Best Computer Courses for Accounting Students

Accounting is one of the most popular careers. It’s also a field that demands more IT skills than any other, so it can be difficult to find an accounting job without some kind of computer knowledge. So how can Accounting Students make themselves lucrative?

If you’re in college and not sure what your major should be, or just want a new career path- learn about students looking for courses with education options at different levels 

This article will help guide you through finding the best course out there for you.


What computer skills do accountants need?

Spreadsheet Software

Physically, the courses would take place in a classroom setting. On paper, they would be graded on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best score. The course will cover basic computer skills such as spreadsheets and Microsoft Excel.

Spreadsheet software is a type of program that allows accounting staff to prepare spreadsheets. It also has advanced formulas which help with spreadsheet preparation and monthly payment on a loan: Principal, interest rate, and term.

Word-Processing Software

Accountant students should take classes in word-processing software, where they can learn how to use the Microsoft Office suite and other tools for their jobs.

A word-processing software package is a program that helps people organize, condense and consolidate information into reports.

When it comes to word processing software, most accounting jobs require the preparation of letters and memos. These are typically printed by an outside payroll preparation service or via a desktop printer.

Accounting Software

Accountants use accounting software to record financial transactions and make sure the numbers get calculated properly. They need strong computer skills, such as knowing how to enter data into spreadsheets and databases.

Quickbooks, Peachtree and AccountAbility are software programs that allow clerical personnel to make invoices for customers, enter invoices received from vendors and print checks. These off-the-shelf accounting software packages can be purchased or leased by businesses with no setup fees or contract obligations.

Knowing your way around one or more of the common accounting software programs is advantageous because as responsibilities increase, additional skills might be needed.

When it comes to accounting software, one of the benefits is that at month-end financial statements can be printed quickly. As responsibilities increase and additional skills are needed, some companies might require more complex accounting software packages.

Payroll Software

Accounting students need to be proficient with the computer. Paychex and ADP are two companies that provide payroll software for businesses.

Businesses may use payroll software to prepare for the upcoming tax season. This type of software has many benefits, including faster processing and accuracy in pay calculations. Additionally, this process is made easier with computerized systems that calculate net pay and commissions with ease.

Off-the-shelf accounting software packages are ideal for businesses that want to track their financial transactions and prepare invoices. Clerical personnel can use programs such as Quickbooks, Peachtree, or AccountAbility to record these transactions while preparing check printing capabilities.

Other Software

Accountants need to know how to use software such as Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat and Quickbooks. Skills like project management, audits and tax preparation are also important.

Other software job opportunities are Actuary, Budget Analyst, Claims Examiner, Cost Estimator, Credit Controller (F&A), Financial Trader (Investment Analysts), Payroll Administrator and Personal Financial Advisor.

Basic Computer Skills

Accountants usually need a variety of computer skills. These skills can range from basic to advanced levels and should be able to cover every aspect of accounting.

A short-term course is specialized, one-time training that helps students acquire basic skills in computers. They are usually offered by the institute because they focus more on practical than theoretical knowledge so students can become skilled and friendly with technology.

Basic computer skills are practical skill that is focused on learning how to use computers. They do not necessarily require an extensive amount of theory so students can become more friendly and competent in their knowledge base for the future.

Skills Required for Accounting and Finance Jobs

Basic knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)

Accounting students should have a basic understanding of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAPs). GAAPs are used to standardize accounting practices.

The most basic knowledge of GAAP is that it’s a best practice for everyone working in accounting. Companies on public exchanges must file their financial statements according to GAAP standards regularly, and this compliance is viewed favourably by lenders and creditors.

High level of proficiency in Microsoft Excel

Accounting and finance jobs can be found in many different industries. In order to land these jobs, job seekers should have a strong foundation in Excel.

The field also requires a high level of proficiency in Microsoft Excel. In order to succeed, candidates should know basic features like formulas, sorting and filtering.

Any individual who has a high level of proficiency in Microsoft Excel will be able to learn the basics by following this course. Since it is an office-based environment, there are some software programs that might not work on your computer without modifications and extensions.

Knowledge of Quickbooks

QuickBooks is one of the most widely used software for small businesses. It’s also a requirement for many accounting and finance jobs.

Furthermore, Quickbooks is accounting software that can be used for a variety of purposes. It offers expense tracking and invoicing as well as payroll management features.

Experience with business intelligence software

Accounting and finance professionals use their expertise to help guide the financial decisions of an organization. They work with accounting software like Business Intelligence Software to make sure that companies are not making risky decisions or spending too much money.

Experience with business intelligence software is necessary for senior accountants and financial analysts. The focus of the ERP software is to help plan purchases of raw materials, which will ultimately lead to a successful product launch.

Knowledge of tax preparation software

To prepare for a career in accounting or finance, it’s important to know which software you’ll be using. This will provide the skills necessary to work with these software applications and help make your company more efficient. 

Tax preparation software is a service that helps people with their taxes. They make it easier for people to file and understand IRS regulations. 

Proficiency in preparing financial statements

In order to have a successful career in accounting, you need to have strong proficiency in preparing financial statements. A course that teaches the skills needed for this job would include instruction on how to prepare balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements.

Proficiency in preparing financial statements is a must-have skill. There are three main documents you will need to be familiar with: the income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet. The income statement includes information about how much money the company makes in a given period of time (usually one year).

Data query/data management abilities

The skills required for accounting and finance jobs are data query/data management abilities. Data is growing exponentially, so it’s hard to keep up with the changes in the field.

Data query skills and SQL are essential in order to manage large volumes of data. Organizations might use SQL for processing queries, retrieving data from databases, and performing other tasks which would require a programming language such as Java or Python.

Independent research skills

Students who major in accounting or finance need to be able to conduct independent research and understand the market. These skills are important for a job in accounting, finance, marketing, data analytics, business intelligence or management consulting.

You are bound to run into situations where you don’t have the answer, even if you’re a finance expert. Searching through accounting databases or poring through pieces of government legislation can be time-consuming and frustrating because there’s so much information out there.

Do accountants need to know computer science?

Accountants are becoming more reliant on computer systems. The CPA exam is not open to anyone who wants to take it because of this fact, but it does offer courses that focus on computer science for accounting students.

The lack of knowledge in computer science may cause accountants to struggle with the profession and future jobs. Computer science can help accountants understand the importance of computer programming and how to code. In order to take an exam, you must have a certain amount of coursework in computer science and meet other requirements set by states.