Are Tattoos Allowed in High School?

Students getting into junior and high school are very much aware of what is happening in the community and are willing to make their own decisions. Tattooing is on the increase today and it is fashionable if it shows creativity. Some will want to know if tattoos are allowed in High School.

It is important to know that no federal law prohibits you from having tattoos in the US or UK especially if you are 18 and above. So you can have tattoos in high school if your school permits it and you are 18 or you can get tattoos if you are below 18 with the permission of your parents.

In this article, we are going to see if it is possible to have visible tattoos in high school or colleges and other questions like, at what age will I have tattoos? Can I have tattoos if I’m 16? Will my school suspend me because of visible tattoos? Can my teacher make me erase my tattoo?

In the normal sense of it,  schools don’t have the right to police what students do with their body, because it is theirs, not the school’s. Schools are institutions of learning, and should focus on providing great opportunities for learning, and not providing rules on what people should do with their bodies.  The school can choose what type of clothes or style that their students will wear and also make laws about being near.  Students hair color, piercings and tattoos have literally nothing to do with your ability and willingness to learn

A tattoo is a design fixed on the skin of the human body and is formed by the insertion of pigment under the skin. These cuts can be permanent or temporary.


Are high school students allowed to have tattoos

To have tattoos in the United States, you should be up to 18 years and above. Also if you are not upto 18, you can get tattoos with the consent of your parents. 

These shows you can have tattoos in high school If you show all tattoos. Most high schools in the United States do not have policies against tattoos, especially ones that are not offensive and not gang identity. So you can make research to see if the school you choose allows their students to have visible tattoos.

Furthermore, some schools in the United States also do not accept any form of tattoos. As a student in this high school, you are not allowed into the school with anyform of tattoo, be it informative or creative, big or small. 

Schools that are owned by religion that do not allow their members to have tattoos or sees tattooing as a sin will not allow any student to wear tattoos to their school.

Can you suspend you because of visible tattoos?

Yes, school authorities can ban or suspend you from school because of having tattoos if the school policy is against it. No one can question the authorities of the school if you got suspended because of having visible tattoos in high school because their school prohibits it and it is in their policies. So if you love tattoos, avoid such schools.

Can high School Teachers have tattoos?

To many, tattooing is a great way to express their personal feelings and to be somehow creative and it’s normal. Beautiful and medium size tattoos can be very captivating and can tell a lot of story. 

In our world today, body painting is getting widely accepted and there is a continuous increase in the number of people getting tattooed. This is purely because many people see it to be normal and do not have any negative connotation.

Unfortunately, some institutions and professions do not accept tattoos and piercings and they give it a negative connotation.

Can you have visible tattoos as a teacher? If you are a teacher and you want to accept or apply for a teaching job in any High School, it is important you do research about their school and not their tattoo policy. This is important because many schools will not want their teachers to have visible tattoos. So if you have a visible tattoo(s), you can avoid jobs in school that prohibit it.

Do tattoos affect students?

Some of the reasons why some high Schools do not allow teachers to have tattoos is that it will affect students negatively. But this is not true. There is no proven record that instructors with art or tattoos have affected students. 

High School students will not notice or read meaning to the tattoos on their teachers and as such will not affect them positively or otherwise.

What type of tattoos can be accepted in high school?

As we have stated earlier, there are some schools who accept teachers or students to have tattoos and it will not affect anyone negatively. So because of this wide acceptance of body painting, you might want to have one but you need to be careful of the size and information the tattoo passes to the general public.

As a professional, you don’t need to pass wrong information to your clients or students as the case may be so your choice of body art must be restricted to something small and unambiguous.

If you have visible tattoos that are not necessarily not lewd, crude, sexist, racist, or violent, these will often be accepted in any school system that doesn’t have policies against tattoos.

However, most school systems will not allow excessive tattoos like full sleeves, face tattoos, or those that may be viewed negatively by parents.


Can students have tattoos?

In many high schools in the United States, students are not allowed by school authorities to have tattoos. But few schools in less conversative areas do allow students to have tattoos. This will only be possible if you are 18 and above or you need to get permission from your parents if you are below 18 before you can get tattooed.

Can high school teachers have tattoos?

This is the same for students. Most of the schools will require that their teachers should be professionals without visible tattoos. So it might be difficult to get job positions in such schools. All you need to do is to discuss with the school authorities about having a tattoo and if they are good with it, then you can accept the position.

Many faith based or religious based schools will not accept tattoos from either students or teachers staff.

Is there a law that protects students and teachers with tattoos?

In the United States in particular, there is no current legislation that protect students and teachers from discrimination against tattoos, so you have to make your choice and bear the burden.

Are Tattoos Safe for Adolescents?

The legal age in the United States for applying for tattoos is over 18. But in some cases, you can have tattoos at age 14 with your parents permission. Most times though the tattoos that adolescents have are not meaningful and also have health risks.

Having body art is a form of displaying inner feeling but it does come with health effects like ink allergy reactions, scarring, redness, bump, skin itch, and painful blood diseases. Tattooing is related to hepatitis B.

So you can say that tattoos are not totally safe for adolescents since this can hurt their feelings later in life and might cause other skin related diseases.

What are the best tattoos for high school students?

If your school does not allow students to have visible tattoos on them, you can choose to have one without risking your education. Temporary tattoos are the best option for you. These tattoos are very simple to apply to skin and easy to remove. Also, it won’t be painful to apply to the skin.

Can you play on a high school team with tattoos?

If your school allows you to have visible tattoos, then playing with them on the team will be ok. But if not, you won’t get the chance.

Also, the NCAA has no rules regarding having visible tattoos on student-athletes. It depends on which high school you are attending.

Can you have tattoos as a preschool teacher?

During infancy, there will not be much comprehension by the children and as such won’t read meaning into tattoos by their preschool teachers. So as a preschool teacher, you might have tattoos if the children’s parents are cool with it.