Difference between Content writing and Copywriting

Both Content Writing and Copywriting are very good skills today in the world of Information Communication Technology (ICT). These very skills today are very useful to many companies rendering services or those that have product for their customers.

With this two skills, this companies can be able to sell their products or services. Do many people today get confused of the real one either Content Writing or Copywriting they should go into since both pays very well. So we are going to look at the differences between Content Writing and Copywriting.

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In this article trying to clarify us on the differences between Content Writing and Copywriting we are going to do this using some parameters which includes

  • Definition
  • Purpose
  • Job description
  • Length of Release and
  • Types of writing

Now lets get started with the very first



Content Writing can be said to be the art of subtly telling the potential buyer or customers about your brand while it is best for him/her while also providing valuable content on the product or service.


Copywriting can also be said to be the art of selling to potential buyers or customers your product, an idea, ideology or brand. It joins ideology and products together to pitch the customers the emotion that comes with the product or services your company renders.

The purpose

Content writing requires that you have a reason attached to the information you project. It depend solely on the quality of the write up, irrespective of the brand or promoter.


Copywriting in the other hand is in form of advertisement in nature and its purpose is to reveal what the brand you are promoting is all about. The only objective here is selling the need idea.

Job description

Here, Content writers simply write contents about the brand and they can be anyone. They can be Authors, CEO’s, Bloggers, software Engineers or other professionals.


Copywriters you can say simply writes copy. This people’s work for a living is to write dowm marketing materials for any brand of choice. They are only professionals in the writing industry.

Length of Release

The writing length in content writing is usually bigger than Copywriting as they try to arrange and strategies the content more effectively. The writers trys to bring out or draft a lengthy form of educating article.


Copywriters tends to write or create short articles and their length of Release is normally for advertising purpose of the concerned brand. The posts and releases here are more concise since there are informative not educative.

Types of Writing

Content writing covers a wide range of mediums which may includes news, entertainment and literatures, blog posts, Newspapers and magazine features, Email Newsletters and many more.


Here in Copywriting, the medium of Writing is shorter and compromises of marketing and viral promotion channels like Television or Radio commercial, Ads, slogans and webpage content and many more.