Computer literacy

The world system recommends that at every level of education, the child must be computer literate to avail him /her skills needed to write computer based examinations, study and do lot more.  

It is being speculated that all certificate examinations at senior secondary level will be computer based come 2020 in Nigeria.

After all, the tertiary institutions are already into it.   

I did not collect money from Nnamdi Kanu

Most university graduate are computer illiterates

Most university graduate who are not computer literate or oriented are not being employed by entrepreneurs who have computerised systems.

I know of graduate with excellent results, yet unemployed.   

Therefore, we need not an angel in our own dispensation to convince us of the importance of computer know how in our society.   

Nonetheless, things should not be taken for granted as there are other aspects of the computer to be feared.

Computer as sources of vices

Ninety percent of the social vices found among our Young ones today, are traceable to their exposure to the Internet via computer.

Vices such as Internet related crimes like money laundry, initiation to cultism, fake businesses with non existing identities to mention but a few has become a distraction to our educational system.

Then, Since the youth pay more attention to Internet browsing, computer games to the detriment to their future career.

The Internet has taken away the minds of youths in highly valued good reading culture. 

Which is the major determinant of building unique and qualified leaders of tomorrow.

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Time well channelled

It will be great if the precious time the young ones spend on the phone, Internet and on irrelevant things are spent on the other things related to their future career or education.

This would have at least help to curb the menace of examination malpractice that has become a disease in the education system.

It has come to the public notice that youths are getting more sophisticated perpetuating crimes.

It could be unthinkable what this innocent looking children are capable of doing.   

Quality of leaders

This calls for worry on the quality of leaders we are brooding for the future.

Infact i choose not to mention some of the social evil going on the Internet, considering the negative effects it will have on the minds of the children who are exposed to them.

Notwithstanding, the ills of this system are staring at us from every point.

We can not over look the irredeemable damage this has already caused in our society and the whole world at large.

Now youth can log in to the Internet only to learn how to make mass destruction weapons is alarming.

The question is how do we go about it. Every body must intervene to check-mate this necessary evil, so that the moral values built in children will not be eroded.  

IPOB should reconsider

Those involved

I suggest that teachers, parents, guardians and stakeholders, churches, governmental and non governmental organisations should join hands in monitoring, guiding, directing, teaching and advising the youths on dangers of unwise(unethical) use of the Internet.

Also, Parents should not be able to talk to their children on importance of good Internet use.

Futhermore, Government at all levels and stakeholders should check on what is stored at the Internet, being aware that both young and old are searching the Internet.

Churches should take morals and morality teaching as very important.

All this can help to turn this necessary evil into none one.

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