Best Fashion Design schools in Nigeria – Lagos, Ibadan etc

Are you interested in becoming a fashion designer in Nigeria or do you love styles from creative minds, then this is for you. Best fashion schools in Nigeria.

Before we start looking at the best fashion design schools in Nigeria, there is something we need to know about fashion.
Fashion has become a lifestyle in which we can not stay away from because it is in what we do frequently.

Fashion design is one of the most popular skills anyone can learn now in other to make a living from it no matter the environment you found yourself in.

So if you are good at creativity, then I will recommend that you pick one of the best fashion design schools in Nigeria below and start a career.

This Article discusses the best fashion designing schools in

  • Lagos
  • Ibadan
  • Abuja
  • Port Harcourt
  • Owerri
  • Enugu

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The advantages of picking fashion designing as a career

1. High demand

The highest demand career in the world is fashion design. Yeah, that’s because everyone wears clothes, be it English! ish wear or native wears, they are all made by Fashion designers.

2. You are your own boss

If you are serious about your training as a fashion designer, to start making money can happen soon. You don’t have to move from one office to the other looking for jobs or sit on a desk for 8hours to 12hours just for an 8000, 10000 Naira job.

So learning fashion designing is a big plus to anyone who wants to go into it.

3. Your appearance

As a fashion designer, the most important thing that attracts people to you just to know what you do, is your dressing.
So as a fashion designer, all you do is to remove money and buy material to sew without having to pay money to someone to sew it for you.

Also the advantage is that as a fashion freak, you can design any cloth to your taste and wear.

Fashion Designing schools in Lagos

Fashion designing schools in Lagos

Lagos is the most populated state in Nigeria which includes both the high class and middle-class people. With this, the cost of living in Lagos is high likewise the amount pay for fashion designing services.

So making a living from fashion in Lagos is very possible especially if you are good at whatever you are doing.

If you are in Lagos and you want to learn fashion designing from the Best fashion schools in Nigeria with high reputation and recognition, which is located in Lagos then I got you covered.

Below are some of the best fashion schools in Lagos;

List of fashion institutions in lagos

  • GMYT fashion Academy
  • Vigold Creations & Fashion school
  • Gianani fashion training school
  • Valisimo Fashion school

1. GMYT fashion Academy

GMYT fashion Academy is one of the top best fashion schools in Lagos. The school is located at 18A Grace Anjous drive off-road 14 ETI-OS, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

GMYT school was recently awarded as the most outstanding fashion academy of the year in the Nigeria entrepreneurs award.
It was established in the year 2005.

Services offered by the Academy are;

  • Fashion Illustration
  • Children’s Wear
  • Men’s Wear
  • Pattern drafting
  • Bespoke
  • Avante Garde,
  • Bridal
  • Ready to wear

To contact the school, you can reach them through their business line at +2348163311111 or you visit the Website:

You can also choose to send an email to

2. Vigold Creations & Fashion school

Big old creations and fashion schools are also some of the best fashion schools in lagos, Nigeria. The fashion school is located at 15 Ago Palace Way, Ilasamaja, Lagos.

You can also choose to reach the school by phone number +2348033227919 or youose another alternative which is through email or their website.
Email at;

Big old creations fashion schools offered programs on;

  • 3 months courses
  • 6 months courses
  • A year courses
  • And also weekend courses.

Big old do not only raise fashion designers, but they also raise and train role models

To register to become a student in Vigold is made easy as the registration is ongoing from February 11, 2021, to December 31st, 2021. So register now

3. Ginani Fashion Training school in lagos, Nigeria

It’s located at 11 Bank Olemoh close to bank olemoh crescent, 101211, Lagos, the school also offers intense theoretical fashion and garment patterns.

To enroll in Gianani fashion training school, you must budget nothing less than N100k for the start in which is called BASIC in Gianni Fashion training school


  • BASIC—– N100,000months
  • COMBO 1 —- N180,000months
  • COMBO 2 —- N280,000months
  • PROFESSIONAL— N360,000 year

Please the payments above come with different benefits, so choose what you want to study and duration best on your budget by contacting the school with the details below;

Contact info

  • Phone: +234803308223
  • Website:

4. Valisimo Fashion school

Valisimo Fashion school in Lagos Nigeria is one of the best fashion designing schools in the country with best creativity for you fashion carrier. Situated in Agege Lagos, the cost of accommodation will not be a problem if you decided to work with them to become one of the Africans fashion designer.

Some programs offered at Valisimo Fashion school are as followed

  • Bespoke programs
  • Pattern drafting programs, etc

You can find out more by following them on their Facebook page.
Or visiting 2 Lamidi Akinwale St, Ifako Agege, Lagos.
Call: +2348096577157

Fashion school in Ibadan

Ibadan in Ogun state is one of the popular city we have in Nigeria with a great number of fashion schools. It is a well known city because of many companies there and thus there will be populated.

Since there are many people living in this city, there will be need for fashion designers to make different styles of dressing for them. So becoming a fashion designer will be a plus for you if you live in Ibadan.

Furthermore, a carrier in creativity such as fashion designing is on high demand globally, so choose from any of the list of best fashion designing schools in Ibadan, Nigeria.

List of best fashion designing schools in Ibadan

  • Tolumi TFP Fashion School
  • Yemi Oge Fashion Institute
  • DMC Fashion Academy
  • Ybom Academy of Fashion and Craft

1. Tolumi TFP Fashion School

The Column TFP fashion school was established in the year 2010 and since then, they have trained over 1000 students.
The school has then further expanded across other states in the country like Lagos, Abuja, etc.

Visit the school at No. 13 Okunola Abbas St, Ibadan or call 08155032337 you can also visit the school website at

2. Yemi Oge Fashion Institute

Another top fashion institute in Ibadan that has a lot of positive reviews on Google is Yemi Oge Fashion Institute with over 4.7 ranks of reviews.
It is one of the best in Ibadan

Visit the school at No. 59 MKO Abiola Way, 200252, Ibadan, or call +2348033715868
You can also visit the institute website

3. DMC Fashion Academy

DMC academy is the leading fashion house in Ibadan so if you are looking for quality, DMC fashion Academy is a good option to check out. The school is located at Oremeji Bus Stop, Premier Hotel Junction, Sango – Ul, Mokola Rd, Ibadan.

Contact details:

4. Ybom Academy of Fashion and Craft Ibadan

It is the second-best crafts Academy in Ibadan that can fit you no matter your daily activities and busy schedules.
So for professional training, Ybom should be your first or second option in Ibadan.

Visit the school page on Instagram @ybomng
For enquiring, call +2348033901697
Or you can choose to locate the school at Iya Ni Wura House, Ashi Junction, Orita Bashorun Road, Ibadan

Fashion schools in Abuja, Nigerian Capital City

Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria, it is one of the wealthiest cities in Nigeria. With the top politicians living there, making money as a fashion designer is not a bad idea, you need is to locate a good fashion school in Abuja where you can learn all you need and then start your journey.
And among the best fashion schools in Abuja are;

List of best fashion designing schools in Abuja

  • Empriel fashion school
  • Legsapparel Fashion school
  • ISME couture and Fashion Training School

1. Empriel Fashion Institute Abuja

To locate Empriel fashion school, visit Suite A 24A, Efab Mall, Area 11, Garki, Abuja. Or call +2348033642654
As one of the best fashion school in Abuja, their focus is on training an exclusive brand of fashion entrepreneurs.

So even if you are just a learner or someone that just has a passion for fashion, no matter your age, then don’t hesitate, pick one school and begin your career in fashion.

visit the school website:

2. Legsapparel Fashion School

Legsapparel Fashion school offers a six months Advanced and Basic fashion training program for youths, school leavers, including graduates, workers/Executives, and retirees, etc.

A chance of getting access to the tutor is very easy since only nine students are assigned to each tutor in the class.

It is a licensed school located at Bouse 8, Beside world bank 2 Gamal Abdul Nasser close, Off Julius Nyerere Cres, Asokoro, Abuja.

You can reach them by calling +2349053159767

3. ISME Couture and Fashion Training School

ISME couture and Fashion Training School is located at No. 212 Obasanjo Block C1, Garki International market, Garmi, Abuja.
Contact details: 08055160182 or email at

To get to know more about ISME training school as one of the best fashion designing schools in Ibadan, visit the training school Facebook page with

Fashion designing schools in Port Harcourt

Fashion designing schools in Ph

Port Harcourt code named “PH” is one of rhe popular cities in southern part of Nigeria. It is an oil mining state and as such have a good number of wealthy people. Having a carrier in fashion designing will really pay off.

There are a good number of fashion schools in PH that you can attended and become a professional fashion designer. This article list the best in all.

List of best fashion schools in Port Harcourt Nigeria

  • Port Harcourt Fashion School
  • Emerald Fashion Academy
  • Pinewood Fashion &Sewing school

1. Port Harcourt Fashion School

The school is located at No. 15b, Rd2, Federal Housing Estate, Rumueme Agip, Mile 4, Port Harcourt. It is located in one of the busiest and populated areas in port Harcourt.

It is one of the fashion schools in port Harcourt that has the highest reviews 5 points of about 4.8 on google.

Contact detail

2. Emerald Fashion Academy

Emerald Fashion Academy is the best fashion school in Nigeria when you look into fashion academy in Port Harcourt.
They offer all the programs related to fashion which means that they have all it takes for you to start a career in fashion designing.

Contact by phone: 08065935547 or 08093069851

You can also follow them on Instagram @emeraldfashionacademy

3. Pinewood Fashion &Sewing school

If you are looking for a fashion school that offers summer sewing classes for mums and youth girls, then Pinewood fashion and sewing school will be okay for you.

Pinewood fashion is a mean for empowering women who want to learn a skill in fashion powered by REVAMP

Contact details
Locate the school at No. 11 Ogoloma street, D/line PHALGA, 500261, Port Harcourt.

Fashion schools in Owerri, Imo state

Owerri the Imo state capital is known as “home of beautiful ladies”. Owerri is a beautiful city in south Eastern Nigeria. It houses four higher institutions with great number of students. So there are a number of people who need fashion designers .

There are a number of fashion schools in owerri and we have listed them below.

List of fashion schools owerri

  • Creative Success fashion ventures
  • Brain field skills arena, owerri
  • Klamzie Styles fashion school

1. Creative Success fashion ventures

Creative success fashion ventures is a registered and recognized fashion school in Owerri with the registration number IM11174.
The school operates between 9:00 AM to 6 PM on Mondays and is located at No.7 Mann St, Owerri.

At Creative Success fashion ventures, you will acquire a lot of skills which include

  1. Construction of Garment
  2. Pattern crafting
  3. Business of fashion
  4. Fabric manipulation
  5. Fashion designing
  6. Fashion illustration, and a lot more.

You can choose to contact the school through phone at +2348060009922 or you visit their website:

2. Brain field skills arena

Just as the name implies, it is the brain when you are looking for a fashion school that has all it takes to run a skill academy.
Brimfield is one of the top if not the top skill arena in Owerri as a whole.

It is located at No. 10, Old Akanawu street, Road 5 Extension, Imo Housing estate, Umuguma, 460001, Owerri. You can also contact them on phone +2348063378236

They offer a lot of other skills like ICT, Concrete work, Bricklaying, photography, etc.
Visit the website

3. Klamzie Styles fashion school

This is another outstanding fashion school in Owerri where fashion is made easy for anyone no matter your level of understanding of fashion.

For enrollment or enquiring, locate the school at 54 Ekeema Crescent Ikenegbu Owerri Nigeria, or contact 08037779279
Visit the site at

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Fashion schools in Enugu

Enugu state in Nigeria known as the coal city is a famous city with great population with many industries and technology startups. To meet with the clothing need of its population, there are many fashion designers in enugu but lesss fashion schools. Below you will get to know the best fashion designing schools in Enugu state Nigeria

List of Best schools for fashion in Enugu

  • Fashion Business school
  • Didi’s signature
  • Silval clothing’s fashion institute

1. Fashion Business school

In fashion business school Enugu, you can learn how to sew, make patterns, beads, sketch a design for both men and women, kids clothing, etc. The fashion business school is located in the south East of Enugu state in Nigeria.

It is located at No.2Cbime Avenue, New Heaven, Last Floor, 400221 Enugu
Phone: +2349078709814

Visit their website for more details at

2. Didi’s signature, a fashion company, and fashion academy

Did’s fashion Academy is the subsidiary of Did’s signature itself. It is one of the very best fashion schools in Enugu as a whole.

Address/ contact
It is located at No 24 Brown and Brown Crescent Independent Layout Enugu
You can reach on phone for enrollment or services


Silval clothing’s fashion institute

Silver fashion institute is also located at Enugu around No.3 Indigo Close, Thinkercorner, Enugu. If you want to learn the art of fashion design around Thinkercorner, Enugu, then Silval fashion is the best for you.

contact detail

What do you learn in Fashion schools

There are so many things to learn in fashion schools just like you learn in another field of studies.
But some of them are;

  1. Drawing: although you don’t have to be an expert in drawing you must ensure that you understand every drawing you make at the palms of your hands. To avoid giving the customer the opposite of what he or she requested.
  2. Sewing: Sewing is one of the major things that you will be taught during your study in a fashion design school.
  3. Colour well color is a basic knowledge which you must get. Yeah, you can’t make or combine colors in which you know nothing about. So knowing colors and how to combine them for sewing is a big plus to becoming a successful fashion designer.
  4. Quality of fabric: There are some fabric qualities that you must know in which it will help you when choosing your design to design.
  5. Pattern making and Garment construction, etc.

Carriers as a Fashion designer

Jobs on fashion that you can pick up after your schooling if you don’t want to start your own business are;

  1. Style Specialist
  2. Technical Designer
  3. Bedding Designer
  4. Fabric colorist
  5. Personal Stylist
    6 Fashion writer

How much is fashion designing school

Just like every other course studied in colleges etc payment is made according to what program you are going into likewise in fashion academies.

In fashion Academy, you pay base on the program and the duration you want to spend in the Academy for your classes.
So I will advise you to contact any school you wish to start your career with for more info on fees.

Why you need a degree in fashion

It is obvious that having a degree in fashion isn’t necessary because you can still make a living from it with just the skills

But the secret behind having a degree in fashion design if you have the capital to spend for the fees which you may not get from top fashion designers is that having a degree in Fashion designing is a plus mark of you getting you contacts or connection to top clients.

Yeah, the kind of clients who will not want to mingle with just any roadside fashion designer.
So the more you spend to excel in your career, can’t be a waste.