7 C’s of Communication|Communication skills

What is 7 C’s of Communication? In this piece of article, we are going to see the practical way of have effective communication using the seven C’s (7C’s) of Effective Communication. As you go through this article you will notice the best way to communicate to achieve your desired goal using the communication skills.


What do 7 C’s of Communication mean

Every day as we go through our daily affair either at school,working place, office’s, farms and many more, we communicate with our neighbours ans work mate’s, this can either be done verbally or in a written form, to achieve the needed results, we have to reach the hearts of this individuals we are talking to. So our speech must be clear enough for them to hear and also understand us.

In this way, the 7 C’s of Communication checklist will help in making sure that when we write emails, facilitates meetings, debate with colleagues, create reports and participate in conference call’s we communicate in the clearest and most effective way for a better result or productivity.

You write emails, facilitate meetings, participate in conference calls, create reports, devise presentations, debate with your colleagues…the list goes on.

7 C's of Communication

The 7 C’s of Communication

From the seven C’s of Communication checklist, we need to be

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Concrete
  • Correct
  • Consideration
  • Complete and
  • Courteous.

7 C’s of Communication explanations

1. Clarity

When passing out information either oral or written to someone, we need to be clear and plain. We use short sentences and straight to the point. The use of ambiguous words and Fuzzy languages are not accepted.

You need not combine many ideals in one sentence making it difficult for the receiver to understand you. When people understand what you are saying it will be esay to carry out the action that that is needed.

When the words are briefly written or said, it emphasises the main point and the massage you are trying to pass out will be captured and utilised.

2. Concise

Concise as one of 7 C’s of Communication. Being concise while communicating means you becoming consistent and brief, sticking to the point. When you point out a fact, the following words should be complementing that fact this will contribute to making the person at the receiving end understand you.

So we should not make the sentences too long filled with varying statement or same points being repeated over and over again.

3. Concrete

Being concrete in business communication means that the receiver of the massage gets the correct picture. No atom of confusion due to biased words or statements. You massage most times come with factual materials given the details of the fact like reports or research data. This makes your communication clear and concrete.

4. Correct

Being correct in written communication means that your massage is grammatically free from errorrs. This may includes

  • Wrong use of verbs
  • Wrong spelling
  • Do your level of language sooth your audience

A correct use of language increases trustworthiness and the receiver will feel that they are taken seriously.

5. Consideration

In our business communication, we should consider our audience. By taking the audience into account, the message can be geared towards them. Factors that play a role in this are for example: professional knowledge, level of education, age and interests. This is also one of the 7 C’s of Communication that is important.

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6. Complete

Giving a complete massage, the audience will have all the needed information to carry out their job effectively. Even though the information we pass out using any form of Communication must be short and simply, also it must be complete. You might use sub heading to make complex matters clear which will aid understanding of the receiver.

7. Courteous

When communicating, our tone should be friendly and courteous manner making our audience to know we have them at heart and that their view point is noted. We can use terms that we make them relax contribute to effective communication. Since people differ, we should try to use different tones to different people because they might not be welcoming to the same method of addressing them.

Note: The seven C’s of Communication checklist do not have any order there are to be followed, all are very important in our business communication to get the desired result. So take all as important.

Creativity as part of 7 C’s of Communication


During business communication, we can be creative in our words and sentences by mixing the long and short ones, this aids understanding. Creativity is especially important in texts in which search words are used, it is essential that the search words are constantly used in a different setting