12 Best Massage Therapy Schools In South Florida

There is nothing as waste of time, when in search of the best Massage therapy schools in south florid, there are numbers of therapy schools worldwide but due to circumstances and most times choice of institution, one will always be in a lookout for schools that are far and near.

Ordinarily it could be presume that massage therapy schools in south Florida, is meant for southern Florida residents, but school issues are not handle in that manner, which means students from far and near can actually be part of this schools in south Florida so long you meet the individual schools requirements.


What Is The Minimum Education Requirements for Massage Therapy Schools In South Florida

In this article, as we will be listing best massage therapy schools in south Florida, there are still great needs to outline the requirements you need as a prospective student to be able to gain admission into one of these massage therapy schools in south Florida.

NB: this requirements may not be same with all massage therapy schools in south Florida, some of the institution may tend to be more flexible while others maybe hard nut, but in a nut-shell gaining admission into massage schools isn’t hard.

The most important requirements every prospective student needs to meet up with, before been considered in most of these institution, it is important to graduate from an approved and accredited post secondary institution that the state board approves.

The programs handled in the post secondary institution must consist of at least 500 clock hours (approximately 3 weeks) of study and training, I mean thorough study and training.
The massage therapy schools in south Florida made it compulsory that you must have attained a high school diploma (with a certain minimum grade point average). Taking math and science classes in high school may help prospective student gain admission at ease, because it’s an added advantage in this regard.

When you are done with the current steps, what you are urged to do next is to pass the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx), administered by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Board (FSMTB).

This dedicated organization works on reviewing students educational records to determine whether to give them authorization to take the test or weed them out of the program.
after taking the exam, prospective students can further to learn their un-official examination scores at the school testing centre, then FSMTB sends official reports of prospective students to the state board in a short while, which isn’t more than a week or two.

So, after taking the test and meeting the aforementioned requirements, you can be 94% sure of gaining admission into one of the massage therapy schools in south Florida, unless you’ve been convicted of crime in the past or present.

Top Massage Therapy Schools In Florida

School for massage therapy in South Florida

1. Marion Technical College

Marion technical is one of the top massage therapy schools in south Florida, if your dream is to become a professional therapist, then this school is your best plug in terms of professionalism and dedication to what they know how to do best.

They exhibit day and evening classes, and their programs last for 38 weeks in total which is automatically 750 hours of lectures and thorough training.

Admission Requirements.

To stand a better chance of getting admitted into this institution, prospective applicants must be able to pass the Post secondary Education Readiness Test (PERT).
Its almost like an assurance that nearly all graduates secure employment at medical offices, chiropractic facilities, hotels, physical therapy practices, resorts, or spas with handsome pay.

Courses Offered In Marion Technical College

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Basic Massage Theory and History
  • Business
  • Theory and Practice of Hydrotherapy
  • Florida Rules and Laws
  • Professional Ethics.

Graduation Rate of Marion Technical College.

This massage therapy school in south Florida slightly have below average graduation rate which is measured at 49%, this doesn’t really means they have poor or tough educational curriculum but it’s a true sign that this school is one of the best amongst it match.

Students who put in more energy always win at last, so never get discouraged by the graduation rate seen on their website.

Population Of Students.

The number of students in Marion tech college is majored at 400+, this is quite a good number and keeping this low will create conducive and a more learning environment for every student in the college.

Contact Info of Marion Tech. College

  • Name : Marion Technical College
  • Address : 1014 SW 7th Rd, Ocala, Florida 34471-3172
  • Website : http://www.MarionTC.edu

2. Hollywood Institute Of Beauty Careers.

Hollywood institute of beauty careers happens to be one of the best massage therapy schools in south Florida, this institution curriculum includes a total of 720 clock hours of course work and clinical experiences.

Its partitioned into two mode involving day and evening, which we have 26 weeks of day classes and 33 weeks of evening classes to complete, so you can go for which ever that suit your winning time.

Been a student in this institution gives you numerous advantages, prospective students stands to learn Asian bodywork, Craniosacral therapy, Eastern modalities, energy techniques, prenatal and infant massage, geriatric massage, spa techniques, reflexology, and Thai massage.

Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers Core Courses.

Graduation Rate.

They have over an average graduation rate, majored at 67%, this exactly how amazing they are, and one can really tell that the school is one of a kind.
Populations of Student.

Don’t be surprise at the number of students this school have in total, the truth remains that, this schools are professional schools that admit only qualified prospective students that are psychologically and physically willing to face the educational challenges of this great institution.

So the student population is above average with 67% as the score line and a total population of 200+ students at the time of writing this article.

Contact Info. Of Hollywood Institute Of Beauty career

  • Address : 420 S. State Rd. 7, Hollywood, Florida 33023
  • Website: https://www.hi.edu

3. Daytona College – Massage Therapy Schools In South Florida

Daytona college is yet another best massage therapy schools in south Florida that offers purely an associate of science degree in therapeutic massage, they program combines massage therapy and skin care all together, which is succinctly an added advantage to a student of this great institution.

Daytona College academic curriculum consists of 124.5 total credit hours, and 1,665 contact hours of instruction and clinical practice. Their students are said to acquire practical experience in a school administered public clinic where esteem customers receive hot stone, multi-hand, Swedish, deep-tissue, foot massages and chair.

Admission Requirement

The admission requirements to Daytona college is same as the general requirements for all massage therapy schools in south Florida, but you can actually get more information regarding their requirements on the school official site.

Courses Offered

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Massage techniques
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Laws and ethics

Five required general education classes, which may be taken online.

Graduation Rate of Daytona College

Daytona college has over 65% graduation rate, which literally means they have good performing student and at same time give admission to well deserving students who are emotionally and physically ready for the academic race.

Population of Student

With the high percentage rate of graduation, Daytona college has low numbers of student, the whole school has an average number 200+ student, which is quite below normal numbers of students in colleges, but you should be reminded that, Daytona college is a professional school of massage therapy.

Contact Information of Daytona College.

4. Sunstate Academy – Massage Therapy Schools In South Florida

It’s obvious that massage therapy schools in south Florida are amazing institutions, and I can vouch this one right here, Sunstate academy is one of the best therapy college when it comes to rating and otherwise, they have set some standard which therapy schools in other schools can’t meet based on their sincere act offering provisional admission to prospective students.

As a Sunstate academy student, you stand the chance to learn hot stone massage, hydrotherapy, athletic and sports massages, prenatal massage. The students spend over 135 hours in clinical practicum at their off campus massage centre.

Courses Offered In Sunsate Academy

  • History of Massage
  • Introduction to Massage
  • Basic Massage Theory
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Pathology (including medical errors and HIV/Aids)
  • Florida Law and Ethics
  • Allied Modalities
  • Business Operations.

Graduation Rate of Sunsate Academy

Sunsate academy isn’t the best school in south Florida when it comes to massage therapy, but it’s one of the best from our research thus far. Their every graduation is a preparedness of students to face the outside world in their individual field of study in the college and also meet up with employers expectation. The college has 62% graduation rate in entirety.

Population Of Student In Sunsate Academy

Sunsate Academy has dense populated environment, they have meagre number of students in totality, they are said to have only 200+ numbers of students. This will in other way round give room for conducive studying environment, and you should note that, a lot of persons applied to this school but got weed out along the line, due to poor performance and inability to meet up with other requirements set by the school authority.

Contact Info – Massage Therapy Schools In South Florida

5. Bene’s Career Academy

Here is other best massage therapy schools in south Florida, they offers a 750 hours program, starting from August through April and the institution enrols no more than 25 students annually.

It’s quite an amazing professional schools set for the most brilliant and serious minded students who are willing to think beyond normal, it’s strictly for logical thinking personalities.

Bene’s Career Academy made it a possibility for her esteem student to also benefit in every aspect of learning by providing extra curricula courses like mathematics, science, reinforcement of basic skills in English, computer technologies and appropriate research.

Courses Offered In The School.

This institution have marketable courses that are in high demands, so it’s left for the prospective student to make a pick, but bet sure you have all the needed criteria to be accepted into either of the below courses.

  • Kinesiology
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Theory and practice of massage therapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Practical demonstrations
  • Florida laws and rules
  • Hygiene
  • Employability skills.
  • Health and safety
  • CPR
  • Leadership and human relations skills

Graduation Rate.

The school graduation rate is measured at 65%, which is far above average, and with such record. You can attest to the fact that the school is one of the best in Florida school of massage therapy.

It could be recall that, they only accept 25 qaulified student during admission process, so with 65% graduation rate. I can say the school is worth the enlistment in this article about the massage therapy school.

Student Population.

The school is sparsely populated with an average number of 300+ students, but don’t you think the number is appreciable when the number of persons been admitted each year is measured at 25 maximum?

With this less number of students and higher number of courses been offered in the college, students will be able to learn faster owing to the amazing fact about high numbers of tutors which are readily enough for students of this great institute. Have it at the back of your that lesser number of students create a more conducive environment for rugged learning.

Contact Information. Massage Therapy Schools In South Florida

  • Name: Bene’s Career Academy
  • Address: 7027 US Hwy 19, New Port Richey, Florida 34652
  • Website: https://www.benes.edu

6. Aveda Institute South Florida

This institute has a program schedule for 600 hours, and it take approximately 18 weeks to round up the whole program as schedule by the company management board. They have campuses in Davie and Tallahassee respectively, so you might find yourself in either of them depending on your course of choice.

Aveda Institute Courses – Massage Therapy Schools In South Florida

  • Reflexology
  • Aromaology
  • Business development
  • Wellness
  • Retail knowledge
  • Massage and bodywork.
  • Swedish massage

Graduation Rate.

Don’t be amazed at the graduation rate of institutions, this are not ordinary schools one go to learn sciences and art theoretically and just graduate with flying colours, the average graduation rate of this professional oriented institution is pioneered by the numerous challenging factors.

The graduation rate of this institution from the day of it operation is measured at 64% which is above average, compared to other professional academy of same kinds.

Population Of Student

The population of this school is quite appreciable with the total number of over 400+ students, both fresh and old students in entirety.

Contact Information Of Aveda Institute South Florida

7. Celebrity School of Beauty – Massage Therapy Schools In South Florida

The name of this great institute means a whole lot, it happens to be one of the best massage therapy schools in south Florida with two campuses, which one is in Hialeah and the other in Miami.

The school syllabus provides numerous instructions and training for students, having the following courses included in their curriculum sports, Swedish, stone, deep tissue, reductive, prenatal, special population massage techniques, miofascial and positional release, PNF stretching, reflexology, aromatherapy and raindrop technique, body wraps, polarity therapy and other energy-balancing techniques.

Also we have acupressure, detox Thai, Ayurvedic treatments, wood therapy, cavitation and radiofrequency, lipolaser and vacuum therapy, electroporation and virtual mesotherapy, lymphatic drainage and pressure therapy, neuromuscular therapy, electrotherapy and ultrasound, hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, thermotherapy, and Feng Shui and Chinese herbology, you can see they have lots of practical and theoretical courses onboard.

Courses Offered In The Institution.

  • The number of course offered in this institute is way numerous than done in most of the specialist massage therapy schools in south Florida.
  • Neuromuscular therapy
  • Miofascial and positional release
  • PNF stretching, reflexology
  • Aromatherapy and raindrop technique
  • Body wraps
  • Polarity therapy and other energy-balancing techniques
  • Acupressure
  • Detox Thai
  • Ayurvedic treatments
  • Wood therapy
  • Cavitation and radiofrequency
  • Lipolaser and vacuum therapy
  • Electroporation and virtual mesotherapy
  • Lymphatic drainage and pressure therapy
  • Electrotherapy and ultrasound
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Cryotherapy
  • Thermotherapy
  • Feng Shui and Chinese herbology.

Graduation Rate – Massage Therapy Schools In South Florida

Thus far, this institution has the highest gradation rate in our listing of best massage therapy schools in south Florida, they have graduation rate of over 85%, which is possible due to the numerous course they have in the college, so one shouldn’t start thinking it’s possible because of the number students in the institution or feel the school is too flexible. There is no flexibility in specialist or professional colleges.

Student Population

The population of student in Celebrity school of beauty is quite low, yet they still maintain high graduation percentage, this literally means that gaining admission into this institution signify you are qualified and must be graduated.

The school have around 342 members, including fresh and old students in entirety.

Contact Information – Massage Therapy Schools In South Florida

8. Praxis Institute – Massage Therapy Schools In South Florida

This is yet another great massage therapy schools in south Florida, that has foundational records ranging from academic excellent to holding high grounds in the educational lines in south Florida.

They have advance and basic programs, which the basic last for 600 hours and the advance courses goes for 900 hours. And the basic course are as follows – Massage Theory & Clinical Practicum, Theory & Practice of Hydrotherapy, Human Anatomy and Physiology, HIV/AIDS, Introduction to Allied Modalities, Florida State Law and Business Principles & Development.


For further enquiries in regards to what requirements the institute need before considering your admission, you should refer to the official website of the school, meanwhile you should meeting the general requirements of massage therapy schools in south Florida.

Courses Offered

  • Introduction to Allied Modalities
  • Clinical Rehabilitation
  • Neuromuscular Theory
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology,
  • Massage Theory & Clinical Practicum
  • Theory & Practice of Hydrotherapy
  • Florida State Law
  • Business Principles & Development
  • Sports Massage
  • Manual Lymph Drainage

Graduation Rate

With the high number of courses in this college, no student will be convinced to study courses out of their own wish or choices, they can make a pick and be so focused on the courses of choice and do so well at the course, thereby affecting graduation rate positively.

They have graduation rate measured at 78%, I guess it’s a good rate and the school is super good at what they know how to do best.

Student Population

Despite the high percentage rate of graduation, Praxis Institute still maintain dense populated learning for her students, the reason behind these schools keeping such number of students could still be beckoned on the professionalism.

Other higher institution like Harvard university have high numbers of students which could amount to 30,000 or more, I can say the number of students in this professional schools isn’t up to a single faculty in Harvard. But truly the difference is clear; Paxis Institute has a total number of 417 students as at the time of writing this article.

Contact Information Of Paxis Institute

9. La Belle Beauty Academy

Massage schools in south Floride are up to date; they schools doing the professional tasks they were approved and accredited for’ there are number of therapy specialist schools out there, but most lost name because one issue or other.

La belle beauty academy is one school with professionalism as motivating point to routinely utilize, both in words, actions and results.

The school program is schedule to 600 hours, having 150 hours set for clinical practical’s to broaden student’s knowledge on the specific courses they are majoring in the institution.

Courses Offered

  • Complete body procedures
  • Aromatherapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Clinical massage techniques
  • Sports massage
  • Classical massage movements
  • Somatic therapies
  • Reflexology
  • Laws and ethics
  • Shiatsu
  • Acupressure
  • History and theory of basic massage
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Kinesiology
  • Blinical practice
  • Business practices

Graduation Rate – Massage Therapy Schools In South Florida

Our mission isn’t to scare you or make feel its impossible to graduate from these schools, this rate is recorded based on student’s seriousness and they are able to graduate as at time due, no spill over of any kind.

So, the graduation percent rate of this school is 99%, this literally means that almost all students admitted into this institute graduate as at time due, this is basically favoured by the high number of courses and few students in the school. It’s actually vice-versa.

The 99 percent graduation rate is an encouraging move to take closer note of; it shouldn’t for any make you feel the curriculum is flexible or way cheaper than others.

Student Population.

In some cases, the percentage rate of graduation should directly or indirectly affect the population of this therapy school in Miami; because everybody will feel the school is flexible and they’ll be left with no choice than to come in higher numbers, students from far and near will start trooping-in and applying to the school.

But the shocking this is that the school still maintain sparse populated learning environment that is quite conducive and really contribute to the high percentage rate of the school graduations records, the school has a total number of 365 students onboard at the time of writing this article.

Contact Information – Massage Therapy Schools In South Florida

10. Ridge Technical College – Massage Therapy Schools In South Florida

Ridge technical college is another massage therapy school in south Florida, this college provides students 750 hours of schedule programs daily, this program includes labs and clinical practical’s broaden students knowledge in line with the course they’re majoring in the institution.


The school share same requirements with other therapy schools in south Florida, but the common add up, that is also by some others schools is; they school offers admission to applicants based on first come; first served. i.e if you meet the general requirements in south Florida.

Courses Offered – Massage Therapy Schools In South Florida

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Pathology
  • Kinesiology
  • Safety and Hygiene
  • Oral and Written Communication
  • Massage Modalities
  • Theory and Practice of Hydrotherapy
  • Florida Laws and Rules
  • Business Practices
  • Standards
  • Professional Ethics
  • Added benefit to students Students
  • Swedish and hot stone massage
  • Oriental therapies
  • Stretching
  • Joint mobilization
  • Other specialized therapies

Graduation Rate

The percentage rate at which students graduate from this college is measured at 86% and I dare say it’s appreciable.

Student Population

The total number of students in this college is said to be around 300+, according to report on their website, the school is sparsely populated yet they have high percentage rate of graduation, could it be that lesser number of students in the specialist colleges contribute to it success rate?

My reasoning could be totally out of point, but from our listing thus far, I seen points to hold onto this myth which may seem unreal to others, but whichever way it seem. It’s still acceptable and the fact always remains that numerous factors does contribute to the graduation percentage rate.

Contact Information. Massage Therapy Schools In South Florida

  • Name: Ridge Technical College
  • Address: 7700 State Rd 544, Winter Haven, Florida 33881-9518
  • Website: http://www.ridge.edu/

11. Manatee Technical College – Massage Therapy Schools In South Florida

This institution is yet another college that made it to the list of best massage therapy schools in south Florida, they would have come first due to their dedication to the professionalism and dedication to student’s welfare, they build young generation for better display of professionalism in either of the courses studied in this college.

Manatee technical college offers 750 hours of lessons and practical’s to students, the program is partitioned to day and evening classes, it’s expected to be round up in 11 months of calendar year, this all happens at the main campus in Brandenton

This institution are timely when it comes to course completion, it thereby favours graduation percentage rate of students. On the school website, the testimonials speak good of them; stating how over 90% of student passes their licensing exams and securing good jobs in their individual fields.

Courses Offered.

  • This south Florida school in Florida also have good courses, they promise excellent learning environment
  • Theory and Practice of Hydrotherapy
  • Professional Ethics
  • Basic Massage Therapy
  • Statutes/Rules and History of Massage
  • Allied Modalities
  • Clinical practical
  • Legal Aspects of Massage Practice
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Entrepreneurial Skills

Graduation Rate

The school has a high performing standard accompanied with high percentage graduation rate; their graduating percentage rate is measured at 71% which I consider excellent.

Student Population

Initially I got everything wrong, thinking that the number of students in these colleges influences the graduating percentage rate, but manatee technical college prove me wrong.
This college has high number of students coupled with excellent graduating percentage rate since it was founded.

They have total number of 803 students studying both theory and practical with them, and they are open to admitting fresh students to this great college.

Contact Information. Massage Therapy Schools In South Florida

  • Name: Manatee Technical College
  • Address: 6305 State Rd 70 East, Bradenton, Florida 34203
  • Website: https://manateetech.edu

12. Sheridan Technical College

This is the last on our list of best massage therapy schools in south Florida, they stand to be listed first on our list but we decide to bring it last to appeal the minds of our esteem readers.
This school offers students 750 hours of massage programs in almost all the courses offered in the college.

Courses offered

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Kinesiology
  • Allied modalities
  • Business Practice
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Ethics and Law
  • Clinical Pathology
  • Massage Therapy Theory Professional
  • Basic Swedish massage

Graduation Rate

This institution with high number of students, still wowed me with such high percentage rate of graduating students measured 60%, which is an excellent result for such highly populated school.

Student Population

Sheridan Technical College has over 1,700 total number of students, they produce great and qualified students as well.

Contact Info.


From the start to finish of our listing, we really did take our time to making proper researches on the best massage schools in south Florida, these schools offers the best courses that will make you a professional therapist.