Ankara Dresses and Accessories

African  Ankara which many people today may call Africans Wax prints  are the most common clothing materials used for the production of Ankara dresses and accessories, especially in the  West African countries.

This colourful cloths made of cotton that are predominantly used by west African countries today are produced largely today because of its high demand. The Ankara production today is largely inspired by batik printing process.


Ankara dresses and accessories

Batik printing is a technique of hand-dyeing fabrics by using wax as a dye repellent to cover parts of a design, dyeing the uncovered fabric with a color or colors, and dissolving the wax in boiling water.

One characteristics of this Ankara fabric materials is that it is being sorted out mainly into different qualities by the process of manufacturing them and also this fabric different between the front and back is its colour intensity difference.

Furthermore, The Ankara clothes are special by their colour mix which makes clothes made of Ankara to be attractive. Though this is different depending on gender and regions. Ankara clothes and style are also used to identify some customs and traditions which differentiate them from others.

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Today in African events, there are specific colour or clothes made of Ankara dresses and accessories for that event and which every member who wish to attend must wear and this fabric are mainly made from African Ankara material and design. This fabrics are mostly sized and sold in yards. The full pices is 12 yards while the half piece is 6 yards.

This Africans wax prints are part of a non-conventional way of communication among African women society or organisations, and this process of dressing send vital massage the world about the people wearing the fabric. Some of this African wax prints are named after individuals amd important personalities in town,after cities, building and occasions.

Also, In this fabrics, the name of the producer or company is normally printed on its selvage, and the quality of the design is written for customers benefit and this protects the design from piracy also to the producers gain.

Ankara dresses and accessories

Characteristics of Ankara fabrics

  • Ankara are produced largely on cotton
  • Bright colours with interesting designs
  • Different patterns
  • Colour intensity between the front and back is not largely noticed
  • There are also referred to as Wax Prints, Holland Wax, Dutch Wax.
  • Batik printing techniques is used in industrial producion.

Why use Ankara

  1. Produced from Pure cotton

100% Cotton materials are the best clothing materials which cannot be compared to other fabrics because its last longer than them. With goods patterns and design, Ankara is valued by many people

  1. It is very colorful

When we talk of colours and colourful cloths, Ankara comes into minds. Lovers of colourful cloths must be fascinated by this material because it comes on different colours which everyone colour must be seen. So for every events needing specific colour, Ankara designs are always used. For example in women organisation today, Ankara designs for ladies are mostly used.

  1. It is a versatile fabric

Ankara ise used in designing Ankara dresses and accessories like hats, caps, shoes, earrings and much more. This African wax are also printed on other fabrics materials like chiffon, silk and spandex used in sports bars and bathing suits.

  1. Consumer protection

The name of the producer or company is normally printed on its selvage helping the costumers to indicate or choose the right fabric without buying imitation in the market. With both the company name and registration number printed on it, people can go for the original.

  1. Regular fabric

Unlike other fabrics which has a specific purpose or event there are worn, Ankara print fabric can be worn on any day of the week or any occasion as long as you find it comfortable.  Although some people see it to be worn only on special day or weekends, it is not always so.

Ankara dresses and accessories

How to know good Ankara dresses and accessories

Since there are many fabrics today in the market which are designed the same way as Ankara, it becomes very important to know how to differentiate Ankara material from other fabrics.

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In the market today, beautiful Ankara prints can be seen in different kinds of fabrics. It can be from silk, jersey, satin, denim, and other materials. Though this fabrics are all good in their own way, there can’t be good as Ankara made of 100% Cotton.

Resistance to scratch

High quality Ankara print with good covering will be very resistant to mild scratch. Good quality Ankara material won’t be scratched or damaged from unconscious abrasive activities or actions unlike ones of low quality with other materials. A good way to test for this property in this fabric is to perform a mild scratch on the material using light metal or nails.

Water absorption

One of the properties of fine cotton material is its tendency to absorb water instantly and also fast to dry. So you can also choose a good quality Ankara print by applying water on them and see how it absorb water.

Ankara with Plain weave

Cotton materials are durable in nature which makes Ankara designs to be durable. But to have better durability, the pattern of the material should be in plain weave. Plain weave fabrics are believed to be durable, so choose a plaimplain weave for better durability.

Good Strength

Cotton materials are known to strong and with plain weave you will get better strength. Ankara clothes are chosen by many due to its strength of the material.

Ankara Soft touch

The Ankara fabrics has the property of being strong and durable but this does not mean it will be rough to tough to touch. A soft touch is a quality of a good Ankara clothes. So you can touch the material to feel it to know the quality of the fabric.

Products and designs gotten from Ankara clothes materials

There are many things that Ankara fabrics can be used to produce or design. These widely due to acceptance and love for the material, so many people have come to make for themselves different design of the material to fit their purpose and suit them. This Ankara Accessories includes Fabric balls, Necklace, Handbags, Pulse, Face Caps, Sun Hats, Wax Prints Dishes, Ankara Stools, Umbrella design, Shoes for Men and Women, Hand Bangles, Earrings and many more.

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Bellow are examples of Ankara product designs.

Ankara fabric balls

Ankara Necklace

Handbags made from Ankara fabrics

Ankara pulse

facinators made from Ankara fabrics

Ankara earrings

Bangles made from Ankara fabrics

Sun hats made from Ankara fabrics

Hats with Ankara fabrics

Ankara Face Caps

Shoes For men with Ankara fabrics

Ankara Shoes For Women

umbrella design in Ankara dresses and accessories

Stools and Chair with Ankara fabrics

Ankara wax print dishes

Pillow Cover and Beddings made with Ankara

Ankara styles and designs for men and women

When we come to Ankara being used as clothing materials, there are different styles and designs depending on the person wearing the material. We have Ankara styles for men, women and designs for children in Ankara dresses and accessories.

Example of those Ankara designs and style are Gowns, Tops, Blouse, Night Gown, skirts, Skirts and Blouse, Crop Tops, Bomber Jackets, Short Gowns and so on.

Some of this Ankara styles for men, women and children in Ankara dresses and accessories are shown below.

Ankara Tops for Men

Jackets for men

Ankara Gowns

Skirts and Blouse

Tops for Women

Children styles

Jackets for Women made from Ankara fabrics

There are many other Ankara collections you can get. So many designs you can have using Ankara material, so choose one today and enjoy.

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