Can I learn Coding without a Laptop?

In this article we will be discussing one of the best digital skills – Coding. Many people are confused on how they will go about coding. So people have asked many questions about programming and we will give the best answer to most of these questions in this article.

Some of the questions that people who are interested in learning how to code computer programs or website do ask include:

  • Can i learn coding without laptop
  • Can I learn Coding with my phone
  • Can I learn Coding on my own
  • Can I learn Coding online

The truth is that these questions are worth knowing for anyone who wants a career in this field and be assured that you will be getting one of the best answers you can get on the internet today here.

To get started, let me just remind you of what Coding or programming is all about then we go straight to answering the common questions about coding.


What is Coding all about?

Coding or computer programming is the process of writing a set of instructions for computer use. This set of codes tells the computer what to do at a particular time. We use code to communicate with computers. 

Writing computer codes is like telling a computer what to do and how to do it. Coding can also be used to build websites and mobile applications and software.

So how do I go about coding since I have the interest and am ready to be a computer programmer? What do I need to code? Must I have a laptop or can I use my mobile phone?

Can I learn Coding without a Laptop?

As we said earlier that Coding is a set of instructions for computer use that means that you have to write what the computer needs to understand. But this does not mean that you cannot write code without a computer.

The answer is yes, you can learn Coding without a computer. Many people too have done so. If you want to understand more you can make a survey of college students and you will see that some people have learned coding without having a computer at the initial stage.

So how can I learn Coding without a laptop? You learn how to write computer programs without a laptop by 

  • Reading books
  • Visiting a Cafe

Reading books

Yes, you can learn how to write computer programs by reading books. There are many published books by prominent people in the industry about how to code. All you need to do is to buy the books if you have the money or visit a library and read the books. 

To be able to make a study a success, you need to make notes. Writing codes sometimes might be difficult since it involves signs and letters, so to make sure you understand it, you need to pay close attention and make some notes. 

As you read about coding in books, you will understand the terms and placement of codes and actions that you can perform with a particular code. Then you can practice with a laptop when you get one. But remember it is possible to learn how to code without a laptop.

Visiting a Cafe

It is not a must that you must own a laptop or computer before you can learn how to code. You can use someone else’s laptop or computer.

If you have read about coding in books and make some notes, you can visit a nearby cafe and practice.

Some of the programming languages can be run on a notepad, so when you visit a Cafe, you can open the computer notepad and type in some codes and see what the results can be. By this means you are already leading how to code without owning a laptop.

Can I learn Coding with my phone?

Yes! You can learn Coding with your phone and will be successful too. As we said in the beginning of this article, code is a set of instructions given to a computer to perform some functions. A mobile phone is also a type of computer, so you can learn and practice programming with a mobile phone.

Same as with reading books about coding, with your mobile phones, you search the internet and get some PDFs that talk about Coding and take the lessons.

How do I learn to program using the phone? When you have read and understand codes and how to write some codes to perform a function, you can run it on a mobile phone.

Today, there are many mobile applications that allow you to code with them. In these applications, you can also learn how to code and understand the concept of programming with video lessons the application provides. One good thing about applications is that you can learn how to write computer programs with internet connection.

With these apps, you can write codes and run them, with this you can have a good knowledge about coding. Many people have created a website and application using their phones so you can do so.

Below are some of the mobile apps you can use to write computer programs or codes.

  • Compiler C
  • Solo Learn
  • Programming Hub
  • Codecademy

Can I learn Coding online?

Yes you can learn Coding online. You must not attend college before you can start coding. Even before the recent outbreak of covid 19, people have been learning many digital skills online. But during the general lockdown by many countries, industries, Schools and establishments all closed down and as such most things are done online including learning.

There has never been before a surge in online learning as it is now during the covid outbreak and after it. Many things that are done in person are now done online or remotely.

You can learn Coding online today and still get the required results that you would get if you attend a college or pay an institution to do that. How is this possible? 

There are many websites today that teach about writing computer codes and the best trucks to move on fast. I can n tell you that the fastest way to learn Coding is by learning online. When you learn how to write codes online, it is straightforward and easy to learn.

Apart from the numerous websites that you can learn how to code with, the best for some people is YouTube. With YouTube videos, you can learn Coding online easley and at a short period of time. With YouTube videos, you get to fully understand the terms and how codes are placed to achieve a result.

Online Schools

If you can’t surf the internet to get the best Coding materials or watch YouTube videos, you can register in online Schools to learn coding online. There are many online Schools to learn coding and their courses too are top notch. Below are some well known online Schools to learn programming.

  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Khan academy
  • Codecademy
  • Solo learn

Can I learn Coding on my own?

You can learn Coding on your own. You don’t need anyone to teach you coding physically or attend a college or get a college degree to code. With the use of the information on the internet, you can become a programmer on your own.

All you need to become successful learning how to program on your own is the right resources and mindset.

With the right resources like a laptop or mobile phone, if you don’t have a laptop and a source of light and data, you can learn Coding on your own.

Also your mindset to learning is another big factor that can determine if you can be successful learning how to write computer codes on your own. Since you are not attending any school, that means no one is controlling your activities and no time is set for you. You need to put all those things by yourself so you can have the time to learn.

You will set your learning time, practice time and work time. All this will make learning coding on your own work.

To learn how to code yourself, you can use any of the methods of learning how to learn coding stated earlier. Either by reading books, visiting a website, watching YouTube videos or registering with online Schools, you can learn how to code on your own.

Can you learn coding without computer experience?

You must not be a computer wizard to learn how to code. With basic knowledge of computers you can learn programming. So basically no computer experience is needed for you to learn programming. All you need is to know where letters are and signs, with this you can place your codes on the right software and run it.

Basic computer navigation knowledge is all you need to learn coding, as you progress you understand more about computers and you can do other things with computers. 

What kind of computer do i need to learn coding

You can use any type of computer to learn programming or to write codes. All is required is the computer to be able to install the software you need to run the code. programming does not require a high disk space, RAM, or Processor. As long as your computer has an internet connection it will work for you.If you want to learn languages like PHP, JAVASCRIPT Then you need an internet connection to execute the code.

Though there are fancy computers out there with high disk space, RAM and Processor but it is not a must.

Any computer you can lay your hands on is good for coding, so I recommend you get a cheaper one, as you learn coding and start getting a paid job, you can now buy those fancy and high RAM laptops.

Can I get a coding job without experience

Getting a job now is very difficult because most companies require people with long years of experience. But you can still get a coding job without experience.

One funny thing is that you need experience to get a job and need a job to get experience. You can get any either way.

To get a coding or programming job without experience, you need to get experience. The truth is that no one will like to employ someone who cannot perform a job and pay the person for months. But to get yourself ready for the market, you need to have a project completed.

Best way to get experience is to handle a job for a person. You can do this through freelancing.

There are many freelancing platforms available, all you have to do is to register with them and seek a gig. When you have completed the gig, you can use it to look for a job as an experience.

As you are waiting for a job to come, you can still be freelancing kind and be adding to your portfolio. This is how you can get coding jobs without experience.