3 Top Boarding Schools in West Virginia

When you are ready for high school in West Virginia, looking for the top Boarding Schools in West Virginia is of important. For a better results and experience, best high Schools for your children are always the best.

Known as a state that’s wild and wonderful, West Virginia is also home to plenty of boarding schools that offer numerous opportunities to the children attending them. A state known for having a long and rich history of self-reliance and culture, it’s referred to as the Mountain State due to its vast array of mountainous terrain and numerous tourist attractions that offer spectacular views of the Allegheny mountains.

But along with its natural beauty, West Virginia also offers schools that have always been known for their traditional values, well-educated faculty and desire to make a positive impact on the lives of children.

Whether it’s a college offering an Appalachian music festival or a boarding school offering therapeutic services to troubled teens, there’s little doubt the wild and wonderful state offer some truly special educational opportunities

Apart from West Virginia Boarding Schools, there are other Boarding Schools in USA. So you can search for any City here and see the needed information about them.


What you know about Boarding Schools in West Virginia

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In West Virginia, each K-12 school district has a board of education with at least five members chosen by-election in non-partisan races. Though no more than two members may reside in the same magisterial district, members are elected by residents of the entire county.

Active teachers and service personnel are not eligible for election to the County Board of Education. Members are elected to four-year terms in which the election occurs during the regular primary election in even years.

The Office of Early & Elementary Learning is committed to developing a cohesive system of early learning education based on research and best practices. Through a collaborative, intentionally designed, and well-implemented pre-k through fifth-grade approach, not only will closing the literacy achievement gap by third Grade be possible, but West Virginia children will be better prepared for school and set on a course for career and college readiness.

Assignments, transfers, suspensions, and promotions made by the County Superintendent are subject to approval by the County Board of Education. The Superintendent must be a resident of the county he/she serves or in a contiguous West Virginia county.  

All eighth-grade students in the state of West Virginia take a history or social studies class, all based on the history of the state. They learn all about the state of West Virginia. Students may elect to take the test at the county level.

Twenty-two hours are needed for West Virginia boarding school graduation. Boarding school students should consult with their school counselor to determine what is required to graduate. The required courses outlined below build strong content knowledge and extend disciplines by engaging boarding school students in work of quality and substance.

At the top Boarding Schools in West Virginia, Students In grades 9 and 10, boarding school build foundational knowledge and skills. In grades 11 and 12, boarding school students enter into the personalized aspect of their PEP, focusing carefully on selected coursework that leads to successful completion of their personal and academic goals.

In the top Boarding Schools in West Virginia, Each boarding school’s student’s coursework will be designed to lead directly to placement in entry-level, credit-bearing academic college courses, completion of an industry-recognized certificate or license, a workforce training program, or job placement.

Boarding school students who do not demonstrate mastery of the approved content standards shall be provided extra assistance and time through personalized learning and support.

West Virginia is known as the Mountain State, which comes to life when the snow begins to melt. Boarding school students receive an excellent education while also exploring historical civil war towns, country fields, ad Appalachian Mountains.

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Let us move from things we must know about Top Boarding Schools in West Virginia to the high schools themselves.

Top Boarding Schools in West Virginia

1. Linsly School

Founded in 1814, the Linsly School is a private, independent day and boarding school for students in grades 5 through 12. Located in Wheeling, West Virginia, we offer college preparatory classes that combine the traditional values of hard work, respect, honor, honesty, and self-discipline within a challenging academic program designed to unlock the potential of each student.

The family-like atmosphere at our school helps students grow and develop under the guidance of faculty members who know them by name and care about their future. Our strong academic program provides students with an emphasis on foundational skills, a challenging college preparatory curriculum, and a commitment to lifelong learning necessary for success in college and beyond.

With 100% college placement, Linsly’s record as an excellent college preparatory academy speaks for itself. We understand that education is more than test scores and college acceptance letters. Every day, our students live many of life’s most important principles: responsibility, commitment, time management, sportsmanship, maturity, and even disappointment.


2. Greenbrier Academy

Greenbrier Academy is boarding school for girls located at Pence Springs, West Virginia. The school is based on therapeutic model, which nurtures emotional and behavioral development of girls studying in grades 8 to 12.

The main goal of the boarding school is to develop deep interpersonal relationships between students in the school. As such, critical thinking, life goals, and advanced therapeutic are only some of the achievements earned by the student body.

Currently, Greenbrier Academy enrolls approximately 42 Senior High-School girls with a graduation ratio exceeding 96 percent. Since 2000, enrollment in colleges and universities is consistently 100 percent, which is among the highest for specialized boarding schools. Due to the effectiveness of therapeutic model, the curriculum and instructional design is regularly discussed in popular doctoral presentations to the American Psychological Association.

The mental growth is fostered through sisterhood programs where groups are also encouraged to participate in community building activities in the developing world, particularly Ghana. Likewise, the class-size is often less than 10 students offering hands-on experience and personalized attention from teachers.

After enrollment, every students builds an academic plan and set personal goals. The model allows girls with prior poor academic performance to successfully enroll in reputable colleges, after graduation.


3. The Highland School

Highland is a democratic international boarding and day school founded in 1981. Like Summerhill School in England, Highland cherishes each child’s right to have a free and unique childhood. We operate using democratic processes and structures similar to Sudbury Valley School.

The Highland School is a democracy which values the critical contributions of individuals making up the community. Learning occurs through daily social interactions and self-directed experiences.

Self-directed play is an essential part of daily life at school. Students’ freely created play is unstructured by adult staff. Children develop personal responsibility through the process of making their own choices and experiencing the consequences of their actions.

Students’ individual rights are fundamental at The Highland School. These rights are described and protected by our School Constitution. By valuing individual rights and the democratic process, the community at Highland creates a safe place for all school members. All children – no matter their size, economic status, or racial background – have the same rights as other children and adults. 

Students determine what they will learn and how they will spend their time. Staff members are available to provide support or help with resources if needed. Examples of student created activities may include playing outdoors, preparing for a drivers test, reading a book, exploring a nature trail with friends, discussing current events, computer gaming, or joining local community theater  groups. School members organize voluntary meetings to plan a wide range of group activities. Special interest groups, such as library club, science club, or trip and travel club plan trips to nearby cities and distant destinations.

  • Address: 98 Sycamore Springs Ln, Ellenboro, WV 26346
  • Phone: 304-869-3250
  • Email: thshighland@gmail.com