Can I Merge Two Udemy Accounts?

Yes! You can merge your Udemy accounts. We want to make it easy for you to manage your account, so we’ve made merging quick and simple with just a few steps. It’s also easy to unmerge later on if you change your mind.

You could unite your two accounts by creating a support request on Udemy and including the login information for both accounts. Your ownership of both accounts will need to be verified, which may be done by answering a few questions and knowing the passwords.

Many people who use internet platforms have created two accounts by mistake. While merging may not be a possibility on all of these sites, Udemy is a safe bet. So that you have a better knowledge of how Udemy works, we’re going to talk about Udemy accounts.


How to merge two or more Udemy accounts 

Udemy Account Merger Instructions

Having two Udemy accounts might be a pain, but fear not, since it’s possible to combine or merge two Udemy accounts. Udemy makes the process of merging accounts quick and simple, allowing you to keep all of your information in one convenient place: your profile.

It’s crucial to understand that not all of your information will be consolidated into one single account. In the event that your accounts are combined, all of the information associated with them will be moved over. To avoid losing all of your work, especially if you’re in the middle of a lesson, do this immediately.

There will be no transfer of private messages or bookmarks to the combined account. Before combining your accounts, make sure you’ve saved any messages or bookmarks you wish to save. Consider creating bookmarks and taking screenshots of communications you believe you’ll need in the future on your actual web browser.

The process of merging two Udemy accounts entails several phases.

Before approving the merger of accounts, Udemy will ask the user to verify that they control both of them.

To get started, go to the Udemy website and create a support issue. A contact form must be sent with both of the email addresses you wish to merge when seeking to merge accounts. Uploading files and providing a description will assist expedite the process.

A snapshot of both accounts that you can log into, indicating that you own them, could be something you consider doing. You could also describe how you ended up with two Udemy accounts in your description.

You’ll now need to fill out a support request and wait for a response.

Be aware that Marketplace and Business accounts cannot be combined. Because teachers have a separate revenue report from students, their accounts are not eligible to be formed or combined like students’ accounts are.

How long does it take to merge two udemy accounts?

Udemy account mergers often take a few hours. To merge accounts, Udemy must verify that the accounts belong to the same person. Your request will not be completed until a few business days have passed. At this point, you will very certainly be asked a number of questions pertaining to both accounts.

You should always keep in mind that your first ticket should contain the maximum amount of information feasible If you provide as much information as possible on the first ticket, the Udemy team will be more certain that you are the owner of both accounts faster.

Is It Okay If My Friend Uses My Udemy ID?

The most likely reason you’re considering transferring only one course is that you enjoyed it and want to pass that enjoyment on to someone you care about. Even if it’s a good thing to do, sharing courses isn’t allowed without paying again.

Some users may consider allowing their friends to view the course while they are signed into their account. Allowing someone else to use your Udemy account is a violation of the terms and conditions. Udemy will promptly terminate your account if it discovers that this rule has been violated.

Accounts can only be used by one person at a time. Information and courses cannot be shared without being purchased. Keep this in mind and abide by Udemy’s policies to avoid having your account suspended or terminated altogether.

Is it possible to move an Udemy course from one account to another?

It’s now clear how to integrate Udemy accounts and how students may maintain track of the classes they’re enrolled in as well as a purchase history for future reference in any classes they enroll in on the platform. Suppose, on the other hand, you simply want to move a single course rather than a whole account?

Transferring a course to another account may seem ‘not a huge problem.’ The main issue here is that the account may be transferred to nearly anyone, which means they won’t have to pay for the course.

Having said that, Udemy courses can’t be moved across accounts. You only have two choices when seeking to transfer a course:

Give it to a friend as a gift.

 Even though you’ll be required to pay for the course, it’ll be given to them as a ‘present.’ Because of the additional cost, this isn’t quite a transfer, but it is the only method to split the course between two different accounts.

Transfer all of your money out of your old account. 

If your account is combined with another, all of your courses and purchase history are included, thus technically you are moving the course from one account to the other.

How to Give Udemy Courses as a Gift

We’re constantly on the lookout for thoughtful gift ideas. Helping someone continue their education makes a fantastic present for family, friends, and coworkers.

Udemy provides gift course cards to help people study more effectively.

  • 1. Navigate to the Udemy website.
  • 2. Click the ‘Gift This Course’ button.
  • 3. Choose a course to give as a gift.
  • 4. Give the recipient’s name and email address, as well as the date you want the present to arrive in their inbox. 
  • 5. On the designated day, the receiver will receive the gift email; in order to redeem the gift card, s/he must check in or join up for the free Udemy membership.

Can I transfer Udemy credits to another Udemy account?

Credits have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash, assigned, sold, or transferred to anyone else, according to Udemy terms. In contrast, if you use your account to make a gift purchase for someone else, your Credits will be deducted from that person’s account.