Top Ranking Boarding Schools in Illinois

In this article we will be discussing of boarding schools in Illinois for high school students and why we should choose them.

The State of Illinois can boast of many standard boarding Schools for boys and girls. Some of these schools has the best of facilities you can see anywhere in the world. So let use look into what we need to know about the best boarding Schools in Illinois.

Boarding schools in Illinois offer more extracurricular activities than day schools. They also motivate children to participate more socially and help children become better and more independent in decision making.

Equally, boarding schools in Illinois have helped children to move easily from school to university and to the world. They are still in the business of helping students not only to manage their own affairs but also to learn to manage others.

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of modern-day boarding schools and the relative value of the boarding school experience, enroll your child to one of the best.

But before we start stating the best Boarding Schools in Illinois, there are some important pieces of information to aid you to make the best choice for your child. The table of content below will give you a brief overview of what this article has.


Why Choose Boarding Schools in Illinois?

When it comes to choosing an ideal boarding school for your child, Illinois is a state to consider. The debate whether a day school is better or a boarding school is an old one.

Recently, most parents have started to realize the importance of boarding school in providing high-quality education for their children. This is because boarding schools in Illinois have contributed a lot to the grooming of the personality of their child.

Apart from inculcating a spirit of discipline and punctuality in a student, a sense of responsibility is also generated in the student.

Also, children admitted to boarding in Illinois from a very young age learn to be independent and obedient which instills maturity in them from a tender age.

These are the essential benefits Illinois boarding schools can offer to your child.

Boarding schools in Illnios have always been a home for a lot of children. Also, it is a home to to those who do not have a home.

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Generall, students who stay with their parents, do not have the opportunity to spend time with their peers. But the children staying in boarding schools in Illinios gets the opportunity to they exchange and express their points of view and opinions with their peers.

In Illinois high schools, the teachers play a double role.

First of all, during school hours they behave like a teacher and after school, they behave like parents. Because the teachers also reside in a hostel and, in addition to residing in the hostel, they also help students in studies and there is no need for coaching.

Practically, Illinois boarding schools creates a special relationship between students and teachers.

Boarding schools in Illinois inspires students to be more independent, responsible and safe. Students achieve this by strengthening themselves through the life skills learned at school.

Also, some of the hildren who are introverts learn to shed off that personality. And also learn to fit in social groups, be outspoken, and prepare themselves for the future challenges of life.

The schools make sure they take up a hobby and grow up to be smarter than their day scholar contemporaries.

Apart from good education, food, and other specialties, boarding schools in Illinois also create opportunities for their students to take part in extracurricular activities.

These activities are designed to build team spirit and help in the intellectual development of every child. This is one of the significant aspects of a boarding school in Illinois.

Besides, boarding schools also have a state-of-the-art infrastructure for sports. They also encourage students to participate in at least one outdoor or indoor sport. It helps to boost their confidence level also to be physically fit.

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High schools Boarding Schools in Illinois

Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions parents can make. You might be asking what are the best Boarding Schools in Illinois that is Co-educational?

Here we a list of the boardings schools in Illinois and we have ranked the best out of them all.

In selecting the Best and Top Boarding Schools in Illinois for Boys and Girls in 2021, we will be considering several ranking factors. Our selection of best boarding Schools for high school students for boys and girls include;

Nature of School: We consider these as one important criterion for ranking the Best and Top Boarding Schools in Illinois in 2020. This is where we rate schools if they are Private or Public schools; Coeducational; All-girls or All-boys.

Students to Faculty Ratio: This criterion is very much important because a school can be considered good with great programs but yet do not have quality. The class size matters a lot when ranking the top boarding schools in Illinois.

Enrollment Rate: This is one aspect that is also important because most parents consider the schools that won’t be difficult for their child to enroll in. This means that the enrollment rate of schools plays a big role in determining how conducive the learning environment will be.

Accreditation: We also rank these schools by the government authorization to function as a school. However, all the listed schools are accredited by the National Association of Independent Schools and the State of Illinois.

1. Saint Bede Academy

Saint Bede Academy is a Catholic high school in the Benedictine tradition which endeavors to prepare students for college and for life by welcoming them into a community of learning permeated by Christian values. Saint Bede Academy is one of the best boarding Schools in Illinois for boys and girls.

St. Bede Academy was founded in 1890 to provide a Catholic education for young men. Over the years there have been many changes but in the midst of change the monastic community has remained true to its vow of stability and has continued to offer a quality catholic education to prepare young people for further education and their future role in the world and the church.

As a college preparatory school, we ensure our students will be ready to continue their education. Currently, 96% of the Class of 2020 report plans to attend post-secondary education. Our average A.C.T. score for the Class of 2019 is 24.8, Class of 2018 is 23.9 and for the Class of 2017 is 24.7.

6 out of 52 or 11.5% of the senior class of 2020 were selected as Illinois State Scholars. An amazing 98% of St. Bede students participate in extra-curricular activities. Our objective is to keep students busy! Every experience is a life lesson. The more they do, the more they learn.

The academic environment at St. Bede encourages students to excel, both in and outside of the classroom. We commit to having graduates leave the Academy ready, both spiritually and academically, for life in the real world.

Contact information

  • Address: 24 W US HWY 6 Peru, Illinois 61354
  • Phone: 815.223.3140
  • Fax: 815.223.8580

2. Lake Forest Academy (Illinois)

Lake Forest Academy is a high-status college that provides day and boarding for students in grade nine to 12. The facility is located in Lake Forest, which is in Illinois. The school has been accredited by the relevant government authorities to ensure that it conforms to the set education standards.

Lake Forest Academy was established in 1857 as a preparatory school for the Presbyterian boys. It is located on a 150-acre wooded land that includes a small lake. The campus has many buildings that include the Corbin Academic Center, Reid Hall, Hutchinson Commons, dormitories, and faculty housing buildings.

Lake Forest Academy is well-known as one of the strongest preparatory schools in the United States. Almost all the graduates of the college qualify to attend a four-year college or university education.

The school has been leading in innovation, and it ensures that strong relationship is fostered between the students and the faculty. Most of the staff members live in the college, and they serve other roles as supervisors and coaches.

The close communication between the students and teachers is what sets the institution apart from the rest. Its small classes and a strong advisory system is something that the members pride themselves in.

Contact Information

  • Address: 1500 W Kennedy Rd, Lake Forest, Illinois 60045
  • Website:
  • Phone: (847) 234-3210

3. Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart

The Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart is a private, Roman Catholic boarding and day all-girls’ high school for students in grades 9 through 12. It is located in Lake Forest, Illinois, north of Chicago, United States, the school currently has 260 boys and girls enrolled with an average class size of 12.

Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart has an extraordinary residential environment that provides the perfect setting for students’ educational experience. Comprising 48% boarding students and 52% day students.

One important aspect of Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart is that Woodlands prepares motivated young women for lives of courage and confidence. Hence, educating them to discover their purpose, cultivate their talents and passions, and commit themselves to service as citizens of the world.

Also, their program attracts students who have a strong desire to succeed in their studies and who wish to participate in life at a Sacred Heart school.

For this reason, Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart is now one of the best private boarding schools in Illinois, and their principles remain their foundation.

With regards to the cost of studying in Woodlands, we can say that their tuition is affordable due to the high rate of financial assistance. The Tuition for the 2021-2022 school year is $50,600, $59,200 & $29,400 for 5-Day Boarding, 7-Day Boarding and Day students respectively.

Above all, 30% of Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart students recieves financial aid and scholarships. Most importantly, Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and the Independent Schools Association of the Central States.

Frankly, Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart boarding is home for your child. Among our list of best boarding Schools in Illinois.

Contact Information

  • Address: 760 East Westleigh RoadLake Forest, Illinois 
  • Phone: 60045(847) 234-4300

4. Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy is a top rated, public, magnet, high school, day and boarding school for students from grades 10 through 12.

It is located at Aurora, Illinois, United States. Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy has an extraordinary residential community that as students settle in, IMSA quickly becomes their “home away from home.”

One important aspect of Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy is that develops creative, ethical leaders in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. IMSA is both a public residential Academy and a catalyst for the advancement of STEM teaching and learning statewide

Also, it is ranked the #1 public high school in Illinois and #2 in the U.S. by

In the dorms, students develop their personal and social skills along with the academic talents.

Specifically, IMSA’s academic program prepares students to become bold inquirers, problem solvers and integrative thinkers.

Today IMSA is one of the best public boarding schools in Illinois, funded through the Illinois General Assembly.

With regards to the cost of studying in this school, we can say that their tuition is good with their grand provision of financial assistance.This is because they believe that all students, regardless of their financial resources, should have the opportunity to attend the Academy.

Above all, 23% of Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy students recieves financial aid.

Frankly, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy boarding is home for your child one of the best boarding Schools in Illinois

5. Brehm Preparatory School (Illinois)

Brehm Preparatory School is a very unique boarding school in Carbondale, Illinois. It is a school dedicated to providing excellence in education to children with complex learning disabilities and learning differences.

Situations and learning methods that might make traditional classroom structure and curriculum challenging are reconstructed and adjusted to better accommodate the challenges that each student faces.

Brehm is a fully accredited and non-profit that offers education to boys and girls using a staff of exceptionally qualified teachers, speech pathologists, nurses, counselors, dorm parents, recreational staff, and a very supportive mental health team. This coed prep school employs 150 members of staff and only allows 90 students.

While this does make applications more competitive, it also means that each student gets individualized attention through one on one attention. This provides the opportunity for each student to be properly educated in a way that makes it possible for them to reach the top of their potential and also helps them to develop new skills.

Brehm Preparatory School is committed to providing the best to high school children that often times get overlooked. Actually One of the best boarding Schools in Illinois.

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