10 Secrets of Winning Any Scholarship

What are the secrets of winning any scholarship may have come to your mind one or two times as you desire to further your education using scholarship program.

Education is very important for all races and genders especially in Africa where the need for quality man power is needed.

But getting quality education is costly due to largely poor economy and political instability in the continent and this has lead many to be looking at ways to get this education with out having to sell properties or getting loans upon loans.

The answer which is getting a scholarship in their respective countries or abroad.

Winning a scholarship is no longer easy these days but there are secrets to winning any scholarship easily which you have your eyes on; people still get them. These people have simply obeyed the rules of scholarship application and it payed out well for them.

In this guide, I will be giving you 10 secrets you need to know to win easily any scholarship.

There are many scholarships available, and not all of them require you to prove you’re the most academically gifted person on earth. But they are incredibly competitive. So how do you make sure you get the scholarship or bursary you deserve?


Secrets of winning any scholarship

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1. You usually can’t apply for a scholarship until you have been accepted to study any course in a university

This may seem like it’s the wrong way around, but you do need to know you can pay your tuition fees and travel expenses without a scholarship. That way, if you do win a grant, you can pay back your local bank loan or have a bit of extra spending money.

As an international student, I do advise you to go ahead and apply for admission into the university offering the scholarship. Admissions are far easier to get in some developed countries compared with some developing countries.

You may want to know why scholarship providers demand that you get admitted before they offer you a scholarship, this is why: they do not want to offer scholarship to someone and at the end of the day, the person doesn’t meet up with admission requirements and is screened out.

2. Scholarships don’t cover every expenses

Scholarship providers do not provide or pay for every expenses you have to make which means you will pay some.

Some scholarships providers like DAAD scholarship which are fully funded will still demand you to pay your flight fee to your country of study after which they may refund yourthe travel fare.

They do this because some people after getting the transport fare will purposely decided not to go for the scholarship again and pocket the transport money, this is why you need to show seriousness by coming over to the country first.

3. Look beyond your university

You can find a complete list of scholarships on many websites, including those awarded by private foundations (such as a Fulbright Scholarship), or government bodies in the host country (such as the British Council) or your own country (such as the Department of Education).

Check carefully to see if you’re eligible – many have nationality, course or age restrictions.

4. Be ready to accept little

Even if it’s just a small grant towards the cost of your books, it’s worth taking the time to apply. It’s one less thing to worry about when you get there!

5. Spread your arms

Yes, it takes time. But it’s free money! So make a list of all the scholarships you are eligible for. Double-check you have all the right documents to prove your case, and get someone read over your supporting essay or letter.

It’s always good to get another point of view. This is a very important secret of winning any scholarship .

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6. Be confident

If the application requires a letter or essay explaining why you deserve the scholarship, don’t be shy. List all your relevant achievements – not just academic results but also community work, career experience and awards.

7. Avoid going for scams

There is no such thing as a ‘guaranteed scholarship’. You should never have to pay an application fee for a scholarship. Unfortunately, some dodgy scholarship companies will just take your money and disappear.

8. Don’t be in a hast

You need to think about your finances at least 18 months before you hope to start your course. But once you have been accepted onto the course, you may only have a short window of time where you can apply for a course-specific scholarship.

So don’t miss your deadline; keep in touch with your counsellor and with the University’s international office. Very important in secrets of winning any scholarship

You also have to understand that it is not every scholarship that you apply for that is going to be successful but if you are serious about winning scholarships, you will always be in search of scholarships and apply for any single one you can.

Do not count how many, just keep applying. This is a top secret to winning scholarships, hold unto it.

9. All your documents

You need proof of funds to get your visa sorted, and that includes the scholarship offer or agreement. We also guide applicants on how to get student visas but first, win the scholarship!

10. Have a back up plan

Don’t despair if all those applications come to nothing. There are other ways to finance your education. Student loans, help from your friends and family, and company sponsorships are worth looking into as well.

In all the secrets of winning any scholarship, making plans on how to carry out the needed action is paramount.

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From the points we have been able to establish above, we can see that there are very important secret of winning scholarship that many people overlook while applying for scholarships. We advice you to take it vary seriously and put them into practice.

There are continuous updates on scholarship and vital information on winning scholarship on naijanewsnow.com.ng, we urge you to visit frequently for your update.