Cool and Amazing Places to Study in Singapore

From time immemorial; noise has been an enemy of good study habit, be it for exams or just to while away time or even handling of freelancing jobs like students like me does for up-keep, nothing can be so capable of ruin a moment of productive studying activities like being unable to find a cool and amazing place for studies in school. But here in this article we will be writing on cool places to study in Singapore; and get the best of your dedicated time without regret.

The amazing fact remains that we have numerous places to go study in Singapore, so for that reason and many others; we don’t lack choices these days when it comes to finding cool places to study in Singapore with the list of numerous quiet places to study in Singapore. 

Numerous studying locations in Singapore offer free Wi-Fi for your browsing pleasure and online studies, even quality air conditioning for conducive environment and scenic views to help shove-off procrastination; I guess this is for my kind of person, because I procrastinate a lot, so it is more than just a tiny cuppa and not you hogging the tables for the whole day without doing serious studying or having something tangible to write home-about after spending the whole time in the school environment or even your place of abode.

You know some students are most conversant with the normal places where they can actually study in Singapore; not just student but freelancer who also need a quiet moment. Maybe you also have your favourite study place in the city already which could be a fast food restaurant, a cafe, or maybe a library around or outside the school environ.

These are some of the places students have tried and they have tested these places well, they are also places where students can as well complete their assignment and other productive activities academic-wise.

Be reminded also that each of the location of these studying places in Singapore is famous amongst students for different reasons. While most students prefer to study in a quiet places so that they can fully concentrate on their study. Others would actually love some sort of background noise to ginger them while studying, as to keep awake.


Best Places to Study in Singapore

So, as a resident of Singapore or a student  of this country that want an amazing place for study purpose; possibly you are in a lookout for some of the best places to study in this country, we have taken our time to list some of the coolest places to study in Singapore with numerous benefits that may suit you. I am pretty sure you will love to check this post and of-course checkout some of these amazing places to study with high comfort in Singapore.

So, below are some of the cool spots to head to in Singapore when you desire to get things done correctly without regret.

But remember that these study spots in Singapore are not purely libraries and one cannot say they are beer parlour or even canteen, though some are coffee cafe, while others just study spot dedicated to studying and other cools activities that doesn’t requires noise or other manner of disturbances.

We have got our list well researched and prepared, so be sure you check them out one after the other with 80% of your attention, if really your search for the subject of matter is genuine and you want to stay productive throughout your stay in the country or school.

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1. Toby’s Estate

As a resident or student of Singapore that is allergic to noisy and disturbing environment; most especially student studying professional courses like medicine and engineering or preparing for exams deserves to have a cool studying spot like Toby Estate, the estate is tucked far in Robertson Quay and has view of the Singapore River, 

This cool and amazing place for study is a scenic place with totally free Wi-Fi in Singapore, in as much as you can’t stay at toby estate there till late hours, this popularly known Australian cafe opens at exactly 7.30am daily for all the early birds (students or someone who wants a quiet study place) to start the day right with what they have in mind activity-wise.

But in cases you need morning cuppa Joe before you can kick-start your study activities for the day, you may try their well to-do Gibraltar Latte that cost just $5; its specially processed dry and revel in the warm cafe ambience that has actually charmed many Melbourne cafe goers for the past years and still counting. This spot is inarguably one of the best if I’m not mistaken.

So Toby’s Estate is one of the best places to study in Singapore

Contact Information of Toby’s Estate.

Address: 8 Rodyk Street, #01-03/04 S(238216)

Operating Hours:

Sun – Thurs: 7.30am – 6pm

Fri – Sat: 7.30am – 7pm

2. Community Centres/Clubs

Studying in Singapore originally signifies the wealth level of your family; so we won’t be careful with our list of cool places to study in Singapore, we strongly believe you are equal to the task. So this community centres/clubs is quite an expensive place to visit; do you have the required resources to spend for the comfort you so desire in other to have a happy ending thereby having something productive to hold onto?

You need not to worry any more; there is a whole network of community centres/clubs (CCs) with air-conditioned rooms and free WI-FI to help you with exams or test preparation, this isn’t limited to exam preparation but as a blogger or freelancer who loves to work in a quiet environment with things up and doing.

We are not assuring you that you will be encountering some sort of stylish interiors or mouth-watering food in this cool place to study in Singapore; but this centre club has over time done some great job of providing cool and noiseless places to study in Singapore without asking for anything much in return. 

So, if you are in a lookout for a convenient (cool) and stress-free arena to get some work done; one of these centres club is sure the best place to visit and make the best of your time.

A point to note here; this cool place to study in Singapore have numerous centre spread across Singapore, so if you want to study in any of the centres, then try reaching-out to them phone know how the centres are run.

So Community center and clubs is one of the best places to study in Singapore

3. Lowercase

In most cases, some of the convenient places to study in Singapore can still be right in your schools; this cool and amazing place to study in Singapore (Lowercase) is built in LASALLE College and the spot is very popular for it wider ranges of unique pizza and gelato flavours. 

In addition, the ample cram-friendly facilities and extensive gourmet coffee menu in this study zone makes it standout regardless of the environment it is situated, this studying cafe is such a terrific spot to spend your whole day studying without regret.

Don’t be surprise when you head over to this cafe as a freelancer who needed quiet moment to handle some gigs and you often see students using said tables for project meetings and discussions; it’s actually part of the aim of the studying cafe. 

So Lowercase is one of the best places to study in Singapore

Contact Information of Lowercase

Address: Lasalle Block D, 1 McNally Street, #01-01, S(187940)

Operating Hours:

Mon – Fri: 9am – 9pm

Sat: 11am – 9pm

Sun: 11am – 7pm

4. Jewel Coffee

Here is another cool spot to study in Singapore, this spot is quite famous for special skills in serving exotic beans from numerous countries like Ethiopia and even Colombia, and it is so rare for you to find a look-alike place with expert baristas who are so passionate about serving sublime coffee to her customers like this people does, I mean the study centre. 

One of their out-let at Sengkang General & Community Hospital happens to be one of the best studying spot with free Wi-Fi in Singapore, coupled with spacious seating arrangement and plenty of power plugs to get your smartphone or pc charging while running smoothly and even surfing the internet. 

But in a situation, were you are tired of taking too much coffee, or even feel dehydrated from too much coffee. You can help yourself to the iced water so you can continue studying tirelessly.

So Jewel Coffee is one of the best places to study in Singapore

Contact Information of Jewel Coffee

Address: Sengkang General & Community Hospital, 1 Anchorvale Street, #01-36, S(544835)

Operating Hours: Daily, 7.30am – 7.30pm

5. Dal.Komm Coffee

This cool studying place in Singapore is a famous spot, they are not just once or twice featured in famous Korean movies, but have been repeatedly featured in famous Korean dramas, you must have watched this movie titled “Descendants Of The Sun and Goblin” this convenient studying spot Dal.Komm Coffee proudly wears its K-Drama influences on her sleeves. 

Taking a critical look at the coffee cafe, you will notice that their numerous iconic dolls displayed prominently in the studying cafe. This convenient studying spot made our list of best, stress-free and quiet places with free Wi-Fi for even online study in Singapore, coupled with numbers of seating spaces and power electric plugs to keep you mobile gadget running while enjoying the unbeatable free wi-fi. 

And if you are allergic to coffee drinks or you seem not to like it ordinarily, regardless of allergy; this studying centre (Dal.Komm) standard drinks and food are also available and they are quite a great choice for keeping esteem customers satisfied at the cafe bay. We also recommend that you checking out some of their famous Honey Grapefruit which cost around $8.50 for Hot, and $8.90 for Cold beverage, however you can make your choice in regards to your current state.

So Dal.komm Coffee is one of the best places to study in Singapore

Contact Information of Dal.Komm Coffee

Address: Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard, #02-272/273/278, S(039594)

Operating Hours: Daily, 9.30am – 10pm

6. Library at Orchard

Hey! We have got some amazing lists of cool places to study in Singapore, been you a designer or some related profession; so if you are a designing student, and you wish to have a nice spot for your cool designs coupled with amazing experience, you are in for a perfect ride and treat. 

This library is popularly known as a design haven, Library @Orchard is inarguably one of the best and quiet places to study in Singapore. It’s designed with an amazing and innovative magazine wall, sleek furniture and the iconic rambling book-shelves; they happen to be one of the most Instagram worthy spots in Singapore to actually show off on your timeline. But in a case you are still not really convinced about the Library, you can go ahead and checkout the library tour. 

You already know the function of a Library, so once you are here without study materials of your own; you can simply grab a magazine or book and find your way to the individual Cocoon nooks to read quietly without disturbing others. Since it’s a popular spot, you know lots of persons will be rushing-in to study in this convenient quiet spot. So, remember to make your space booking online in advance to secure a slot for yourself.

So Library at Orchard is one of the best places to study in Singapore

Contact Information of Library at Orchard

Address: Orchard Gateway, 277 Orchard Road, #03-12 / #04-11, S(238858)

Operating Hours: Daily, 11am – 9pm

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7. The National Library

Right before we say something about this study place in Singapore, we got to let you know that what so every is dealing with national; is of high standard. S when you are looking for the best the quietest places to study in Singapore, this National Library should popup in your mind. The national Library happens to be the largest library in the whole of Singapore,

Visiting this library means you will have enough of spaces to camp out with your all your needed study materials including your studying gadgets. You will also enjoy the enforced library quiet environ and many other facilities from levels 7 to 11 or engage in discussions at the Study Lounge. Also be reminded that you actually need to book a space some hours before time.

So National Library is one of the best places to study in Singapore

Contact Information of the National Library

Address: 100 Victoria Street, S(188064)

Operating Hours: Daily, 10am – 9pm

8. Genius Central

I have enjoyed most of time in this very cafe, it is not limited to only students, but working-class personalities who needed a cool moment of work that is void of noise and other disturbing acts, even a freelancer or business personality who need a round table for quality discussion really need this cafe for cool deal; so you can get some serious and important work done at one of the best and quietest places to study in Singapore.

This study place in Singapore (Genius Central) is a very large and big cafe that has all the much need of co-working spaces but without the quite tough membership fees that should be paid for access. You can still be able to find a space for any little job you want to execute.

There are spacious long tables for group discussions or cosy alcoves for quite a deep and more focused work. Wither you have dietary restrictions or are just a health issues and allergies to some kinds of foods, you will sure be glad to know that this quiet studying centre has a large menu variety including vegetarian, vegan, dairy, gluten and nut-free alternatives that will actually meet your taste.

You could in real sense be someone who actually needs snacks to help you get through your assignments.  You have got to get the fragrant coconut-forward Bumbu Bali which cost $13.80 and flavours of Asia that cost $14.80, including salad bowl to take you through the hard day of steady work. 

So Genius Central is one of the best places to study in Singapore

Contact Information of Genius Central

Address: Far East Square, 7 Amoy Street, #01-01, S(049949)

Operating Hours:

Mon – Thurs: 8am – 8.30pm

Fri – Sat: 8am – 9.30pm

Sun: 8am – 4pm

9. Changi Lounge

Changi Lounge

This world most populous Changi Airport happens to be home to most of the best and quietest places to study in Singapore, it is not limited to students but freelancers who also needed a quiet place for productive studies, even family men/women who needed a quiet place for meditation. 

So, for students or working class fellow in a lookout for a calm environment to study, you are free to head over to Changi Lounge @ Jewel; they freely provides high-speed internet connectivity(WI-FI), ample charging and power sockets for all your studying gadgets. 

So, for you to gain access to this studying spot in Singapore. You need to purchase 2 hours package that cost only $15, which includes drinks and snacks that you will be enjoying while you do your normal activities relentlessly. You can as well extend it from 2 hours to 6 hours with the additional cost of $6 per hour, even 4hours and 8hours packages are also available for you to choose from and make the best of your time.

But in cases you are having the plan of burning midnight oil; there are numerous fast food spots and cafes with power plugs and free airport Wi-Fi for you to continue mugging at. Don’t forget to treat yourself to some good food after a productive day with Jewel’s delectable food options; its all dependent on your choice and the finance you wish to spend on this.

So Changi Lounge is one of the best places to study in Singapore

Contact Information of Changi Lounge

Operating Hours:

Address: Jewel Changi Airport, 78 Airport Boulevard, #01-304, S(819666)

Mon – Thurs: 10am – 9pm

Fri – Sun: 10am – 10pm

10. Grand Copthorne Waterfront

Like the name of this study place in Singapore; having a nice time in water front is a deal to remember and it gives you a productive result. So you can switch up your study environ and treat yourself to a day work cation at the lounge in Grand Copthorne Waterfront Singapore; you know how it feels already. 

So, with their large rectangular tables and power sockets at the lounge for you to keep all your devices up and running, you will not have to worry about running out of battery on your studying gadgets. 

You can actually access the lounge by purchasing the millennium I package that the price is posed at $16 per the whole day and it includes complimentary drinks, high-speed Internet(Wi-Fi)  and parking as well. You can even print your school notes at the lounge with the complimentary 30 pieces of A4 black and white printing device mounted in the study spot.

So, you might have really studied better after burning off some adrenaline, you might be better off with the Millennium II package; which includes free usage of the hotel gym. You can head over to one of the best places with free Wi-Fi in Singapore that will help boost your studying activities and give you the best of the moment and productive day.

So Grand Copthorne Waterfront is one of the best places to study in Singapore

Contact Address of Grand Copthorne Waterfront

Address: 392 Havelock Road, S(169663)

Operating Hours: Daily, 8am – 6pm

Book your work from hotel packages here

11. Coffeemin

Another cool and amazing spot to study in Singapore; so if you are also in a lookout for one of the coolest and most amazing places to study in Singapore, here is one of the  best spot for you get everything smoothly; this spot is been generally known as ‘the home away from home’, it sounds funny right?

This cool spot operates like a co-working spot for all that needs it; from hosting gaming sessions for customers to organising fun classes such as floral arrangements and modern calligraphy for occupants of this cools spot. 

The amazing eclectic mix of numerous programmes ensures that no two visits will ever be same, despite all happenings; this cafe also promotes the idea of respecting customers within the same space. This actually ensures that Coffeemin meets customers’ criteria for best and the quietest places to study in Singapore as you can be productive without disturbances of any kind.

Are you a working class fellow who wants to take a break from work or other stressing jobs for a moment of productivity and the like? You can for sure indulge in this spot 100% arabica bean coffee to keep you fuelled for your next studying session and get along with the community there. It Starts from $6.50 per hour, (with daily spending posed at $30) you will for sure benefit by staying the entire day, then doing your thorough studies.

So Coffermin is one of the best places to study in Singapore

Contact Address of Coffermin

Address: Orchard Gateway, 277 Orchard Road, #02-01, S(238858)

Operating Hours: Daily, 1.30pm – 9.30pm

12. Cat Cafe Neko No Niwa

As the name connotes; this study spot in Singapore is some sort dedicated to all cat lovers all around Singapore who wish to have a cool and amazing spot for productive studying and other productive activities that demands quiet and convenient places. Cat Cafe Neko No Niwa is the perfect study place for you to visit now and make the best of it; so this convenient study spot is a cat-friendly cafe that provides customers with free Wi-Fi for surfing the internet with your gadget and numerous palatable tables for you to do your work while handling other beautiful tasks in this nice studying spot. 

You already know, this beautiful spot won’t be free as it requires you to drop some worthy cash to get access to this quiet and cool place of study and other stress-free activities. So cat-friendly spot charges customers or should I say students a non-refundable fee of $12 for the first hour and also $24 for the first three hours respectively. 

But in cases you wish to be more productive without interruption or having to jump from various study places to another, and then you are advised to make purchase of the whole day and make better use of it strictly. However you should be reminded to make your spot booking before riding or moving down to the study spot at one of the best coolest places with totally free Wi-Fi in Singapore.

So Cat Cafe Neko Niwa is one of the best places to study in Singapore

Contact Information of Cat Cafe Neko No Niwa

Address: 54A Boat Quay (Level 2), S(049843)

Operating Hours:

Mon, Wed – Fri: 11am – 9pm

Sat – Sun: 11am – 9pm

13. Nee Soon East Community Club

Many at times; residents and people studying in one of the institution in Singapore finds this studying spot primitive and feels its not worth having a productive moments with, this studying centre in Singapore is highly and i can say they are very underrated studying spots in the whole of Singapore.

Numerous student in Singapore who are in their early 20s regards this place for older personalities with they thought; it’s mainly for them to socialize with each others. It is also believed to be for citizens and residents of Singapore who wish to learn some new skills in their leisure time and make the best of it effectively; not just to better themselves but the society at large.

However in reality, residents or students of Singapore can enjoy a wider range of community club resources free of charge by just being a part of the club at less or no cost in most cases.

Nee Soon East Community Club has a fine large study spots that are duly equipped with strong Wi-Fi networks that are totally free for all patronisers of this study spot, there are bright light, and even air-conditioned for the maximum comfort of students. Also the recent upgrade of the room make provision for different seating arrangements in the place. And be reminded that is done in this study centre is totally free for the members of clubs after the first membership fee is been paid as posed by the centre. Take note that the membership fee is pose at around $15/year.

So Nee Soon East Community Club is one of the best places to study in Singapore

Contact Information of Nee Soon East Community Club

Address: 1 Yishun Ave 9, Singapore 768893

Hours: Mon-Sun 9AM-10PM

Phone: +65 6257 0446

Resources: Wifi, and Power sockets.

Official website:

14. Smart Void Deck

The numerous places to study in Singapore; this cool place happens to be part of best listing; the Smart Void Deck is actually an approach to a design consultancy firm for the HDB Green-print.

This study spot is a public centre with number of convertible furniture and smart transformable lighting making the building cinematic and bright for proper studying and other attention seeking activities that doesn’t need noise of any kind respectively.

Be most aware that this study centre works according to your desires as the furniture can be arranged and the lighting can be set to suit the needs of the users or their customers.

Since it’s a public place and it is not just dedicated to studying alone; anybody can come here for a warm dinner with their spouse or partners, to party together, to meet up with new friends from far and near; like it doesn’t affect you studying as everything has categories. Make a pick and head over to the spot you want for the moment of productive or fun.

So you can just pack your things and get your seat if you are in; for studies or other productive assignment. However, it’s not as smart as the name suggests in real sense, but hopefully it will be a nice place to get things done right.

Contact Information of Smart Void Deck

Address: 224 Jurong East Street 21, Singapore 600224

Hours: Mon-Sun 24 Hours

Phone: +65 n/a

Resources: Wifi, Power sockets.

Official website:

15. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Are you a lover of coffee Bean and tea leaf? Then look no further as you stand to enjoy more of it in this studying centre; the spot isn’t for drinking and eating majorly but there is a great need to always stay refreshed while studying, the cafe is time-friendly and give  students or customers the needed time.

For the night birds who care for night reading more than day studying; you can actually take charge and make the best out of this studying spot in Singapore, you are quite aware that among a few good 24-hour study spots of Singapore this studying place also made the list as a great place for late night studies; well, most students in my colleges don’t joke with late night studies, and this is one of the best studying places in Singapore that accept late night jacking without hitches or any kind of trouble from outside or within the cafe.

You only need to just look for a suitable space in this studying centre and allow its modern environ inspire you to get your work done effectively.

So Coffee Beans &Tea Leaf is one of the best places to study in Singapore

Contact Information of the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Address: 583 Orchard Road, #01-45/46 Forum The Shopping Mall, Singapore 238884

Hours: Mon–Sun 24 hours

Phone: +65 6733 8005

Resources: Wifi, Power sockets, Aircon, Food.

Official website:

16. Café & Meal MUJI

From the name; you can see that food is attach to it, signifying that food must be around this quiet spot for reasonable activities like studying and handling projects; but if at all nothing seems to work so well as you wished then some of the Japanese foods and the zen-like calm environ would just place you on a calm ride.

Be most aware that this study place is quite relaxing and has spacious seating possibilities for her customers and they focus more on the hours spent here.

There is no room for regret after vesting this place for a study moments; which will for sure give you the high level of pleasantness you ever wished for.

So Cafe & Meal MUJI is one of the best places to study in Singapore

Contact Address of Café & Meal MUJI

Address: 01-10, Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, Singapore 238839

Hours: Mon–Sun 11AM–11PM

Phone: +65 6264 5838

Resources: Wi-fi, Power sockets, steady Air-condition, Food.

Official website:

17. NUS Central Library

You are in a lookout for advance cool and amazing places to study in Singapore? This central Library is one of the best you will love for the pleasantness it will offer upon visiting the spot.

However, unlike the many others on our list of cool and amazing places to study in Singapore; this Library is not a public study centre.

But it doesn’t mean an individual can’t go and study for free, so that ss not a problem to start thinking about. 

NUS Library is door is opened to every interested student who wants to take advantage of its free resources for productive activities.

So NUS Central Library is one of the best places to study in Singapore

Contact Address of NUS Central Library

Address: 12 Kent Ridge Crescent, Singapore 119275

Hours: Mon–Sat 9AM–6PM

Phone: +65 6516 2028

Resources: Wifi, Power sockets, Aircon.

Official website:


We couldn’t have start listing cool and amazing places to study in Singapore without having students at hear; during exams, test, project or even handling freelancing jobs Singaporean workers or students are always on the lookout for the best study centre to get some freelancing or some revision done. 

So, studying in your home might not really be the best when you have your bed constantly smiling at you; in other way round, studying centre or cafes may not really be a good idea if broke students actually have to struggle and pull out $15 on meal or just to sit and study.

Not all hope can be lost in cases where students don’t have the right resources to secure a quiet studying spot, there are many other free listed places above that are quite cool places around for you to put your head and get yourself a sit for productive studying activities and even freelancing jobs without been chased out of the centre.

So, take your time and make a wise selection if you are working based on budget.

Feel free to ask questions in the comment box; if you are confused about any line in the article or want to get clearer view about some of the best places to study in Singapore.