Can i add Coursera certificate to linkedin?

Yes, you can add your coursera certificate to your linkedin profile. You have already made your decision to take up the coursera course. Might as well put it on your LinkedIn profile.

As an added bonus, this also adds a link back to the course on your LinkedIn profile and will make it easier for recruiters and others in the industry to find you if they search for people who have taken one of the courses listed on Coursera.

I will now tell you how to do it.

Congratulations, your hard work has finally paid off. You’ve completed the coursera certificate course that you’ve been working on for three months. After completing this important milestone, it’s time to find a new job and land your dream job to satisfy all of the hard work you put in. Not so fast.

So you’ve completed your coursera certificate and looking to add it on linkedin. Wait a second, adding a coursera certificate to linkedin is not as easy as you think. After searching online I found various discussions on adding coursera certificate to linkedin, but the discussion is all over the place with no clear answer.

With that said, the only way to really confirm if you’ve gotten your coursera certificate is to actually take a look at it. If you can’t see your coursera certificate you might want to follow the steps below to fix it.

So what are some of the requirements for adding a Coursera certificate to linkedin? ( They are mainly determined by the type of course you took) 

1)  It must be an actual certificate  (not just unofficial copies).  If you took the full course and received a certificate, you can even upload a copy of it to your profile.

2)  Your Coursera certificate will need to have this information:

Name of the organization that issue the certificate.  The name of the course that you took.  Official website for coursera certificates .   Link to Coursera certificate or link back to Coursera Certificate website.  If it’s a certificate for some other online course like Udacity, you can still include some of the above information.

3)  You will also need to proof that you actually completed the course by taking this course assessment.  People are usually ok with proof after you’ve finished the course.  If you finish all of the quizzes and answer all of the questions, it will usually work out perfectly fine even if your coursera certificate is unofficial or unofficial copies.


How to Add Your Coursera Certificate to LinkedIn

  1. Log in to LinkedIn with your certificate in hand and visit your profile page.
  2. Go to your profile and find the Add Profile Section option towards the top of the page. Click on the “+” symbol next to Licenses and Certificates in the Background drop-down menu.
  1. Go to the Licenses & Certifications area by scrolling all the way down. Select the “+” symbol to include a new certificate in the list of trusted certificates. 
  2. You will be prompted to input your certificate information in a box that will appear. Input the title of the certification program (in my case, it would be the title of the course).
  3. Start entering “Coursera” or the name of any other learning platform in the Issuing Organization field. Choose a company that closely matches the issuer of your certificate (in this case, Coursera). 
  4. The credential ID field can be filled in if you have your certificate number handy (this is typically not applicable to Coursera certificates). The url of your certificate can be be copied and pasted under Credential URL if desired. These are purely optional. 
  5. When you’re finished, click “Save” or “Save and add another” to add other certificates.

That’s all there is to it! Everything is in order now. Your new certificate is now visible to coworkers, potential employers, recruiters, and investors, among others.

Does putting one’s Coursera certifications on LinkedIn make sense?

Coursera certifications on LinkedIn: Is it recommended? A number of people have discussed the advantages already, including the fact that it demonstrates a desire to learn as well as the ability to prove technical skills.

What is the best place on LinkedIn to post my Coursera certificate?

In the Certification Section on your linkedin profile. To get started, go to the certification area and add your courses there. Providers like Coursera and EdX promote this approach since it is built right into their platforms.

Is a coursera certificate accepted by employers or other organizations?

Some of the world’s most prestigious institutions have certified Coursera’s courses, and the organization’s certifications are widely accepted by employers. The fact that it offers validated credentials and legitimate degrees sets it apart from other eLearning course providers.

What’s the value of a Coursera diploma?

Is Coursera a Reputable Online Education Program? Yes! Over 2,500 courses, specializations, and academic degrees are available through Coursera’s worldwide open online course learning system. Because Coursera is an open platform, the quality and depth of knowledge available will vary from course to course.

Is there a way to receive a Coursera certificate without paying?

Coursera launched 140 new courses, many of which were free but did not award a certificate upon completion. While some courses charge for certifications, all course content, including graded assignments, is available for free.

Coursera certificates may be obtained in as little as three months. A period ranging from four to ten weeks

How much does Coursera cost you?

Subscriptions to courses are an option, as are one-time purchases. Many Specializations are available on a monthly subscription basis for US$39-79. Most services provide a 7-day free trial before charging you.