Is it easy to get scholarships in Singapore?

It is not easy to get Scholarships in Singapore. Singapore is home to a number of reputable public and private institutions that offer a high standard of education and a diverse choice of courses. As a result, Singapore is a highly sought-after location for higher education. Apart from getting a high-quality education, students may immerse themselves in Singapore’s interesting cultural environment, where the city-cosmopolitan state’s present coexists with its culturally diverse past.

While studying in Singapore is costly, this does not mean that it is out of reach. Scholarships for overseas students in Singapore provide students with the financial support necessary to pursue their preferred courses. There are several types of scholarships available, including government, external, and university-specific. The following is a list of scholarships available in Singapore.

One of the main challenges for an international student looking for a college scholarship in Singapore is that there are very few opportunities available from scholarships. Not to mention, these scholarships are also open only to top students and athletes in school.

There are some parts of the world like the United States which offer many more opportunities for international students through their college scholarship programs. For example, not just any student can apply for a U.S. scholarship, but anyone who is qualified like the top 1% in the graduating class or a state-level athlete can apply for a scholarship.

In Singapore, you do not have many opportunities to apply for scholarships when applying to a university. Scholarships are more common at the graduate level, which is why many international students might be discouraged by scholarships easily available to U.S. students who would like to continue their education overseas but also looking for scholarships. There are often opportunities to win scholarships in Singapore. Here are some of the more prominent ones:


Singapore International Graduate Award

This is one of Singapore’s most prestigious scholarships. This grant, abbreviated as SINGA, is offered to individuals interested in pursuing a PhD in biological sciences or physical science and engineering.

SINGA is a partnership of four prestigious universities: the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), National University of Singapore (NUS), and Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) (SUTD). Students may do research at any of the universities listed above.

Eligibility: This fellowship is open to all overseas students with a love for research who wish to study in Singapore.

Funding: The Award covers the cost of up to four years of PhD study. This includes a stipend of between SGD 2,000 and SGD 2,500 every month. Additionally, a one-time plane ticket grant and a one-time settling-in stipend will be provided.

The deadline for submissions for August 2021 courses is 1 January 2021 (23:59 hours GMT + 8 Singapore time).

ADB – Japan Scholarship for Developing Countries

In 1988, the Asian Development Bank and the Government of Japan established the Asian Development Bank – Japan Scholarship Program (ADB – JSP). It is given to deserving applicants from ADB member nations that borrow from the ADB. Applicants should be interested in postgraduate studies in economics, science, business, management, or technology.

Each year, around 300 scholarships are awarded. However, financing is available only for programs provided by participating universities.

  • Candidate must be a citizen of one of the ADB’s borrowing member countries.
  • Admission to an authorized course at a partnering university is required.
  • A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent is required.
  • Must be under the age of 35 at the time of application.

The ADB-JSP provides funding for tuition, a monthly stipend, study materials, medical insurance, and travel expenses. A stipend is provided for research and thesis preparation.

Commonwealth Scholarships in Singapore for Integrated Science

Commonwealth Scholarships are given to students from Commonwealth member countries. These scholarships, which have existed for over six decades, are supported by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO).

Indian students can apply to institutions in New Zealand, Singapore, and the United Kingdom that are participating. Scholarships are available to students enrolled in master’s or doctoral programs at partner universities.

Eligibility: For a scholarship at the Master’s level

  • A bachelor’s degree is required of the applicant.
  • Be a citizen of one of the commonwealth’s member countries.
  • Not already enrolled in a Master’s program at another university.
  • A minimum of 60% in Social Science and 65% in Science disciplines.
  • Candidates must be under the age of 40 at the time of application.

For doctoral programs

  • The applicant must hold a master’s degree or be in the final year of their studies.
  • Not having applied to another university’s PhD program.
  • Be a citizen of one of the commonwealth’s member countries.
  • Have a minimum score of 60% or higher in Social Science and a minimum score of 65% in Science.
  • Candidates must be under the age of 40 at the time of application.

The award provides funding for travel expenses, tuition fees, and other expenditures