5 Cheap Best Animation Schools in Canada

If you ever wanted to become a 3D animation guru or expert, then Canada is you number plug, because Canada is inarguably one amongst other best regions that have the best schools when it comes to 3D animation practices.

Canada has an excelling film and entertainment industry as well as over hundredths of 3D animation games and VFX studios. So in this article I will do my very best to mention some of the best schools that offers animation courses in Canada, so we will all be looking at top animation schools in Canada that one can study in.

So, 3D animation isn’t something new, and I believe you’ve in one way or the other heard about it, but if you have not then we will elaborate on it. For acquaintance as you may already know, whether 2D/3D animation, it is an excelling art that is needed by every brand in this 21st century.

The media industry needs frequent supply of top notch animators, which is the top reason one must obtain a degree that will prepare you with the necessary qualification or certification for a rewarding job.

But getting these jobs isn’t about certification but what is contained in your IQ, so endeavour to study learn well while studying.

Be reminded that Canada has enough and higher number of qualified and accredited schools and colleges where anybody can get or attain arts degree or certification in any kind of animation, be it 2D or 3D animation, visual effects, classical animation and animation concept, so we will be rushing over to the list the schools that offer these courses.

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Best Computer Animation Schools in Canada

We took our time to prepare a comprehensive list of top animation schools in Canada, this listing are of the top best arts schools in Canada that teaches or prepare students to be the best in the line of 3D animation and even video animation.

1. Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art and Design

If you are interested in making a career choice or majoring in animation, concept art or illustration in this art institution founded in the year1996, then you should straight to Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design.

Over time they have built a strong reputation in Toronto, canada for training capable animation professionals in respective categories of animation. This college of Animation is number one in our list of best cheap animation Schools in Canada.

The institution advises that you take your passion and talent for arts and pursue a rewarding career in the 3D animation, video anima, art or graphics designing industry.
If your aspiration is to become a professional animator, concept artist or Illustrator, then this college is here to start you on the right way to a very creative and successful career.

And if you are aspiring to build your own portfolio or upgrade your skills in this career choice, the animation college also offer a variety of creative and exciting digital, animation and art workshops that one can study in a very short while.

Like I stressed earlier, this Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art and Design happens to be one of the best schools to learn 3D animation in Canada. They promise to give you a thorough and comprehensive education on animation.

It is one of the best animation colleges in Canada max offers a four year diploma degree course in classical and computer animation in production illustration and storytelling for sequential arts and concept, art for animation and video games.

The interesting thing about max the mutts animation program is that their instructors are working professionals who have working contact in the animation community. So you will not only be learning from professionals who are expert in the field, but also building a strong Network for the future.

Check their website for more Info. Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art and Design

2. Vancouver film school

According to Vancouver Film Scool make second in our list of best cheap animation Schools in Canada. Vancouver Film Scool, VFS boasts a global network of more than 25,000 alumni who have found success working for some of the top studios and most recognizable brands in the world. It’s true from the numerous testimonials seen online regarding this prestigious institution.

For 12 fast paced months, you will be completely immersed in your field of study, and be getting very important production experience doing the things you love most. Listen to what students are saying about the intensive transformation they underwent during their year at VFS, you can go online or the school website to check the numerous testimonials.

So, are you thinking of specialization in any kind of animation? Think no more as Vancouver Film School Vancouver is here to serve you right and better.

This Film School in n Canada (VFS) is purely an art school in Canada that prepares students for a glamorous career in acting animation, film and TV production, screen writing, programming, makeup, sound, interactive or game design.

This school programs to build students to become any of the high demanding skills in animation and pure arts. And the post secondary programs are set to deliver the most current and on-demand techniques.

The interesting thing about Vancouver Film School (VFS) is that they offer various courses in animation, making you a genius in a particular aspect of the program you major in.
You can choose between its 3d animation and visual effects, classical animation and animation concept. Art check out website link here. Vancouver Film School

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3. Sheridan College, Oakville. Animation Schools in Canada

Why Sheridan College? Do I even have the power to answer this question? Of course No! but Sheridan college has an answer to this in the below line. In our list of animation Schools in Canada, this school came third.

In an economy based on innovation and change, leading CEOs agree that creativity is the top skill you can bring to the workplace. Whether you choose policing or programming, musical theatre or marketing, building a resourceful and flexible mind will help you excel in your career and inspire real change that benefits your life and community.

Talking about hands on experience? Sheridan College promises that their Social Service Worker program maintains connections with hundreds of organizations including community-based organizations, group homes, children’s aid organizations and youth centres that welcome prospective students for their year 2 practicum placements.

Students must complete more than 600 hours of field placement in a social service setting, reinforcing the practical skills you have learned in class respectively.
Sheridan College, faculty of Animation, Arts and Design is yet another unique, flexible animation school in Canada.

The faculty offers a total of 37 programs like other Animation Schools in Canada that trains students to become performers, animators, filmmaker’s designers and artists, read more about them on the website; Sheridan College

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4. Vancouver Institute of Media Arts.

The number four in our list of Animation Schools in Canada is Vancouver institute of media arts. According to Vancouver institute of media arts, Van Arts’ programs are united by one single focus: to make students the best creatively, intellectually and emotionally for an exciting career in your career choice.

The arts institute also boost of constantly hearing stories from their past graduates and their successful careers. Whether they are winning awards, travelling the world as photographers, broadcasting at the Olympic games, or building the next generation of apps and online businesses, every VanArts graduate has their own unique story to tell.

Whatever you want to accomplish creatively and professionally, VanArts can give you the tools for a successful career.

Go deep and also learn what goes into each of their full-time diploma programs. And in case you are still unsure of which program is the right fit for you, consider their part-time courses or summer courses, or contact Admissions about being a student for a day. Choose either of the programs on their website and get started on the path to your career in the arts category.

You can refine and unleash your creative talent at Vancouver Institute of media arts. This is one arts college in Vancouver that ensures that her students study to become the best creatively, intellectually and emotional in preparation for a fulfilling career choice.

However, this arts institution offer only animation program for the duration of 12 months, which literally one year. check their website for more information

5. Capilano University – Best Animation Schools in Canada

With nearly 100 programs, including paths in design, film, business administration, kinesiology, interdisciplinary studies and early childhood education to name a few Capilano University is where you’ll rise to the challenge.

If you want to become an expert in 2d and 3d computer animation, then you should be eyeing this reputable institution in Canada. Capilano University offers two (2) years 2d animation and visual development diploma, as well as two (2) year 3d animation for film and games diploma program like other Animation Schools in Canada.

On the other hand, the 2D or 3D animation program in Canada will provide student with the artistic skills you need for a fulfilling career in the computer graphics and animation industries, check out the website for more info about the school capilano university

Conclusion – Best Animation Schools in Canada

So, are you looking for a cheap animation schools in Canada? Perhaps you want to be a professional animator with not just the certification but the right skills that will prove the level at which you acquire the animation skill.

But having gone through the whole article, you should have the right direction to kick-start this career choice as to become a guru in this learnt skill.

In our modern day world, graphic design, 2D animation, 3D animation, video and many other animation skills are in high demand, so having majored in either of the courses gives you an edge over others in the animation market.