Best aviation schools in the world | 5+ Best Aviation Schools

If you’re thinking of getting into aviation as a career, these are the top aviation schools in the world. From aeronautical engineering to flying commercial jets, you have many choices to make in choosing the right school. Find out what makes each school’s curriculum stand out and read reviews from past students on their experiences studying aviation at these world-class institutions.

Why you need the best Aviation Schools to study?

You may have noticed that a lot of popular movies have aviation themes. You could be one of the lucky ones whom the sky is calling you. But if you’re still not convinced, here are some compelling reasons why you should study at world-class aviation schools:


Why study at best aviation Schools in the world

1. It’s hot!

If you’ve watched any blockbuster film where a pilot is involved, chances are he was awarded for his flying skills, accuracy and courage in keeping the cockpit cool. The same skills are needed to fly high-speed aircrafts. And even though you’re a safety officer, flying high-speed planes is not as easy as it looks. With a lot of highly-accelerating and moving objects in the cockpit, your job could be quite stressful so you should avoid stress if possible. You need to be a well-balanced person with good judgment and nerves of steel to perform the job that requires flying skills.

2. The job market is good.

If you just graduated college, you might be having a hard time finding a job. But aviation jobs are in high demand. In fact, there’s an aviation shortage that keeps on growing every year. Why? It’s because the world needs people like you to keep airplanes in the air and skies as safe as possible. According to USA Today, pilots are also in high demand because they’re always in high demand by airlines due to retirements expected through 2013-2014 worldwide.

3. Making money is not hard.

Famous TV personality Jeff Foxworthy said, “If you can get paid to fly, it’s not a hobby anymore.” As an aviation student, you will get the chance to learn about flight and navigation. You’ll even have the chance to fly a small plane as a reward for your studies. Then you can graduate with a degree in advanced aeronautical science and work your way up from being an entry-level pilot to an airline captain .

4. Job security is excellent.

As long as you have a license to fly, the job market is never short. The Aviation Education and Training Council says that there are more than 7,000 schools in the US alone that provide aviation courses. You can also expect possibilities of being gainfully employed after graduation. The pay for pilots is excellent and you’ll be able to get jobs with major airlines like American Airlines . With enough experience and exposure, you could even become a major airline’s CEO someday!

5. It’s an exciting career choice.

All aviation courses are fun and exciting to study; you’ll even see aircrafts thanks to flight simulators that can’t be replicated in the real world. They are also a lot of fun to fly. With the areas of study being so vast, you could end up doing something new every day and if that’s not enough, there’s a high chance you’ll learn something new every day!

6. You’re exposed to different cultures and language skills.

Canada is a country rich in aviation schools. In fact, one of the most well-known schools is located in Canada. UBC’s School of Aerospace Studies offers two types of degree attainment – bachelor’s and master’s. Bachelor courses are open to graduates from both universities while the Master’s courses are limited to residents only. The difference between the two is how long you’ll need to study. It can be as short as a couple of years or a few more depending on your program.

Best aviation schools in the world

Purdue University’s Aviation College

Purdue Aviation College is one of the most prominent aviation universities in the world. This is where Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon, received his high school diploma. According to U.S. News & World Report, Purdue University’s aviation school is recognized as the “Cradle of Astronauts.”

Degree Programs: Purdue University’s College of Technology has students enrolled in a variety of aeronautical degree programs. Aeronautical engineering technology, air traffic control, aviation management, and professional flight technology students are among those enrolled.

North Dakota State University

This is another noteworthy aviation school that deserves a mention while considering the best aviation colleges in the globe.

John D. Odegard owns the school. The University of North Dakota’s John Odegard School of Aerospace Studies has long been renowned as a breeding ground for top-tier aero-space professionals.

It takes pride in delivering the greatest level of professional flight training without burdening students with exorbitant tuition rates.

This aviation college provides undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees. Students enrolled in any of these programs have the option of adding a minor or speciality certification.

They also provide undergraduate degrees in business administration and aeronautics. And can also pursue a master’s degree and/or a Ph.D. in aeronautical sciences.

Each degree, whether undergraduate, graduate, or master’s level, includes flight course requirements.One of the best aviation Schools in the world

Degree Programs: At the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences, students can pursue degrees in airport administration, aviation management, air traffic control, aviation technology management, and other fields. The University of North Dakota also offers a master of science in aviation and a PhD in aerospace sciences.

Tuition: Tuition for North Dakota citizens ranges from $8,447 to $20,047 for non-residents.

The Aviation College at Ohio State University

Ohio State University is one of the greatest aviation universities in the world. In fact, it offers one of the best aviation schools in the country.

Degree Programs: Aeronautical programs can be offered by students here. The Center for Aviation Studies at Ohio State University is without a doubt one of the greatest aviation universities in the world. This aviation school provides undergraduate and graduate aviation degree programs.

Tuition ranges from $4,223 to $10,023 based on residency versus non-resident.

Students: The average undergraduate enrollment at Ohio State University is 45,800.

Lewis University

Lewis University is located in Chicago, which means it is close to the headquarters of United Airlines, Boeing Corporation, and O’Hare International, one of the busiest airports in the world.

Simply said, the site provides endless options for aviation students that they would not have had otherwise. With O’Hare International Airport and a minor airport on the Lewis University campus, students are involved in the aviation business. Students benefit from first-rate flying education, a large aircraft fleet, and various networking possibilities. Students at Lewis University’s aviation department are frequently recruited before graduating. One of the best aviation Schools in the world

College of Aviation at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Location: ERAU has three campuses: one in Daytona Beach, Florida, one in Prescott, Arizona, and one in Daytona Beach, Florida that is known as ERAU Worldwide & Worldwide Online.

This prominent aviation college, often known as Harvard of the Skies, has produced more alumni than any other aviation university. This is due to the fact that it is the oldest and biggest institution offering aviation studies.

Degree Programs: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University offers more than 60 degree programs, including aeronautical science, aeronautical and aerospace engineering, global security and intelligence, air traffic control, and business administration, among others. ERAU is the only aviation college that offers a PhD degree. One of the best aviation Schools in the world

Tuition at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University typically varies from $48,992 to $50,570.

Students: There are around 6,900 students on each of the three sites.

Do Aviation industry pay well?

Yes! Aviation industry is one of the highest paying professions today. Though there are many positions in aviation, but all of them pays enviable salary. Let us look at some of the best paying jobs in aviation industry.

Best paying jobs in aviation industry

The airline industry is one of the most lucrative in the US today! Jobs are plentiful and companies are willing to PAY top dollars to recruit the best talent. Even with the recent economic hurdles from tight security and skyrocketing fuel prices, it remains one of the highest paying careers.

If you are changing jobs or planning to pursue a career in the field, below are the Highest Paying aviation jobs to consider.

Oftentimes, customer service is one of the first people you meet when interacting with an airline, checking passengers in, and assisting with administrative tasks. They also liaise with flight coordinators and cabin crew to finalize passenger lists before takeoff. The position requires charismatic characters with a positive self-image

Customer Service Agent

Oftentimes, customer service is one of the first people you meet when interacting with an airline, checking passengers in, and assisting with administrative tasks. They also liaise with flight coordinators and cabin crew to finalize passenger lists before takeoff. The position requires charismatic characters with a positive image before travelers. Some aviation Schools has the program of training them.

Average Annual salary: $28,460

Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant job also pays well. However, it is important to understand that it is one of the most sought after positions in the field of aviation. Every year, tens of thousands of applicants apply for eligibility with various airlines. So the competition is fierce. If you are selected, there are plenty to enjoy, the most important of which is to travel around the world for free. You can check any of the best aviation Schools above for the

Average Annual salary: $40,000

Airline Loadmaster

The airline’s loadmaster has the responsibility to plan the best arrangement of passengers and cargo on aircraft to ensure safe take-off and landing of the plane. When it comes to commercial airlines there is also a aviation job position known as freight planner. While load masters often fly in the aircraft, load planners are permanently stationed on the ground

Annual average salary: $50,000

Airspace Marshal

Airspace Marshals are federal government employees stationed at airports and on airplanes to guard against attacks targeting U.S. aircraft, passengers and crew members. They are trained in gun accuracy, close range self-defense and recognizing possible terrorist behavior at the airport. The United States Airspace Marshal’s are trained by the Federal Air Marshal Service. There also study at aviation Schools.

Average Annual salary: $62,000

Air Traffic controller

Air traffic controllers are stationed in airports and regional/national centers and has a job description of monitoring ground movement, take-off, landing time, flight time en route and more. Air traffic controllers don’t necessarily need a master’s degree. Instead, candidates must pass a rigorous fitness-based selection process and then undergo 3 years of rigorous training either at aviation Schools or other facilities.

Average Annual salary: $62’500

Aerospace engineers are those who design, manufacture and test new aircraft structures. Physical research and development personnel, account for approximately 9% of all aerospace engineering jobs, and are among the highest paid aerospace workers, earning an average annual salary of $124,430. Other lucrative sub-sectors in the field include navigation and controls and parts manufacturing

Average Annual salary: $125,000

Airplane commercial pilot

Though there are different salary structures in many Airline operators, there is still some level of uniformity. While some commercial pilots in the USA make as little as $ 20 an hour, that is not same with experienced pilots with thousands of hours has by far more extra dollars to their pockets, with some making more than $ 200,000 a year. In addition to flying passengers around the world, many of American Airlines’ current commercial airline pilots have sideline occupations such as flying grain spreaders, conducting test flights, extinguishing fires, and monitoring air traffic. They received their training at aviation Schools around the world.

Average Annual salary: $117,000

Best Aviation Schools in the world summary

Aviation industry is one of the fastest growing industry in the world today and it is quit in need of quality manpower. Every Nation in the world today is trying to develop it aviation industry as it adds millions of dollars to their economy. Be it in the military aspect or for commercial purposes, aviation is economical.

Aviation Schools will help you get one of the highest paying jobs in the world today. People who work in aviation industry is well paid and have time to do other stuff. There are many benefit and reasons why you need to study at one of the best aviation Schools in the world.