6+ Best Boarding Schools in Iowa

Boarding schools in Iowa are one of the most prestigious and elite ways of getting a high school education. Unlike typical schools, students that attend a boarding school will live, eat, and go to school seven days a week.

There are many different benefits to attending a boarding school ranging from the academic work to the discipline that the students receive. However, going to a boarding school for boys or girls means a large financial commitment from the parents and an academic commitment from the students.

There are many Boarding Schools in Iowa for boys and girls. Some are military boarding schools in Iowa why others are therapeutic Boarding Schools in Iowa for troubled youths. Any of them can serve the purpose it is meant for.


What is a Boarding School

A boarding school is unlike any other type of education in the United States simply because the student live and go to school in the same place. A boarding school has a much lower student to teacher ratio and the students are expected to work much harder than in a typical school.

In many boarding schools in Iowa, there are typically far fewer students than a large public school. Some boarding schools are segregated by gender, but there are also many boarding schools that have both males and females. Finally, there are also some boarding schools with a religious affiliation.

Boarding Schools in Iowa

In the state of Iowa, there are only two boarding schools. One has a religious affiliation and one does not. The number of students that both boarding schools can take on is less than 100 students total, so admission may be competitive. Both schools run about $29,000 per year for attendance which is more affordable than many other boarding schools across the country.

Paying For Boarding School in Iowa

Although many parents realize the benefits of their children going to boarding school they wonder how to pay for school. The good news is that many boarding schools offer scholarships and financial aid packages that are available to many students that are in the state of Iowa.

At the end of the day, the decision ultimately comes down to the cost of the education versus the value that is going to be received by students.

Best boarding Schools in Iowa

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1. Maharishi School

  • Location: 804 Dr Robert Keith Wallace Dr, Fairfield, IA 52556, United States

Maharishi School is an independent, non-denominational, college preparatory school located in Fairfield, Iowa, USA.The school was founded in 1974, received state accreditation in 1986 and began single-gender classes in 1989.

Maharishi School, a behavioral School in Iowa, one of America’s most unique, among the best boarding Schools in Iowa and progressive schools. What began in 1981 as a single innovative school is now the model for a special kind of holistic education around the world.

Through our unique program that is part theory, part practice, students learn to operate from a place of center. They learn how to imbue life with stillness, self-awareness, and presence. This lays the foundation for academic success and prepares students for all areas of future life.

Our goal is to help our students be the best version of themselves—starting with knowing who they are.

2. Scattergood Friends School

  • Location: 1951 Delta Ave, West Branch, IA 52358, United States

Scattergood Friends School in Cedar County, Iowa, is a rural, private high school and educates students in grades nine through twelve. Founded in 1890 by Iowa Wilburite Quakers to provide a “guarded education” for their children, it is owned and operated by Iowa Yearly Meeting of Friends.

The Scattergood Friends School, a behavioral School, in West Branch, Iowa is a great place for kids to learn when you want them to get away from what is going on in the city. This is one of the best boarding Schools in Iowa. Though not a military boarding schools in Iowa

The city life is often too much for kids who are under constant pressure to perform, and this boarding school strips away all the noise to give your kids a calm place to learn correctly. The quiet campus in West Branch helps kids get in the mood to learn, and the staff are there to help kids get the most out of their education that they can.

There are many kids living on campus who have never experienced such calm, and the Scattergood Friends School helps make all kids friends in their own learning. The boarding school environment here is great for kids who have never had any peace and quiet, and the school allows kids to make friends who feel just like them about the peace and quiet on the campus.

The Scattergood Friends School has committed itself to giving a great education to kids in a place that is free from distractions and the other problems that plague the normal schools of today. Every kid learns when they come to Scattergood. This school also serve as a therapeutic Boarding Schools for troubled youths in the city.

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Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Iowa for troubled youths

Problematic behavior in teens can include a wide assortment of difficulties. Frequent symptoms of a troubled teen include rebelliousness, educational failing or truancy, melancholy, alcohol or drug abuse, or even criminal behavior. A certain degree of difficulty is to be expected and, although frustrating at times, not a symptom of a more dramatic issue. Some teens, however, need a more intensive degree of treatment than they can experience locally.

For such a teen, a boarding school for troubled teens outside of Iowa, can offer many benefits. For one, the boy or girl can be free of negative influences in their area. A shift in groups of friends is common among troubled teens and removing unhealthy peer pressure is vital to the success of any therapy.

These programs also include immersive, broadbased therapeutic techniques individually suited to the needs of individual students. This therapy is the primary aim of these programs, although specialized academic programs are also provided. After remedying the problematic behaviors, academic recovery is almost always necessary.

These programs will assist students on an individual basis to shape a plan to get them caught up in school. There are behavioral School for children in Iowa

#1. Sundance Canyon Academy

Sundance Canyon Academy is a full time therapeutic boarding School in Iowa for troubled boys designed to help troubled teen boys learn how to overcome their challenges and gain the skills they need to live a healthy and successful life.

Our goal is to guide each of our students toward making positive changes through the most effective therapeutic approaches. Our unique method has been proven over and over again by teens that have come to us for help and returned home thriving and happy.

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we have designed a strength based therapy program that not only encourages boys to identify the core of their issues, but also allows them to become the agents of their own change.

While each student is guided and supported in a safe and neutral environment, we have found that by placing the drive for change in each boy’s hands, he is better able to self-regulate and recognize his triggers. Many programs only use behavior modification therapy techniques, which only address the symptoms of the greater problem.

It is an all boys therapeutic boarding school in Iowa for troubled youths and has helped many parents in handling this situation. A true behavioral School for your troubled child.

What are the Disadvantages of Boarding Schools?

If you are considering sending your child to boarding school, this is a big decision. It is therefore important that you have fully considered both the potential disadvantages and the possible advantages for your child.

Remember that a child attending boarding school spends much more time there than in a day school. So, this affects his social and psychological development as well as his educational progress.

#1. Periods of Stress

If a child spends the entire school period, this can lead to extreme periods of stress for children. People with tendencies towards eating disorders or panic attacks can be driven if someone else in their “group” at school suffers.

#2. Missing Life at Home

If your child goes to boarding school, this inevitably affects your home environment. It can be difficult for your child to get used to being at home on vacation. older children can argue with their parents about their relatively lack of independence at home.

During the semester you will not see your child as often as if you were living with you at home. This affects your relationship with your child and possibly with your other children.

#3. Less Free Time and More Rules

Because of the additional academic and extra-curricular opportunities in the boarding school, children may have less time to be alone with their thoughts and personal interests.

This can mean less time for things like reading or a part-time job for older children or one of the other important developmental activities that children living at home can be offered.

The boarding school day is often very structured with many rules and regulations, which can lead to some children wanting to rebel. So applying for any of these best boarding Schools in Iowa for girls or boys, and for troubled youths will help your children as a caring parent.

#2. Life Quest Girls Academy

Life Quest Girls Academy is one of the best boarding schools for girls, and it is receiving applications from families in Iowa right now! It is also in the list of best boarding Schools in Iowa. A behavioral School in Iowa for your troubled child.

Not only does Life Quest Girls Academy provide a great education and 24/7 care for its all-female students, ages 13-17, but it also focuses on a holistic approach to life. Girls learn to adopt a lifestyle of physical health and nutrition, daily physical exercise, meditation, healthy recreation and hobbies, positive relationships, and real vocational training. It gives girls the tools to excel in life.

Life Quest Girls Academy is listed among the best boarding School in Iowa for girls and troubled youths by USBoardingSchools.com. It prepares girls to welcome personal success in life, beyond teaching her the typical school subjects. This is a boarding school that is both practical and exciting. Where else will your girl be given all of this basic educational training, plus more training on healthy living and personal success?

Life Quest Girls Academy is a boarding school that gets students ready for life ahead, including academic and vocational success. This one-of-a-kind boarding school also offers girl a structured but warm environment. Such an atmosphere is perfect for young women facing apathy, rejection, or academic hurdles in the traditional education system.

boarding school for girls

The school and residential staff take a complete approach to education as well, fostering the values of personal discipline, positive relationships, inner peace, and confidence. The grades 6-12 boarding school for girls motivates its students through individualized, independent online study and training, along with after-hours tutoring by certified teachers. The goal is to teach girls how to care for themselves and to acquire positive life skills.

Has your girl in Iowa struggled with the after-effects of negative self-esteem, or poor choices at home or school? Perhaps she’s been attending a therapeutic boarding school, and needs a structured setting for a transition? Or, maybe she just isn’t excited about school and needs an entirely new approach.

As a parent who desires the best for their children, considering sending your kids to these best Boarding Schools in Iowa for girls and boys or for troubled youths is worth it.

#3. Oakdale Christian Academy ( Christian Boarding Schools in Iowa)

With a 100-year proud tradition of offering cost-effective excellence in education and an amazing 90% college placement rate for its students, Oakdale is a great choice for students from throughout America. Oakdale Christian Academy is a behavioral School for your troubled child.

It ranks above even the Christian boarding schools near Iowa.  Oakdale help teens find purpose and direction. Oakdale is unique because it also counsels students to build inner traits of personal excellence, character, faith, and purpose.

We say that Oakdale is affordable for a reason – because it is! In fact, tuition is on a sliding scale according to family finances, so no student is left out due to low finances. And Oakdale open to students from Iowa and worldwide, since it is SEVIS certified to take international students.

Oakdale’s track record with helping kids be all that they can be starts with the fact that all Oakdale staff make their home on our campus. That provides personal attention, unparalleled academic support, and life-changing experiences for students. Oakdale has a significant population of international students who are excited to learn and are thankful for the opportunity.

Their eagerness is motivational and offers a role model to the sometimes less motivated students from America. As one of the best Christian Boarding Schools in Iowa, they can help your children by their therapeutic Programs.