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Pre med student seems to think the best ways to get into med school is to major in hard science like biology or neuroscience (Top pre-med majors) but I’m here to tell you why that is a huge mistake. College is an investment, so you have to be very careful with the degree you choose to make sure you’re getting the best proper return on ROI (rate on Investment).

If you put in a hundred thousand to get a degree but that degree doesn’t return you the same amount of money in just a few years then it’s probably not worth it. In this article I’m going to explain why hard science majors don’t have the best ROI and what better options they are that can still get you to med school and get you any other job in health care that you would want.

Now I know a lot of pre-med students struggling with choosing a major and they really just end up copying everybody else majoring in biology or neuroscience or something similar to that.

The hard truth is that over half of pre-med students get rejected from every single med school they apply to, so they have to reapply or re-evaluate if they really want to go through another 8years of schooling. That’s when they realize that the problem with traditional pre med major like biology and neuroscience is that it’s really hard to get a job with them right out of undergrad.

I also know a bunch of people who realize they no longer wanted to go to med schools 2-3years into college, so they had to change their majors because they knew if they didn’t it would be really difficult to get a good job right out of undergrad with a degree in the hard sciences, so they had no choice than to spend more time and moneys on their degrees.

Now that’s not to say that it’s impossible to get a stable high income job with a degree in the hard sciences. You can get a job with essentially any degree but you’re definitely going to have to work harder at getting the right experiences.

It all about choosing a degree that increases your chances of success and also not boxing yourself into one career when you’re just 18years old. Your likes and dislikes are bound to change or the four years of undergrad so it’s best to choose a major that’s really broad and can get you a bunch of different types of jobs but the key is; it has to be in high demand.

That’s what I mean when I say you should major( top pre med majors) in something that has a high ROI, if you spend money on a degree knowing you have to spend more money to get a higher degree to solidify your chances of getting a job. When then that original degree doesn’t have a better ROI especially considering the fact they are a bunch of undergrad majors out there that have really good ROIs right out of college and they can still allow you to get into grad school if you want to do that.

I believe your undergrad major should be something that can get you a really good job even if you don’t plan on joining the work force right after college and off-course it should keep the doors opened for you to go to med school or grad school if you still choose to do that.

A common misconception is that med schools really want you to major in the hard sciences, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth, all they really want is for you to have taken all their med school pre-requisites like anatomy and physiology, have a high GPA with a solid MCAT score, make sure you have Critical Thinking Skills and have a solid passion for the Healthcare Industry.

You can major in virtually anything you want, if you’ve fulfilled those requirements. The perfect pre-med major should be something that’s not too difficult so that you can keep a high GPA and it should teach you something about other health care industry.

Lucky for you I know a handful of majors that do exactly that and they can still allow you to get a really good high paying job right out of undergrad if chose never to go to grad school.
The first major is;

Top Pre-Med Majors

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1. Health Information Management

Now I may be little biased because this is what I have my degree in, but I think this is the best degree for premed students. Not only do you learn exactly how healthcare industry work, this is something no biology class is going to teach you but you also have to take a bunch of premed courses.

I had to take classes in Anatomy, Physiology empathology just to get into this major and I totally could have gone to med school if I wanted but that was never my goal, instead I got hired at really lucrative and impactful healthcare consulting job right after undergrad.

If you want to go med school you should seriously consider getting a degree in health information management or any other top Pre-Med majors. It’s going to help you stand out against all the other hard sciences major and you are going to bring a lot of knowledge to the table that they don’t have. So healthy information Management is on of the top pre-med majors The second option is;

2. Healthcare Administration(Top pre-med majors)

Now this is very similar to health information management(one of the top Pre-med majors) but it’s a little bit broad. Healthcare Administration focuses more on business and operational side of healthcare. So I don’t think most of these programs require you to take med school pre-requisites but you can easily add them to your schedules to create a perfect premed major for yourself.

Healthcare administration allows you to work on any area on the business side healthcare. And it definitely shows med schools your passion in the health industry. It’s also a great backup because you can have a real impact on the healthcare industry and it is very lucrative. A lot of doctors actually go into Healthcare Administration later on in their careers.

Both Health Information Management and Healthcare Administration are majors that really aren’t too difficult. So you’ll put in fewer hours to study that those kids with traditional premed majors.

That also means it will be way easier for you to keep a high GPA which is something we all know med schools look at. I know also that a lot of premed majors really like science, so they might be worried that these majors don’t offer enough science courses.

I really don’t think that’s something you need to be afraid of, because you’re going to be taking all of the premed courses anyway and that should be enough for your science fix.

Another plus is that these both majors will be extremely valuable to you, if one day you choose to open up your own practice because that involves lots of business knowledge that doctors don’t just have.

A lot of doctors actually go o to get MBAs later on in their career just so they can understand the business side of healthcare but you won’t have to do that if you major in healthcare administration or health information management.

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Now those are your option if top pre-med majors, like I said earlier you can major in essentially anything you want as long as fulfill those med school pre-requisites. Just make sure the degree has a high ROI. You can even do something like major in regular business and just get a minor in healthcare related field which is a great option if you are not completely sure you want to work in healthcare for the rest of your life.

Getting any of the degrees I talked about in this article will make you a stronger candidate for med school because it is going to make you stand out against all those kids who majored in the hard sciences.

Those degrees on top pre-med majors coupled with volunteering at working at the hospital while you are still in school which is something you should be doing anyway will really improve your chances of getting into med school the first time around. But who cares if you don’t get into med school for the first time, your backup plan is still really a high paying job right out of your undergraduate program.

I hope you were able to learn that they are bunch of different options out there for you. If you found this article helpful, endeavor to make use of the information on top pre-med majors snd be sure to share it your friend you think might like it too. I read all you question and comment so be sure to leave them down below.

Apart from this top Pre-Med majors, There are alternative to medical schools you can acquire their degrees and still get paid well.