer to their teaming students.

Have being to Germany before if you are not a citizen? If no is your answer, then let’s see something important about Germany.


About Germany

Germany is a very attractive destination for people from all over the world. Excellent academic standards, a thriving economy, and major developments in engineering are only some of the reasons why German universities should be on your study-abroad list. Internationals are treated as equals and benefit from fair social policies.

Another amazing advantage is that almost all public universities charge no tuition fees to all international students. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn German, an important skill that can help you land jobs in Germany as well as Austria, Belgium, Liechtenstein, or at many international corporations all over the world.

So getting into any of the fashion design Schools in Germany will never be a source of regret in your educational carrier.

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Job description of the fashion designer

The task of the fashion designer is, to create collections of clothing and / or accessories for the fashion industry with the necessary technical know-how and thus to exert an influence on how a certain target audience will dress. So after your fashion design Schools in Germany, you will need to be creative.

On the other hand, the designer sets trends and determines what will be fashionable around two years before a given season. His creations must also meet the wishes of the end customer. In addition to being original, they also have to be practical.

Best Fashion design Schools in Germany

In the list of fashion design Schools in Germany you will see below, there are many courses that are offered by this schools and some online. All you need to do is read to the end.

1. Mode design Collage

Mode design collage - Best fashion design Schools in Germany

Make more of your passion for fashion – turn your passion into a job! Make your dream come true with an apprenticeship as an International Fashion Designer at the MDC Mode Design College in the German fashion metropolis Düsseldorf.

As a private, vocational fashion design school in Germany with a focus on design, we have been one of the top addresses for comprehensive, well-founded training in the fashion sector since 2015. On the basis of an international orientation, we accompany you on your way and create the basis for your successful professional future.

Creativity needs a strong foundation, especially in the fast-moving world of fashion. Because instead of waiting for the muse to kiss us at some point, we have to inspire ourselves anew every day. This requires strong impulses and fresh ideas – as well as the right tools.


The love of fashion is a wonderful passion. Because only with it does clothing become more than a means to an end: it becomes an individual, unmistakable expression of personality! If you also enjoy creative work with a wide variety of materials and textiles, then you can turn your passion into a job.

After a three-year apprenticeship at the MDC, you can achieve the degree “International Fashion Designer” with us – the basis for your dream job in the fashion industry.

With the degree as “International Fashion Designer” at the MDC you have the opportunity to work in a wide variety of areas of the fashion industry. You can work as a fashion designer, a stylist, fashion draftsman, costume designer, fashion journalist, product manager, model maker, pattern maker, quality controller or as a visual marketing designer. According to your abilities and interests.

National and international.

Fashion Schools in Germany are well organized in such a way that international Students are welcomed to the institution and can be able to learn using English, Germany or French Language.

At the MDC, we provide you with the professional tools you need to turn your boldest fashion ideas into reality during your training. Benefit from the creative and intensive training at the MDC. With the right sense and intuition for aesthetics, silhouettes, colors and shapes, in connection with your great passion for fashion, you are ultimately fully qualified for your future dream job.

The training at the MDC is designed for seven semesters. At the end of the course you will graduate as an “International Fashion Designer”.

Admission requirement is at least the technical college entrance qualification / middle school leaving certificate. In exceptional cases, other school-leaving qualifications can also be admitted, e.g. B. with particular artistic aptitude or with a completed professional training. Applicants from abroad are just as welcome as those who change their degree or training location. The language of instruction is German.

The semester starts on April 1st and October 1st. Lessons take place over four days with around 32 hours per week. Three vacation periods are planned for the course of the year, three weeks of which are allocated to the spring vacation, seven weeks to the summer vacation and two weeks to the Christmas vacation.

Teaching content

We train your drawing and design skills and your spatial imagination. With us you will learn the methodical handling of colors and shapes and get a comprehensive insight into material science.

So that our participants can develop creatively, our lectures take place in timeless and stylishly furnished rooms. Only the most modern equipment is used in small and efficient learning groups. The familiar atmosphere promotes learning success considerably.

After successfully completing your degree, you will have the following specialist skills:

  • When it comes to fashion design, you have your own individual signature as well as specific ideas in order to be able to implement them in a targeted manner.
  • You have the ability to implement your own designs using cutting techniques and to make the corresponding garments yourself.
  • You have extensive knowledge of the most important work steps for producing a complete collection.
  • You have mastered the technical vocabulary to communicate your own drafts in writing and orally.
  • You have the ability to create and visualize presentations and documentation on the computer.

The curriculum

Your curriculum at the Mode Design College is divided into three sections over the course of three and a half years of training over 7 semesters:

  • In the first section you will learn the basics of fashion design. At the end of the third semester, you will complete it with an intermediate examination, which covers the knowledge and skills acquired up to that point as well as the specialist competencies imparted in the classroom.
  • In the second section you will deepen your existing basic knowledge and integrate a practical semester.
  • In the third section, the focus of your training is on the conception and realization of the final collections and their professional presentation in various media and, of course, in a glamorous show! Your focus here is particularly on the specialization and individualization of the techniques you have learned in order to deepen your talents and skills as a designer and to create your own identity.

The basics

On the basis of an international orientation, we accompany you on your way and create the basis for your successful professional future in the world of fashion.
In the “Crafts” department at the MDC, we provide you with:

  • modeling
  • Draping
  • Experiment
  • Structure
  • To cut
  • Sew
  • Fixate
  • To shape
  • Fit optimization
  • Modification of the cut
  • Tailoring

The “Technology” department at the MDC includes in your training:

  • communication
  • Representation techniques
  • Illustration
  • Experimental drawing techniques
  • Intuitive drawing
  • Quick drawing
  • Perception and expression of the line
  • Digital collage and montage
  • Digitizing manual cuts
  • Textile manufacturing processes
  • Manufacturing engineering

In the “Design” department, we teach you at the MDC:

  • Color theory
  • fashion theory
  • Creativity
  • Aesthetics
  • Art
  • inspiration
  • Design
  • Conceptualize
  • Specify
  • Visualize
  • Reflect

Forward-looking topics

In addition to classic tools such as craft, technology and design, the focus of the MDC is on teaching units that provide the participants with comprehensive training from the first semester with regard to the needs of the current job market.
In addition, skills in the English language are imparted with courses such as business English training and fashion English.

You will also get an insight into the common computer programs used in the textile and clothing industry. This includes introductions to CAD (Computer Aided Design), computer visualization as well as methodology and application of vector-based drawing programs, the creation of objects and their further design, e.g. through image processing and image assembly, color and print sample combinations and the design of layouts. You will learn how to use the tools and their functions safely.

A special feature at the Mode Design College is the new focus on “Sustainable Design Strategies”. In this future-oriented subject, you will deal with the global fashion industry and its worldwide production facilities.

The various manufacturing processes for textiles and clothing are analyzed with a view to their sustainability. The aim of this lesson is to support the development of ecological awareness. To this end, critical thinking and questioning with regard to the various production stages and processes in the fashion industry are encouraged.

We have also developed the subject “Product Development” at the MDC. This is a supplementary and in-depth subject that deals with the development of initial samples according to production specifications. This topic is also convincing due to its strong practical relevance.

From practice

At the MDC, we attach great importance to the practical orientation of your training. That is why regular guest lectures by designers, marketing experts and fashion experts from industry and trade provide you with crisp, first-hand information. This also includes workshops on various advanced topics, such as:

  • Screen printing
  • visualization
  • Shoe design
  • Green fashion
  • Fashion clip production
  • Fashion show organization
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Create your own brand
  • Canditature
  • Business Modeling Starter Kit

In addition, thanks to excellent contacts with fashion companies, we regularly offer the opportunity to take part in professionally relevant excursions with the MDC. Visits to fashion fairs, exhibitions, events and fashion shows round off your training.

Open workshop

Our workshop is also available to our young designers outside of the lecture period. You can also go to college in the evenings and on weekends to do chores.


In order to be able to give you a further insight into the fashion industry as part of your training, we have integrated an 18-week internship into the curriculum in the 5th semester. Of course, the MDC has a wide range of contacts in the fashion industry – for example to design departments, fashion agencies, fashion publishers, styling offices, media agencies, fashion labels, cutting departments in the textile and clothing industry or costume designers for film and television. We support you in finding your ideal internship.


We regularly offer our creative young designers at the MDC the opportunity to take part in excursions. This point is also of great importance for us in terms of practical training.

This includes visits to fashion fairs, for example the Berlin Fashion Week, the platform Fashion Düsseldorf, the shoe fair GDS Düsseldorf or the fabric fair Premiere Vision in Paris. We also encourage visits to exhibitions in the fields of fashion and photography as well as art exhibitions on the subject of fashion design.

Last but not least, we enable you to visit events and interesting fashion shows for your own inspiration, for example at the Fashion Clash in Antwerp, at the Dralon Chempark in Dormagen or as part of a fashion weekend in London.

On these excursions, especially during the trade fair, our young designers have the opportunity to make important contacts and expand their network. All of our excursions are regularly posted on social media. Participation is voluntary.

After successfully completing your training as an “International Fashion Designer” at the MDC, you have interesting opportunities to deepen your specialist knowledge and broaden your professional perspectives. In addition to studying with a bachelor’s degree at one of our partner universities ( more information can be found here ) , you can also take the journeyman’s examination as a bespoke tailor in front of the Düsseldorf Chamber of Crafts.
Tailoring is a historical art.

With this job you have the always challenging and varied task of making clothing according to your own designs or the wishes of your customers. Everyday working life is wonderfully diverse: From the first meeting with the customer to the last fitting, your knowledge is in demand – from the material to the cut to your skills in tailoring.

Bespoke tailor is a state-recognized training occupation in accordance with Section 25 of the Crafts Code for Training for the Trade No. 19 in accordance with Appendix B, Section 1 of the Crafts Code. After a successful examination, the custom tailors’ guild in Düsseldorf awards the journeyman’s certificate as a custom tailor.

The Düsseldorf Chamber of Crafts has confirmed to us that training at the MDC to become an “International Fashion Designer” imparts skills and knowledge that are also provided for in the training regulations for custom tailors. For this reason, our graduates can also be admitted to the external journeyman’s examination in accordance with Section 10, Paragraph 1 of the Journeyman’s Examination Regulations (GPO).

The examination board decides on a case-by-case basis whether the admission requirements are met.
If you are interested in this path, we recommend taking part in the inter-company training courses offered by the custom tailors’ guild in Düsseldorf to prepare for the exam. Of course, we at the MDC will be happy to support and advise you with your selection and registration.

You can apply to this one of the best fashion design Schools in Germany and gain the experience of their seasoned instructors and professional in the field of design creativity.

Mode Design College
Alte Fabrik Oberbilk
Mindener Strasse 33a
40227 Düsseldorf
Mrs. Hediye Cunningham
Phone: 0211 4363 81 52
Email: info@modedesigncollege.de
opening times:
Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

2. Atelier Chardon Savard

Fashion design Schools in Germany

As a Parisian university founded in 1988, we stand with the Atelier Chardon Savard for the values ​​that have made Paris the world capital of fashion. We look back on over 25 years of experience in the fashion world – an industry that is always on the move. That is why we understand fashion as a language that is constantly evolving and that we, as fashion designers, always find new inspiration.

The frame of reference for studying fashion design at Atelier Chardon Savard is the international fashion business with its specific cycles, actors and rituals. Various study modules map this dimension in terms of content, and professors fill it with life.

It was important for us to find a partner who shared this special sensitivity for the artistic and creative process. We have succeeded in doing this with the renowned Macromedia University and we are proud to be able to offer the Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design in cooperation.

For you, the cooperation means that you will receive a state-recognized bachelor’s degree after completing your studies. The interdisciplinary exchange also optimally prepares our graduates for a constantly changing professional field in our digital and fast-moving world.

Macromedia University, in cooperation with Atelier Chardon Savard, offers a practice-oriented fashion design course with a state-recognized degree. The study program is based on the international fashion business and includes 7 semesters with an integrated practical semester.

Students at Atelier Chardon Savard not only learn the classic craft of illustration, through pattern design to processing in fashion design, but also deal with current and future-oriented topics in the fashion industry: multifunctional textiles, sustainable production methods and changed consumption patterns. Upcycling, sharing economy and slow fashion are also addressed in the course and taken up in projects.

The overriding aim of the course is to provide students with intensive support in developing their individual creativity. The alpha and omega of the course is also the personal feedback from the professors, who accompany the students in their creative development and encourage them individually.

Admission requirements

In order to be admitted to the fashion design bachelor’s degree at Atelier Chardon Savard, in cooperation with Macromedia University, the following entry requirements must be met:

Abitur / Fachabitur or equivalent educational qualification. In addition to the proof of university entrance qualification, the submission of 5-10 work samples is required.
Applicants with an intermediate level of education (Mittlere Reife) can be admitted on the basis of proof of special artistic talent. This includes an admissions interview, the submission of 5-10 work samples, the processing of three creative tasks, as well as the passing of a general education test.


An elementary component of the course is the professors’ high practical relevance. In addition to the classic course content, professional manners or group processes in the fashion industry are also on the curriculum.

During the course there is also the opportunity to take part in workshops in Paris and exchange ideas with company representatives on site. A semester in Paris or Nantes and joint projects with the locations in France are also possible.

The highlight of the academic year is the fashion show that takes place every summer semester. The students work all year round to present their self-designed haute couture there.

Your bachelor’s degree is awarded by the Macromedia University, with which we cooperate for our fashion design studies.

Tuition fees

725 € / month
Plus a one-time registration fee of 500 € for applicants from the European Union or 750 € for applicants from the rest of the world.
At the start of the course, there is a one-off material fee of € 190.

You can now start your application process into this one of the best fashion design Schools in Germany.

Mehringdamm 33, 10961 Berlin, Germany

3. Fashion Design Institute

Fashion design institute - Best fashion Schools in Germany

The Fashion Design Institute was founded in 2008 by the graduate fashion designer and historian Inna Thomas and her husband. They were advised by many national and international fashion companies such as Van Laack, Philipp Plein, Michalsky, Hugo Boss, Joop, Windsor, Strellson and many others.

Initially, only international fashion designers were trained, and in the following years the program was expanded to include fashion journalism, fashion marketing / management in collaboration with the industry.

Through cooperation with other universities, Bachelor’s and Master’s programs and degrees can be offered in all areas.

This did not go unnoticed by the international ranking agencies, so it was only a matter of time before the Fashion Design Institute was nominated among the best in the world.
At Business of Fashion (BOF), CEO World and Forbes Magazine (USA), the FDI has been the only German fashion school among the top 50 schools in the world since 2014.

Reasons for being among the best fashion design Schools in Germany:

  • the outstanding quality of the lecturers
  • the extensive education also around the respective study
  • subject the multitude of contacts of the institute
  • the quality of the graduates
  • the time in which they find an employment contract

Admission requirements

applies to Diplom / Bachelor / Master
Admission requirements
At least high school or higher education
Minimum age 16 years
Interest in fashion and communication

Application procedure:

The following documents must be submitted for all courses of study

  • CV
  • Copy of the last Diploma
  • Copy of the Passport
  • Current Passport Photo

These can be sent by e-mail. Max. 5 MB
Then we had a personal conversation (also possible via Skype)
Only for Fashion Design is a creative folder to submit
This must contain at least five works
These can be drawings, collages, sculptures, illustrations, photographs, blogs or self-made, creative objects.

Promotion / financing:
The FDI is state-recognized as a private supplementary school according to the NRW School Act § 118 (1) of the NRW-Schulgesetz.
The diploma and Bachelor programs are funded according to § 2 Abs. 2 of the Federal Training Promotion Act (BAföG), which does not have to be paid back
The master’s programs are funded according to § 7 Abs. 1a Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz (BAföG).

Education loan:

From the third semester, they can apply for an educational loan from KFW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau). This will be paid monthly for 24 months.


Every year, all scholarships are awarded, as well as a full scholarship and two partial scholarships. In consultation with the sponsor, the artistic director decides.Each scholarship is limited to 12 months


All costs of the different programs can be claimed at the responsible tax office. The special editions are limited to 6000 euros. Discuss the individual benefits with your accountant.


Fashion Design Institut
Campus Düsseldorf:
Oberbilker Allee 284
40227 Düsseldorf
Tel.: +49 (0) 211 – 13 72 72 40
Mobil: +49 (0) 172-2923049

4. AMD Akademie Mode and Design Humbug

In recent years, Hamburg has become the German metropolis for creatives and their networks. With more than 14,000 companies in the creative industries, the Elbe metropolis is not only a communications and media hub for Germany, but also a stronghold of design.

This claim is supported by well-established names such as Karl Lagerfeld and Jil Sander, as well as hundreds of young and successful talents, many of whom are AMD Hamburg graduates. Hamburg is a booming city of ideas!

Hamburg is the German metropolis for creatives and their networks. Around 134,000 people work in the metropolitan region’s cultural and creative industries – and the industry is growing steadily.

The Hanseatic city is also considered Europe’s largest location for publishing houses. Around 23,000 companies from the media and information industry are based in and around Hamburg.

The city on the Elbe is a stronghold for communication and media as well as for design and fashion. Established names such as Karl Lagerfeld and Jil Sander stand for the importance of fashion design in Hamburg, but hundreds of young and successful talents are also based in the Hanseatic city.

Many young creative people want to attend a design school or fashion school in Hamburg. Because Hamburg is booming as a city of ideas! Vibrant districts such as the Karolinen and Schanzenviertel bear witness to the spirit of innovation and creativity that is at home on the Elbe. This makes Hamburg the ideal location for studying fashion and design.


Our students benefit from the close exchange with renowned institutions in the fashion and design industry as well as our international network. Studying or continuing education at AMD Hamburg offers you the best career opportunities

Fashion & Design Management (BA) degree program at AMD Humbug

The Fashion & Design Management (BA) degree program offers you a wide range of career prospects in management and marketing in an internationally oriented fashion, lifestyle and consumer goods industry. After successfully completing your studies in fashion management and design management, your skills are predestined for responsible jobs in the clothing industry as well as in wholesale and retail

In product management, you are responsible for the planning, development, creation and presentation of products, ranges or collections. In purchasing, on the other hand, you plan and control the composition of assortments or collections in line with target groups and trends. On the other hand, they are able to take on tasks in customer relationship management or in the area of ​​sourcing with the purchase of products and materials.

If you are more interested in marketing and brand management, you are responsible for the holistic appearance of brands, develop positioning strategies and communication concepts. In sales and merchandising, you coordinate the various sales channels such as omni- channel retail management or e-commerce management and control the appearance of the brand at the point of sale . But sustainability consulting, sustainability communication and reporting are also attractive professional fields.

Alte Rabenstrasse 1
20148 Hamburg
T: +49 (0) 40 – 23 78 78-0

5. European Design School Germany

European fashion design School - Best fashion design Schools in Germany

This one of the best private design schools in Frankfurt, Germany and many have being trained in this design schools.

The European School of Design in Frankfurt – Hessen’s most creative design school and one of the top ten design training institutions in Germany – offers an excellent design course in the field of visual communication / communication design.

In this “creative talent factory” – this is how the media and creative companies call this school – the development of ideas, conceptual thinking and close practical relevance are in the foreground.

The greatest possible competence is conveyed in small groups across the range of different media – books, films, online communication, app developments, digital design, future ideas, advertising, photography, calendars, display techniques, illustration … For a perfect start as a communication designer (in) in the best companies in Germany and the world.

The main concern of the European School of Design in all semesters and for all students is enhancing and toning of conceptual competence and independent working in open and applied projects.

Through close co-operation with the industry the European School of Design can offer not only open, but also applied projects to be executed. Thus the students learn how to best use their resources in a project – it takes responsibility, imagination, and discipline to develop viable concepts.

In order to be as close to real life and everyday business practice, renowned communication professionals, most of them internationally active, coach the students.On top of the normal curriculum, lectures, projects, and workshops are offered and held by international associate professors, to ensure not only regional understanding, but a truly global communication approach as well.

Design Carrier

The communication industry is constantly looking for well trained creatives and top executives. One of the key requirements for communication designers is the ability to process information for all media in a creative and innovative, surprising way.

When starting on the job, alumni know a lot about software and presentation techniques. However, the ability to reflect jobs in order to find creative solutions, produce unusual ideas and concepts, is almost underdeveloped.

That’s where the European School of Design’s innovative concept comes in: Top priority is to impart and train creative thinking and developing ideas.

european school of design
Hamburger Allee 45
60486 Frankfurt
0049 69 707 959 21
Website: www.europeanschoolofdesign.eu

6. Swiss Fashion Academy

Fashion design Schools in Germany

As one of the best fashion design Schools in Germany, Swiss Fashion Academy runs a professional fashion school and offers specialist courses in the areas of fashion design, sewing and tailoring, as well as personal styling. Among other things, it is possible to complete a fashion designer training at the Swiss Fashion Academy in Zurich and thus work as a fashion designer or fashion designer.

Our fashion school in Zurich offers fashion designer training and all other courses in German, English, Portuguese and Spanish.
Small groups guarantee intensive and personal support at the fashion school.

Fashion design course at Swiss Fashion Academy

The training to become a fashion designer is aimed at people who want a quick entry into the profession of fashion designer and who also want to acquire knowledge of the market and customers.

Our school as a fashion design Schools in Germany offers fashion studies in several languages. The practical lessons of the training to become a fashion designer are partly held in mixed groups, which enables the exchange with other cultures during the course.