Dance studios in Texas: Dallas, Austin etc

There are many interesting Dance studios in Texas for those who love dancing and dance. This studios have made dancing attractive and enjoying.

As a lover of dance we will always find ways we can go to a studio here in Texas to either dance or watch those dancing.

The number and quality of dance studios in Texas has increased pver the years and this has spread over all the cities in Texas.

Today we can see many studios in

  • Dallas Texas
  • Austin Texas
  • Corpus Christi Texas
  • Mesquite Texas
  • Waco Texas

Before we went into listing or discuss the taxes dance studios, let us briefly see while this studios are good for your dance.

There some important features that any studio need to hava for it to function well and seen as a standard studio.

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Qualities of Dance studios

1. Standard Facilities

The quality of the environment that the studio is located and the facilities is very important to dance. It should be warm and inviting, as well as the staff. The studio should be clean and well- maintained.

The dancing room should be well-ventilated and spacious, with mirrors covering at least one entire wall. All those who go to the studio should be able to have goo water and rest room.

There should be able to have dressing rooms for their students and some clothes for them to use there.

Finally the location of the studio in Texas should be a secure location so that the students will not be attacked on their way in or out of the dance studio.

2. Setting

There are different dance studios in Texas that focuses in teaching its students and some are mainly for commercial purposes. A quality studio should be focus on the students continued progress in dance.

The class size for students orientated dance studios are small but comfortable for the students but that for commercial purposes are usually very large.

3. Qualified Instructors

Like other institute of learning, instructors are key to great learning and for this reason qualified instructors are needed in a standard studio.

So look for the dance studios in Texas with quality and qualified instructors so they will help you or your child grow in any types of dance.

4. Cushioning dance stage

Certain styles of dance can put stress on young bones and joints, especially ballet, with its many leaps and jumps. So a floor that is well-cushioned to absorb the shock of jumping will be very good.

Many studios today have portable floors that can be easily moved to performance stages. These floors are tremendously cushioned and provide a non-slip surface for dancers.

Types of dance in Texas dance studios

There are different tupes of dance that is taught on the dance studios in Texas an some of the studio perform more than one. The types of dance are;

  • Ballet
  • Ballroom
  • Contemporary
  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz
  • Tap Dance
  • Folk Dance
  • Irish Dance
  • Modern Dance
  • Swing Dance

We are going to see the difference between these dance styles later in this article.

Now let us discuss the dance studios in different parts of Texas.

1. Dancing Studios in Dallas Texas

Dallas Texas as you may is a city well known with a goodd population too. People here come from all work of life and many to love dance or dancing.

There are many dance studios in Dallas Texas that you register you children or yourself. So go ahead and see for yourself.

These dancing studios in Dallas Texas like other cities have quality and qualified facilities and instructors too.

This are the lists of dance studios in Dallas Texas

i. Alpha Midway Dance Studio-Dallas

Alpha Midway Dance Studio in Arlington and Dallas provide classes in the evenings and weekends to its working adults to help them out.

Alpha Midway Dance Studio in Texas believe in quality training and have a selection of choices for you to choose from.

ii. Frisco School of Music

The Frisco School of Music and Performing Arts is the largest music and performing arts school in the city having taught over 12,000 students since we opened in the fall of 2000.

Other dance studios in Dallas Texas

  • Preston Hollow Dance
  • Dance Industry Performing Arts Center
  • Marina Almayeva School Of Classical Ballet
  • Ruby Room Studio
  • Studio B
  • Contemporary Ballet Dallas
  • Rhythm Room Ballroom Dance Studio dallas Texas
  • GRIT Fitness
  • Park Cities Studios
  • Studio 22 Dallas
  • Extend Fitness Studio
  • You Can Dance Dallas
  • Oak Cliff Dance
  • Hip Hop Heels
  • Lone Star Ballroom

To know more about these dance studios in Dallas Texas you use the Google search engine.

2. Studios for Dance in Austin Texas

Dance studios in Austin Texas has prove of its worth as it has been placed on the map. There are man studio for dance in Austin Texas as other cities with good facilities.

Living in Austin will never be a loss since you can register you children to any of the dance studios if they love dancing so there will be thought and become professionals in any dancing style.

i. Dance with Me

Dance With Me (DWM) is an internationally recognized dance company Founded by champion and celebrity dancers.

Dance With Me dance studios offer the ultimate dance experience blending fun, ease, and comfort with quality dance instruction— in one of the most beautiful dance studios

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ii. San Marcos Dance Studio

San Macos Dance studio in Austin offer classes in Pre-School Combination, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Drill Team, Dance Team, and Contemporary.

Dancers at the studio in Austin Texas are able to excel in the areas of Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary through weekly classes geared towards correct technical placement and expression.

All classes have age appropriate material with qualified instructors who take the time to bring out the best in each child.

Other dance studios in Austin Texas are

  • Balance Dance Studios
  • Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Austin
  • Synergy Dance Studio
  • Corazon Latino Dance Studio
  • DivaDance® Austin at Balance Dance Studios
  • PAIYH Dance Studios
  • Dancin’ Jazzi Dance Studio
  • Shirley McPhail School of Dance
  • Ballet Austin Texas
  • Tarrytown Dance

3. Corpus Christi Dance studios

Corpus Christi Dance studios in Texas is also ranked high when we talk of studios for dancing in Texas.

With these dance studios in corpus Christi, love for dance has increased for some years now and it is expected to increase futher.

Now let us see those studios here in corpus christi

i. Teffany’s Dance Studio

Dance studios in Texas

Teffany’s Dance Studio is a Premier Dance School.  We represents a positive learning environment where dancers can have fun, be creative and experience the incredible world of dance. We strongly believe an education in the Fine Arts will pay dividends that last a lifetime.

ii. Munro Ballet Studios

Munro Ballet Studio in Corpus Christi

At the Munro Ballet Studios, classes for pre-school (age 3) through adults in Classical Ballet, as well as Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Pointe, Pas De Deux and Lyrical are offered.

Munro Ballet Studio in Corpus Christi are the official school of the Corpus Christi Ballet and have a reputation for excellence and encourage proper technique, creativity, and artistic growth.

With their experienced professional faculty is dedicated to bringing the joy and discipline of dance to the community.

Some of other dance studios in Corpus Christi Texas are

  • The Dance Studio
  • Hidden Language Dance Studio
  • Corpus Christi Collective
  • Third Coast Dance
  • YAPP 361 Dance Studio
  • Cinderella School of Dance
  • Spotlight Dance (Foncie’s Dance City)
  • Avant Dance
  • Alcorta’s Folklorico Dance Studio
  • A B C Dacin corpus Christi
  • Shinny Shoes production
  • Hourglass Bellydance Studio

4. Dance studios in Mesquite Texas

i. Stage Door Dance Studio

Stage Door Dance studios in Texas
Dance studios in Mesquite Texas

​Stage Door Dance was founded by Yvonne Lovell in 1980 and offers a complete program for the young dancer. 

Jenna Shields is the Artistic Director and trained under Miss Yvonne Lovell for 18 years. Stage Door Dance studio in Mesquite Texas specializes in technical training and dancer preparation as a performance school.

Profitable Skills i can learn online

ii. Steppin’ Out Dance company Mesquite

ii. Steppin' Out Dance company Mesquite

Steppin’ Out Dance company has the believe of making dancers the best they can be and teaching them the importance of music and how it speaks through our bodies in everything we do.

Dance is about beautiful technique, emotional connections, and relating to an audience through movement, so with an incredible, caring staff and dancers with such an amazing urge, drive, and constant interest in dance, Steppin’ Out Dance company Mesquite are up and coming in the dance spotlight

  • Location: 3334 N Town East Blvd. #103 Mesquite, TX 75150 
  • Website:
  • Phone: 972-279-4077
  • Email:

Other dance studios in Mesquite Texas

  • London schoo of dance
  • Dance Perspective
  • NG Dance company
  • Dance FX
  • SaFire Elites Dance Studio Mesquite Texas