How To Select A Course And University In Uk using University ranking. This article is dedicated to all the students who are willing to move to the UK for higher studies.

So today’s agenda is I’ll cover the top 10 University ranking in 2021 by cueists, world rankings, Guardian University Guide Times Higher Education ranking and the complete University. And then I’ll give my point of view if University ranking matters or not, and what points you should consider before you make your decision.

Also, before making this article, I’ve done a paid survey and also use Instagram to do the polling with the current students and previous students who are now working as a professional and a full time job here. And they have shared their views.

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So out of people who responded 80% said no and third in person said yes, and provide their reasoning. So I do agree with both responses as everyone had their own reasoning to support their points. So without further delay, let’s get started with today’s aricle, which is the university ranking.

University ranking 2021

So the queue is University ranking 2021;

Guardian University ranking

Now let’s look at Guardian University Guide ranking 2021

Times Higher Education University ranking 2020

Now Times Higher Education ranking 2020 Well,

Now the complete University Guide 2020

Now let me tell you my point of view if University ranking matters or not, I’ll say University ranking doesn’t matter. And I’ll explain to you why.

I have been part of a lot of interview sessions, whether it’s for graduate recruitment or for an experienced professional. So the general pattern in the UK interview is either one to one or a recruitment drive where they invite a group of people together like you graduates.

So the first is the pre assessment round, which is psychometric test, which means situational judgment assessment, where the check how you fit with the company’s values, and the cultural fit, and what skills you will bring to the organization.

But this is optional, and hence few companies conduct and few don’t so there’s a 50-50 chance for it. Now the second round is face to face interview which is a case study so that they can check how you apply your knowledge and skill in your day to day officer. Third round is aptitude which is competency based questions, and they test your IQ and abstract reasoning.

The only difference in their recruitment drive is you will be given a case study to solve in the group versus individually. So as you can see, in both the interview type the companies look for your skills and knowledge and type of course you have done and not at all focus on the university ranking at all. And if at all companies who look for top university candidates, the percentage is very, very tiny.

Now point number two job vacancies and job description. In most of the jobs in the UK you will not see a university named as one of the criteria as UK is experienced based and prefer people with more experience rather than someone from top university with no experience at all.

If you’re aiming to settle in the UK just do not pick the top ranked University. In fact, what’s your focus and choosing the right course, always make sure you pick the course which is listed under the shortage occupation list.

The only reason for my suggestion is because there is a shortage of such jobs in the UK and hence your probability of getting a visa sponsor job is much higher as compared to the other jobs which are not listed here.

So based on my recent research, and also comparing with the shortage occupation list, my recommendation is to target jobs and pick courses related to it.
So my top 10 on the list is

So you can pick any engineering fifth, Popular cause from university, so do not pick the university just because of its ranking, but you should pick the university based on the cause which are famous or popular from that university.

For Example, The University of Oxford is famous for anatomy and psychology, anthropology, archeology, classics, ancient history, English language, literature, geography, Modern Languages pharmacy, arts and humanities.

Also, Imperial University is known for science, engineering, medicine and business. University of Manchester is known for business, MBA and marketing. University of Bristol is known for pharmacy engineering, and social University. So make sure you do your enough research for your course and the university.

Fees: if you’re getting two courses in two different universities and you also getting scholarship, so choose university with scholarship or with less fees rather than focusing on the university ranking.

Location: while choosing your university look at its location and research about the job opportunities in that area. If you’re choosing a course, which is available in London, and also in Newcastle, chose London because the job opportunities are more here as compared to Newcastle.

Placement Here: Again, if you aren’t confusion which university to pick your another deciding factor can be a placement here as a work experience will be counted when you complete your placement or sandwich year, which also means you will gain some real industry experience.

But again, this is available only for a four year degree course and you actually get paid during this period and also treated as an employee.

The university rankings are mostly based on academic reputation, employer reputation faculty student ratio, international faculty ratio, international student ratio, which means for you as international students, this parameters are not important at all, because your motive is to find a visa sponsorship job once you complete your course.

So that’s all that I wanted to cover in today’s article. I hope my recommendations will help you choose the right course and the university for you. Please do let me know what you guys think and also don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any further questions on this topic. Thanks for reading till the end. Till then, keep learning

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