Can I live in a dorm while pregnant?

Getting pregnant as a student is not part of the plan of many students. When you are admitted into the university, you have many plans of making sure you study your books and be well knowledgeable in your course. Also you plan on how to graduate and look for a befitting job.

Though we never plan to get pregnant as an undergraduate, it does happen.  Can I live in a college dorm while pregnant?

Some students who got pregnant while living in the dorm are always worried about how they will cope. Some still get worried that the hostel management might kick them out of the dorm.

You can live in a dorm while pregnant and nobody will kick you out. Title IX protects every woman who is pregnant. One of the provisions of the law is that pregnant women have the right to live with other people. There should not be any form of discrimination towards pregnant women in dorms.

If by any means you are discriminated against or kicked out of the college dorm because of pregnancy, you can visit your Title IX coordinator or seek legal redress.


Can colleges kick you out for being pregnant?

Colleges are barred from kicking any pregnant woman out of a dorm by Title IX. Many colleges are tied by this law. All the public Universities obey this law and as such they will allow a pregnant woman to live in the dorm until they give birth.

Every school that receives federal aid will not kick you out due to pregnancy. Also there will be any form of discrimination towards you. You will only need to leave the dormitory when you have given birth to the child. But there are occasions that you can get kicked out.

You can be kicked out from dorm if you are pregnant in a private Christan Universities. Private Christan colleges do not accept unmarried ladies who are pregnant. It is part of their policies that single ladies should not get pregnant.

If you are sent out of a Christian college dorm because of pregnancy, you will not have much choice since you sign a document that prohibits that. The morality document is meant to protect the institution in such cases. So if you seek redress, you might not win the case. So it is important for you to make an inquiry before entering into any college so as to know what to do at this point.

So Christan colleges are the only college that will kick you out of the dorm when you get pregnant.

Can I live in a dorm with a child?

Unlike being pregnant, you can stay in the dorm without kicking you out. You cannot live with a child in the dorm. When you are living with a newborn baby, the college dorm is not the best place for you. There are options for people with a child, you can take the advice of the Residents Assistants.

When you give birth to a child, you will no longer live in the dorm. Many schools have provisions for students who have a child or children. There is student housing for families. If you have a kid as an undergraduate, you will have to move into the Hall that is meant for people with kids.

Can I live in a dorm with my family?

No, you are not allowed to live in a college dorm with your family. One thing is that the dorm rooms are small and as such will not be able to contain you and your family.

Your family member may visit for short periods of time, a couple of nights at most. And just one family member at a time. Again, individual family members may occasionally spend the night, but no, your family cannot live in college housing with you. 

The exception to the above said would be if a family member was a student at the same college or university and had been assigned to live in the same dorm room with you. A college dorm differs from other types of housing like apartments. The occupancy of college dormitories is strictly for students

Can you bring your baby to a college class?

Bringing your new born baby to a college class is a no no for some people. Some people feel like it is disrespectful to the students and most importantly the professor. Also it might be a source of distraction to the class many have argued.

To others it is a good thing knowing that you as the mother care very much for your child and also your education. Coming to a class is seen as nothing because it shows the seriousness of the mother.

The fact about bringing a baby to a college class is that no law prohibits it. It is all based on ethics. If your baby is not the type that cries too much, there will not be any problem in bringing him to the class. You can also get a babysitter who will take care of him outside the class while the lecture is going on.