Examination Malpractice in Nigeria

The way examination malpractice has permeated and engulfed the fabric of Nigerian educational system is indeed appalling.


Malpractice, facet of schools

 Examination malpractice is now intrinsically a facet of our educational system that a detached observer will wonder whether malpractice is a conventional virtue that upholds the pillars of academic excellence.

which is not only the foundation of the scientific and the educational advancement of a nation, but a rudimentary whole in the economic development of every society.

Compounding to this development is the fact that neither the government nor the nation or society is willing to contribute their quota towards eradicating this dangerous predicament beleaguing this enclave called Nigeria.

JAMB, NIMC and BPSR to harmonise data.

Examination Malpractice: destructive

Examination malpractice is innately destructive. It is a vicious circle with holistic destructive capability, being able to destroy the educational system, which informs the level of transformation in every society.

 It does not only determine the credibility and dexterity of an individual who indulges in such unholy act, but impairs the strides for societal development.

This vicious circle of progression retrogresses the value of the society that the image and reputation of such society are slaughtered on the altar of unethical practices.

Government and private schools have been the engine room for disrupting, disreputing, distorting and distracting the virtues, values and ethical ideas that are fundamental to examination and academic excellence.

Schools all over the country have coloured their strides for academic excellence with economic gains.

They have also perpetuated avenues that will make their maximum economic gains realistic.

Only but few schools all over the country stood out.

Malpractice: Government Role

The government on their part has wholly failed to discern this horrendous scourge of retrogression and disastrous repercussions malpractice has in the country’s goals for development.

To add to these woes is the fact that students that have taken the painstaking part of studying hard in order to excel in their exams have been discouraged by the unhealthy practices around them.

 A student who has lost the correct perception of right and wrong, good and bad or uprightness and perverseness will not see anything wrong in using any and every means at his disposal to acquire a fair certificate.

This is the practice in our society. Intelligent students are mostly corrupted by this unhealthy practices hence, could be tempted and in some instances, act according to the prevalent trend in the society.

What can parents and Teachers do

Also, the society, parents and teachers find it hard to rationalise this unethical conducts and they even help their children, pupils and students to perpetuate these negativities.

 The ultimate questions would be what are the ways forward? How can the society, parents, teachers and government give their own quota; and endeavour to run away from such ugly things and also realise that examination malpractice negates the true meaning and value of genuine education which is to polish an individual into a competent and productive person within his given environment.

Parents have a pivotal role to play towards eradicating this plight.

Raising their children and feeding and paying their school fees are not the only roles parents need to play.

They need to watch over their children attitude irrespective of their tight schedule, talk to them when they need encouragement, monitor their activities and the type of friends they have.

Also, parents should take a holistic campaign and instill the values of education in their children.

They should place primacy and credence in their children’s intellectual prowess rather than certificate.

Students: Any role

The students should motivate themselves and avoid being carried away by things happening around them.

They must believe in themselves, have a sense of purpose and faith in archiving whatever goals they have set for themselves.

Furthermore, schools should not compromise academic values and virtues ; and stop orchestrating vices that are capable of disrupting the foundation of education.


They should, as a matter of urgency, hold ethical values of a teaching profession.

They should know, they are integral whole of the ideas of education.

Government should enact strict rules or legislation and also, keep an Eagle eye on the happenings in the educational system.

Religious organisations at different levels should also champion the war against educational malpractice.

They should castigate this plague and a wide denunciation from the members should be welcomed.

   Your wise comments are welcomed.