Can you have Multiple Accounts on Udemy? – Multiple login’s

As a student you can have multiple accounts on udemy. This is normally caused by forgotten password or login details. So in order not to be delayed by requesting a new password, many just go ahead with creating a new account and so you can have multiple udemy accounts.

Though this is not the best thing to do since you can change your login details with little effort on the platform. You can choose to recover the account instead of creating more accounts anytime you forget your login details.

But if you have created multiple logins with different courses in them, it is a disadvantage but there is a solution. You can merge multiple udemy accounts. When you merge your udemy accounts, all your courses will be at the same place and easy to access. So instead of operating multiple logins on udemy, merge them and save yourself that stress.


Can instructors have multiple accounts in udemy?

For instructors, it is also possible to have multiple accounts since you can create one with just an email. So if you can provide multiple email addresses, you can have multiple udemy accounts as an instructor.

Many people have argued that it is not allowed by udemy and some say it is but that it is counter productive. To help us understand if it is necessary to have multiple logins as an instructor in udemy, let us look at some reasons while some might like to create one.

In most cases, instructors might want to create multiple logins on udemy because they have different fields they teach. For instance, you might have a wonderful course on crypto trading and another one on insurance, you might reason that it will be better to have a different udemy Account for each of the courses you provide since they are in different fields.

This might be logical but might not be necessary. What people buy is of course and if the one they did on crypto is interesting they might want the other in insurance. So people really have interest in what you can deliver, not really on many things you do.

In addition, for you to submit your first course on Udemy you need to proof of or verify your identity. Doing that requires that you send to udemy a Govt approved ID, such as your passport, driving license, National/Voter ID, and others.  Also you will need to submit a one-minute video where you are introducing yourself. It is after all this process that you will be verified and upload your course on udemy.

Furthermore, for you to be paid for the subscription on your course paid, you must have fulfilled the tax-related form given by Udemy. And filling it requires the information that is only for you and if you don’t fill it, you will not get a penny and you can’t duplicate tax information.

So having multiple accounts or login as an instructor on udemy will not be advisable although possible.

Why is my account suspended

There are a few reasons why your udemy Account might be suspended or banned. No one can actually tell you the reason but you can get that from udemy themselves.

The reason why your account can be banned might be from the violations below.

  •  Free Coupons can lead to account suspension
  • Fake reviews would result in account suspension
  • If your course has other companies proprietary information, that company may send an email to Udemy

Can I get refund on udemy course

Yes you can get a refund on the course you purchased on udemy if you don’t like it. There are various reasons while one will not be interested in continuing taking a course they bought. It can be either the course is not detailed, not as previewed or busy schedule. But for any of the reasons why you might need a refund on a course you bought on udemy, it is for a short period of time. If it is over 30 days after you bought the course, you will not get a refund but within that period, a refund is possible.

Though many people might be thinking that giving refunds will make people request a refund even if they take the course, everyone is not unethical. There are still many who are going to appreciate the course they bought and review it highly.

Also, udemy has a mechanism that is used to dictate those who request for refund and will suspend or ban their accounts if it becomes constant.

Will Udemy ban me if I enroll for a lot of free courses?

Udemy will not ban or suspend your account because of free courses. They are the ones that provide for them and as such people will subscribe to it. But you might get penalized if you overdo it. Since it is a free course, you might be tempted to subscribe for many which you can’t take at a time. This behavior will not look natural and they might see you as a bot and block you.

Though there are many free courses on udemy you can enroll for but you should take it easy. Taking a course at a time will be the best for you. When you are done with one or two, you can subscribe for another one and so on. Within a few years, you will have a lot of courses on your account you have done.

Can Udemy account be used by multiple users

Yes, multiple users can access your udemy account if you give them your details, but to be frank with you, you are playing the wrong game. Your udemy Account can get banned because of this act. 

Granting access to a single udemy account from multiple locations by multiple users increases the likelihood that your udemy account will be completely banned because it violates udemy policies, so I don’t recommend granting access to multiple users and one udemy account for only one user.

If you want many people or multiple logins on an udemy Account, I will recommend you buy a business plan. With this multiple users can gain access to the account in many locations without getting banned. 

Is sharing an account on Udemy illegal?

Yes, sharing your personal udemy Account is illegal. While I say so. Let me bring your mind back to when you are signing in for the platform. 

When you are signing up for the platform, you agree to their terms and conditions. Though many of us don’t take time to read it, it is there. In section 8, it reads “You may not transfer Your Account to any other person and You may not use anyone else’s Account at any time.

Though many people are doing it and not getting banned doesn’t mean it is illegal. So I advise you to get a business account so you can share it with your team.

Can udemy show different prices of the same course on different accounts?

Yes, sometimes udemy courses do appear with different prices in different accounts. This is not strange since some courses might be priced in different currencies with different values.

Also there might be an automatic discount given to an account due to the number of courses it has bought and so on.

I noticed it when I bought a course on udemy and a friend of mine needed the same course and I referred him to it. Surprisingly, the price that it shows on his account is different from what I bought it for. So it is possible to have different prices for the same course in different udemy accounts.