Actress, Etinosa apologizes to Babarex, Dremo and other Edo men for calling them ugly

Fast rising Nigerian actress, Etinosa Idemudia, has tendered a public apology to the men of Edo State for calling them ugly.

The actress recently made a Tik Tok video on “How God Created Edo Men”.
In the video, she used water quantity to tell the measurements of certain indices that makeup an average Edo man.
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The judgment she passed was based on her knowledge, experiences and observations of Edo men.
Some of the indices she measured include; loyalty, pride, love for benz, and when it got to “handsomeness” she poured very little water, which is an insinuation and indication that Edo men are not handsome, thus ugly.
On seeing the video she made, some prominent sons of Edo took to her comment section to call her out for saying their men are ugly when they’re handsome.
Among people who called her out were: fast rising Nigerian singer, Dremo Drizzy; fast rising actor and comedian, Babarex; entertainment executive, Dr. Dolor among others.
Sequel to being called out, the actress and Edo native, Etinosa, had to make an informal public apology to the men of Edo state for referring to them as ugly.
She wrote:
“Have you seen an Edo guy when he dinnor have money??? 🙆🏽‍♀️ Oya let’s leave the matter y’all are handsome are you happy now😂😂😂
But sha the amount of handsome Edo guys in my comment section protesting since yesterday till today 😍😍😍 I domor you guys specially😂💜. Where have you guys been hiding though? 🤷🏽‍♀️
Protesters include @dremodrizzy @babarex0 @drdolorofficial @etinosa_sure etc 😂”
Watch video on “How God Created Edo Men” below: