Boarding Schools for troubled youths in Detroit Michigan.

As a parent, you’ve probably heard many things about military boarding schools in Detroit Michigan and aren’t sure quite what is true and what isn’t. Most of these boarding Schools are for troubled youths and behavioral purpose.

Are they penalties for troubled teenagers? Are they just a type of military recruitment? Let’s go ahead and set the record straight.

Military schools in Detroit, Michigan and those near Michigan are basically boarding schools with a history of military tradition. What this means is that, while most of these programs are not directly partnered with the US military in any way, they do use military style in the way they are organized and work with students for behavioral change.

Most of these military boarding schools have ranking systems which are inspired by military systems. As students move forward in the program, they get promoted and earn more privileges and responsibilities. Students live on these campuses and get the opportunity to develop tight relationships with their peers, something that isn’t available at normal boarding high schools.

Although these programs highly structured and discipline-oriented, for troubled youths in Michigan, they are not usually recommended for students who are having a hard time. These boarding schools maintain strict academic standards and the end goal is to set students up for success in high level universities. For most high-achieving students, military schools provide the advantage they need to get ahead in life

Most military boarding schools in Detroit, Michigan are renowned for their tough academic standards. These are not academic recovery programs. Instead, the purpose is to challenge your son or daughter and get them ready to meet the entrance requirements of the top universities in the country.

Additionally, classes employ military style which emphasizes discipline and organization. This is vital, because it develops habits for study habits which will not only get your teenager into a good college, but enable them to thrive once enrolled there. Go through the complete listing of military schools at to find the one that best suits for your teenager.

Although military boarding schools near Detroit, Michigan don’t accept troubled teenagers, they do provide a highly structured and supervised atmosphere that can help all students. If your son or daughter tends to occasionally lose focus or, at times, can be prone to laziness or procrastination, military schools can straighten that out quickly and easily.

At a military academy, students receive assistance in organizing their priorities. They will begin to take a more structured approach to each day, ensuring that they are making the most of their time and moving along without issue. Even the most clever teenagers can sometimes be forgetful.

Teaching teenagers the importance of their future and the way their decisions, even now, can affect their entire life is an essential aspect of what military academies are all about. 

Although a lot of military schools began by being directly affiliated with the military, that isn’t always the case anymore. Although joining the military after graduating one of these schools is frequent and sometimes encouraged, your son or daughter is under no requirement to do so.

For sure, the discipline and training that is provided in such a military setting can be successfully applied in many fields.

From business to politics to entrepreneurship, graduates from military schools, in general, are more successful than graduates from more traditional high schools. Military boarding schools focus on discipline, integrity, communication, teamwork, and leadership, and it turns out that these are highly desired traits in basically any area of study or employment.

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Military boarding Schools in Detroit Michigan ( For Troubled youths)

This boarding Schools for boys in Detroit Michigan, pre those near Detroit though not a full military boarding school uses the military way of helping troubled youths. They use their therapeutic program as administered by licensed professionals and qualified staff to help them in behavioral change in youths.

1. Agapé Boarding School

Is your teen spinning out of control, angry, self-destructing, dabbling in drugs, or in trouble with the law? If so, we can help, and most likely we can do so better than military schools in Detroit, Michigan.

Agapé Boarding School is NOT A MILITARY SCHOOL. It is a final solution for your boy, and without the intimidation of drill sergeants.  We provide a secure campus and military-like discipline and structure, but we also provide vocational training, mentoring and spiritual help for troubled boys.  Our boarding school includes team sports on a sprawling campus and a fully accredited school.

Agapé Boarding School for boys helps struggling boys turn their lives around within a caring Christian environment. Parents from Detroit, Michigan and all over the U.S. have chosen Agapé Boarding School with every individual boy to help him to become a respectful, responsible young man.

Agapé Boarding School provides a superior training program for teen boys from Detroit, Michigan with a surprisingly low cost. Please look into it even if you are looking for military academies in Michigan.

Compare Agapé Boarding School with Detroit Michigan military schools for troubled boys, and you will notice that we provide an advanced program and outstanding facilities at a much lower rate.

We specialize in working with boys who lack motivation both at home and at school, those demonstrating defiance or disregard for authority, and teenagers identified as having ADD, ADHD, RAD, ODD or depression

Through our accredited educational program, boys focus on their junior high and high school classes at their own rate, while also assisted by tutors and certified teachers. Plenty of individualized attention means that boys at every level of skill master their coursework.

Most students realize that they quickly compensate for lost time and gain self-confidence in their academic abilities. Our college-prep program helps boys with college entrance testing and applications. Young men graduate from Agapé Boarding School well-prepared for their entrance in the workplace or the college classroom.

Though not among the military boarding schools in Detroit, Michigan or near me, it still does much with their therapeutic program to help in behavioral change in troubled youths

  • Location12998 E. 1400 Rd. Stockton, Missouri 65785
  • Phone: (417)276-7215

Miltary Schools for Girls

2. Gateway Academy

With the structure and order of a military school, wayward and troubled teen boys become respectful, confident leaders and responsible citizens. Gateway Boys Academy has the same discipline of a military school, but it is more caring.

We have a military academy, an accredited school, as well as a working ranch and farm offering counseling and mentoring, competitive team sports, a spiritual emphasis, and hands-on outreach to help disadvantaged people in third-world countries. All of these are designed to bring change in a boy’s heart and life.

Gateway Boys Academy serves boys from all around the nation, including from Detroit, Michigan. Over 1000 boys from all 50 states and internationally have found a change of heart at Gateway Boys Academy.

Although you may be searching near Detroit, Michigan for a military school program for your son, take into consideration that an extended time away from the peers and culture he’s being influenced by can be just what he needs.

Students start in our basic training platoon under the supervision of drill instructors. For the first few months, physical exercise, a packed schedule, attention to orderliness and chores provide them with structure and establish order in their lives.

They learn to stop struggling against authority and start to gain confidence by mastering challenges that are constructive rather than their previously destructive activities. Over time, they promote to higher levels, gaining privileges and responsibilities in the process.

The highest level student is able to do off-campus sports, outreaches, and travel. Though not among the military boarding schools in Detroit, Michigan or near me, it still does much with their therapeutic program to help in behavioral change in troubled youths

3. Sundance Canyon Academy

Sundance Canyon Academy is another military boarding Schools in Detroit Michigan that helps troubled youths in behavioral change. The motto reflects their commitment to each and every student.

They understand adolescence can be difficult and often painful. At Sundance Canyon they help our students identify their strengths and develop purpose in their lives as they look to the future with a strong foundation and leadership structure to guide them.

At Sundance Canyon, we are committed in our belief that all young men are capable of making positive changes in their lives, regardless of the nature of their problems. We believe that all of our students are worthy of a physically and emotionally safe environment. A safe and structured environment provides direction as our students to begin their trek towards making good and proper decisions.

We believe that there are certain behaviors and skills that students should demonstrate competence. For example, we believe that all people should be respectful to each and every member of society, no matter what their race, creed, age, gender, religion, political affiliations, etc. We try to instill in our students the value of treating people warmly and genuine without compromising their own values.

We believe that marvelous changes can and do take place as the student becomes aware of his many strengths and limitations. For these significant events to occur in the lives of our students there must be a time commitment.

We believe that the time in a program may vary, as boys learn to eliminate inappropriate behaviors, which in the past have often lead to unhappiness in their lives and that of their families.

Our philosophy is that as these young men are redirected and begin to practice appropriate personal and social skills, they begin to feel of their own personal worth. As their own self confidence builds, they begin to verbalize their feelings and needs to others in a constructive manner.

They are then ready to make giant leaps in the direction of commitments and becoming capable, caring and contributing young men to their families and in society.

Our therapeutic program is administered by licensed professionals and qualified staff. We provide therapeutic intervention in the following three forms: Group, Individual and Family. Our milieu includes the Why Try Model, a program that was originally developed as a one-on-one counseling tool.

The WhyTry visual analogies provide a practical guide for discussing personal challenges and solutions to problems that youth face at home, at school, and with their peers. Though not among the military boarding schools in Detroit, Michigan or near me, it still does much with their therapeutic program to help in behavioral change in troubled youths

What you should know about troubled boys or girls school

Military Boarding Schools for troubled boys of Michigan are and viable alternatives to boot camps or wilderness therapy programs. Military boarding schools utilize a focus on discipline, physical training, military science (leadership training), and academics.

Military boarding schools for troubled boys are designed to redirect and restore the lives of the struggling teens.  Restoring Troubled Teens represent the top therapeutic programs throughout the country. 

Military boarding schools of Michigan provide an opportunity for troubled boys an alternative to boot camps, group homes, and traditional therapeutic boarding schools. For troubled teens (defiant, angry, high school dropouts) needing behavioral re-direction sometimes the best option is a military style residential program such as a military school.