Degrees that richest people graduated with

Looking at the world economy and the life one wants to have, as a young high school graduate you may wonder which course to study to be among the richest people either in your country or worldwide. To do this you have to first look at the richest people today and what degree do they graduate with.

In a study conducted by Tide using the list of 1000 richest people in Britain published by Sunday Times. Using the publicly accessible information about their assets such as land, property and shares in public quoted companies come to a conclusion.

Before coming to a conclusion, the educational backgrounds of this wealthy people and connection they made while at school are used also. Information on their campany biographies and LinkedIn of this 1000 richest people in Britain are considered.

Among the 1000 list, 364 persons information are public and was used for the study. 50% of this wealthy people in Britain graduated from either Cambridge or Oxford university. Others two studied in Imperial college also.

Below is a table showing the number of richest people who graduated from this courses which includes Economies and finance, Engineering, Law, Business, Physics, chemistry, Mathematics, History, politics and philosophy.

You can see from the study that the richest people graduated with Economics and finance and also Engineering degrees

The list

S/NGraduate degree Number
1Economics and Finance 68
3Business 28
5Physics 18
6Politics 16
7History 16
8Philosophy 12
9Mathematics 11
10Chemistry 11

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Tide said that from the list of 338, vividly are that of Economics and finance but others are wide range of values. It said “The remainder of the list reflects a broader range of subjects, suggesting a range of different paths to wealth and success.”