6+ Best boarding Schools in Kansas ( Therapeutical included)

You will agree with me that there are good Boarding Schools in Kansas City that your children can acquire the best and quality High school education. These Schools including the Therapeutical Boarding Schools in Kansas for boys and girls has been scored high by it’s alumni.

Schoolswithscholarships.com has been reviewing High schools Boarding Schools in Us like Iowa, Colorado, Florida, Missouri, Illinois and others. You can check them too to know why your kids need to study at them. Some are Christian Boarding Schools in Kansas City.

In this article, we will be looking closely at the High school Boarding Schools in Kansas, with the boarding Schools programs for troubled youths, therapeutic boarding schools and military boarding schools will be involved too. So relax as we go through them and endeavor to read to the end.


Why go to Boarding Schools in Kansas City

Kansas City is one of the cities in the United States, is the third-largest city in the State of Kansas, the county seat of Wyandotte County, and the third-largest city of the Kansas City metropolitan area. Which is known for its high quality of education system and is far better than some other cities in the country.

Furthermore, the decision to go to a boarding school is not an easy one. But considering the quality of school board resources, activities, and academics can be found in local school settings, and a number of benefits and experiences it won’t be a bad idea. Like the Christian Boarding Schools in Kansas City where Christian believe are thought.

The students are given so many opportunities to build a solid foundation for their future. Living away from home and balancing an advanced curriculum encourages them to become more disciplined and responsible.

If you are wondering where exactly or which of the boarding schools in Kansas City is best for your ward, then, this article is for you.

In this article, we have carefully listed Kansas City’s best boarding schools which are open to local and international high school students. Also the Therapeutical Boarding Schools in Kansas with programs for troubled youths are also included.

Best Boarding Schools in Kansas City

As stipulated earlier in this article, Kansas City Boarding Schools are all accommodating and a great option for students who wish to avoid all forms of distractions and focus on their studies. Also, most of Kansas City boarding schools offer excellent boarding services.

However, To effectively rank the best boarding schools in Kansas City, we used the following ranking factors according to WSF Review. Hence, they include;

Acceptance rate: This article puts into consideration how easy it is to gain admission into these high schools rendering boarding services.

For optimum attention and boarding service, top boarding schools accept a minimal number of students to maintain small class size and a good student to teacher ratio. Hence, low acceptance rate schools in Kansas City rank higher in this piece.

Tuition: The affordability of these boarding schools is also a ranking factor. Though more expensive schools tend to provide more excellent services, relatively affordable tuition is a second ranking criteria for this article.

Student Enrollment: The least ranking criteria put into consideration is the number of students enrolled in the school. A percentage of students enrolled in boarding schools is also clearly stated. Most of the Christian Boarding Schools in Kansas City do have moderate students.

Top Boarding Schools in Nebraska

1. Maur Hill Mount Academy

Maur Hill – Mount Academy is a Christian Catholic high school in Atchison, Kansas. It started out as an all-girls school in 1863 before merging with an all-boys counterpart in the 1970s. The school has a close to 200 students and covers grades 9-12. Though it is a boarding high school in Kansas but with options for students to attend during the day and live off-campus.

The school has had many international students in their population. They assign students to “houses” that are led by students and exist to offer leadership opportunities. The houses compete against each other in different categories for points that lead to exclusive privileges.

Maur Hill – Mount Academy has a number of options for athletics, which include football, volleyball, cross country, and wrestling. Other extracurricular activities include choir, debate, and forensics.

Though Maur Hill – Mount Academy is a Roman Catholic school, but people of all backgrounds are allowed. The school motto is “Pray and Work.”.As a Christian Boarding Schools in Kansas City, it has done a lot of good to parents.

Alumni of this one of the best boarding Schools in Kansas City include Deran Sarafian, a successful television director involved in shows like House MD and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Considered a new kind of Roman Catholic boarding school, Maur Hill Mount Academy is located in Atchison and regularly has several hundred students enrolled at any time. The student body includes American children as well as those from numerous countries around the world, giving the school a diversity that is at times virtually unmatched.

Tuition is viewed as being a bit higher than other comparable schools, but many parents seem to prefer the Academy’s emphasis on academic excellence and religious traditionalism.

As a Christian Boarding Schools in Kansas City and also a behavioral School, Combining its faith-based curriculum with modern technology, the school has gained a reputation for excellence in math, science, and information technology.

2. St. John’s Military School

Located in Salina, St. John’s is an all-boys school for grades 6-12. A military school that was founded over 125 years ago, it has a maximum enrollment of 231 cadets. With a faculty of 25, the student-teacher ratio is about 9:1, providing plenty of chances for individual instruction. Most military boarding schools costs a lot since most are private military boarding schools in Kansas City.

The school’s goal is to help each student reach their full potential, and they do so by providing a regimen of military discipline combined with rigorous academics and interesting extracurricular activities. Students can choose from athletic programs, fine arts classes, or technology classes to unwind in their spare time.

Many graduates go on to colleges and universities or serve in the military, and often return to the school to act as mentors or guest lecturers.

Basically, the school was opened to help young men become educated, productive leaders using military and church teachings.

This private school has room for 231 cadets and it serves grades 6-12. The school is committed to helping every student reach their full potential and become productive adults.

Students from different states and countries attend the school, so this gives cadets exposure to many different cultures and lifestyles.

Furthermore, they have an innovative teaching method particularly in Math and Science that incorporates genuine collaboration required to lead the next generation into an ever-changing world.

Also, the staff is committed to every student and they build lasting relationships with them while customizing their learning plan. How much does military boarding schools in Kansas City costs? Not like other private boarding Schools in Kansas City, this military boarding school is cost friendly.

3. Thomas More Prep-Marian

  • Location: 1701 Hall St, Hays, KS 67601, United States
  • Phone: +1 785-625-6577
  • Website: https://www.tmp-m.org/

This school, found in Hays, is a private Catholic school that offers a coed environment for grades 9-12. With 31 faculty serving just over 220 students, its student-teacher ratio of 7:1 is one of the lowest in the state. This is another Christian Boarding Schools in Kansas City.

The school places an emphasis on learning about current events, and also has an excellent journalism program for those students who have a nose for news. In fact, the school has many distinguished alumni, such as Kansas Lt. Governor Jeff Colyer and journalist John Allen, both of whom have returned to the school to speak with students from time to time.

The school aims to prepare students for college as well as the challenges that life presents. Their miss statement is ” Thomas More Prep – Marian, a Christian community in the Catholic tradition, challenges it’s students to spiritual growth, academic excellence, and leadership formation.”

They offer both advanced placement and college credit courses. They offer an excellent sports program, offering more athletic and extracurricular programs than any other 3A school in Kansas. Some of the sports and activities they offer aren’t found at most high schools. Cross country, forensics, and model UN are just a few of their more unique offerings.

Another thing that makes the school unique and one of the best boarding high schools in Kansas City is its residency program. Last year the school welcomed students from China, Mexico, Tibet, South Korea, Taiwan and Rwanda. In today’s global economy exposure to different cultures is very important. The campus is eighty acres, which is slightly larger than the average boarding school.

They have approximately 240 students and twenty six teachers. This gives them a ratio of nine students to one teacher, well below the average of thirteen to one. As a Christian Boarding Schools in Kansas City, Christian faith must be a priority.

4. Kansas City Girls Academy 

Kansas City Girls Academy is a year-round therapeutic boarding school for girls in Kansas City ages 13-17. It is a residential program for rebellious, misbehaving, or emotionally troubled girls with life-controlling issues resulting from trauma, abuse, adoption, or family discord. This is an all girls therapeutic boarding school in Kansas City.

It offers therapy designed to repair behavioral and emotional issues while continuing the girl’s education. This makes it a Therapeutical Boarding Schools in Kansas City which helps troubled youths to perform well while at high School.

Kansas City Girls Academy offers a safe, therapeutic environment that emphasizes personal and group counseling and therapy to encourage and develop the whole person emotionally, spiritually, socially, academically and physically.

It is designed to help traumatized girls identify problem behaviors and build inner strength to overcome life challenges. Effective communication skills are developed and positive coping strategies learned.

Kansas City Girls Academy all girls therapeutic boarding school in Kansas uses a multi-therapeutic model.  Discipleship curriculum and ongoing pastoral counseling relative to the curriculum content are utilized to assist the students in discovering their incorrect assumptions and replacing them with new concepts of understanding.

The program is intentionally designed to allow the girls to progress through a level system to help prepare them for a healthy reintroduction into their family.  This system includes such practices as positive peer pressure, reward and discipline consequences for actions, increased responsibilities as their progress warrants, and ongoing daily staff interaction.

So make good use of this list of best all girls Boarding Schools in Kansas City.

5. House of Hope

House of Hope is a Christian-based therapeutic program providing therapy and care for emotionally troubled teen girls.  They are a nationally recognized and licensed residential group home for teenage girls, ages 12 through 17. This is another Christian Boarding School in Kansas City.

Hence, the House of Hope mission is to bring about healing in teenage girls who have gotten off track in life. This and more makes it make our list of best boarding Schools in Kansas City.

Also, the school strives to provide top-quality, affordable care for hurting adolescents and their families. They focus on the following cognitive behavioral therapy issues for teenaged girls: Depression, Anxiety, Mood disorder, and Defiance

Furthermore, Tuition is $5,000/month, with scholarships available to those who qualify. Monthly tuition covers school, room and board, counseling, transportation, & most activities.

With a teacher-student ratio of 1:7 and an average small class size of 17 students, your ward will definitely receive the attention they deserve.

Visit the school for more information especially on how to send in an application. This will help you with all you need about one of the best boarding Schools in Kansas City. Also remember that as a Christian Boarding Schools in Kansas City, it puts into priority the Christian believes.

6. Oakdale Christian Academy

With a 100-year proud tradition of offering affordable excellence in education and an amazing 90% college placement rate for its students, Oakdale is a great choice for students from throughout America. From the name, it is among the best Christian Boarding Schools in Kansas City.

It ranks above even the Christian boarding schools near Kansas on list of best boarding Schools in Kansas City.  Oakdale help teens find purpose and direction. Oakdale is unique because it also mentors students to build inner traits of personal excellence, character, faith, and purpose.

We say that Oakdale is affordable because it is! In fact, tuition is on a sliding scale according to family income, so no student is blocked from applying just for financial reasons. And Oakdale accessible to students from Kansas and worldwide, since it is SEVIS certified to take international students.

Oakdale’s success with helping kids be all that they can be begins with the fact that all Oakdale staff live on our campus. That ensures individualized attention, top-notch academic support, and life-changing experiences for students.

Oakdale has a significant ratio of international students who are hungry to learn and are thankful for the opportunity. Their eagerness is motivational and infects the sometimes less motivated students from America. So make sure your child is this Boarding Schools in Kansas City.