10+ Best Massage therapy schools in the world

Searching for the best Massage therapy schools in the world today ia very unavoidable due to the well needed responsibility they have in our society to. The number of persons looking for the help of a massage therapist is increasing daily in the United States and the world in general.

It has been said often that these therapist has a magic hand of helping it’s massage clients to regain their strength after a stressful work day. This massage schools are seen as Best Alternatives to medical school.

Since there are high demand for this professionals, the is need for good knowledge of how to be of help. This can only be achieved through the best massage schools in USA and the world in general.

Interestingly, from the top massage therapist schools in the world, ther are many qualified massage Tutors who are eager to teach and develop others. Also massage school cost is very affordable.

You might be getting lost as we describe the value of massage therapists in the world today because you might mot have seen them practice or get the full knowledge of who a massage therapist is. So let get to know them well.


Who is a massage therapist?

A massage therapist is a professionals who treats clients by using applying gentle touch to manipulate the soft-tissue muscles of the body. With their touch, massage therapists relieve pain, rehabilitate injuries, reduce stress, increase relaxation, and aid in the general wellness of their clients.

What are the responsibilities of a massage therapist

You might also ask what does a massage therapist do after graduation from a massage school. Massage therapists use their parts, mainly their hands, fingers, forearms, elbows, and sometimes feet to knead muscles and soft tissue of the body in order to treat injuries and to promote general wellness.

Note that a massage section can be short, like fifteen minutes or could last for more than an hour.

In practice, a Massage therapists may use lotions and oils, massage tables or chairs, and medical heat lamps when treating a client. After the practical massage, they might also give clients information about futher relaxation techniques or exercises to practice between sessions.

There are many types of massage that a therapist can focus or specialize on. Some of them are

  • Swedish massage,
  • deep-tissue massage, and
  • sports massage are just a few examples of modalities.

On many occasions, massage therapists specialize in several modalities, which require different techniques. Usually, the type of massage given depends on the client’s needs and physical condition. For example, therapists may use a special technique for elderly clients that they would not use for athletes.

Some forms of massage are given solely to one type of client; for example, prenatal massage is given to pregnant women.

Massage therapist duties might be summarised as

  • Talk with clients about symptoms, medical history, and desired results
  • Evaluate clients to locate painful or tense areas of the body
  • Manipulate muscles or other soft tissues of the body
  • Provide clients with guidance on how to improve posture, stretching, strengthening, and overall relaxation

What is Massage therapist work place

Massage therapists work in different settings, both private and public, such as private offices, spas, hospitals, fitness centres, and shopping malls. One other occasions, massage therapists also travel to clients’ homes or offices to give a massage.

Most massage therapists, especially those who are self-employed, provide their own table or chair, sheets, pillows, and body lotions or oils.

Also, massage therapist’s working conditions depend heavily on the location and what the client wants. For example, a massage meant to help rehabilitate an injury may be conducted in a well-lit setting with several other clients receiving treatment in the same room. But when giving a massage to help clients relax, massage therapists generally work in dimly lit settings and use candles, incense, and calm, soothing music.

Futheremore, Due to the nature of massage therapists work, there work by appointment in most cases. This makes to have a plan of work or schedule for every clients, this making them work for some hours in a week.

These time spent in massage homes are not only for physical massage, therapists may also spend time recording patient notes, marketing, booking clients, washing linens, and other general business tasks

Because massage is physically work, massage therapists most times get injured if they do not use the proper techniques. Repetitive-motion problems and fatigue from standing for extended periods are most common.

Therapists can limit these risks by using good techniques, spacing sessions properly, exercising and, in many cases, receiving a massage themselves regularly.

How Long does it take to Study Massage Therapy?

It takes about 7.5 months (30 weeks) to complete a full-time program in massage therapy. In some cases, it can also take about 12 months (24 months) or above to get a certificate in massage therapy training.

The duration, however, depends on either the number of hours or the credit units of the courses.

For instance, it takes as little as 8 months to complete an 800-hour Hands-On Massage Therapy Training at the National Holistic Institute.

Meanwhile, at the National University of Health Sciences, it takes about 1 year to complete a 705-hour certification in the massage therapy program.

However, it takes a longer time to complete a massage therapy program in some schools. For example, it takes about 2 years to complete the massage training program at the OVCMT.

Furthermore, it takes a longer duration to complete a massage therapy program in schools where associate degree programs are offered. At the Canadian College of Massage And Hydrotherapy, it typically takes about 20 months or approximately 2 years to complete a massage therapy program.

Best Massage therapy schools in the US and world

Having a choice of going to a massage school is very good and well thought of since it is an emerging carrier and helps you work on your pace. These schools offering massage therapy are affordable whennwe talk of massage therapist schools cost. The list below are also the easiest massage schools to get into.

Below is the list of the schools for massage therapists

  • National Holistic Institute
  • Myotherapy College of Utah
  • National University of Health Science
  • Miami-Dade collage
  • Cortiva Institute Schools of Massage Therapy
  • Bryan Collage
  • The Soma institute
  • Southwest Institutes of Healing Arts
  • London School of Massage
  • Okanagan valley collage of Massage therapy

Its time to pick them one after the other to see reasons there are among the top schools of Massage in the United States and the world in general and also the school of Massage cost.

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1. National Holistic Institute

The National Holostic institute (NHI) massage school offers comprehensive Massage Therapy Training Program and Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program, leading the massage therapy education for over 30 years already. NHI as one of rhe best Massage therapist schools in California has campuses all over California.

National Holistic Institute Massage Schools is one of the most established and respected massage therapy schools in the nation. In fact, NHI has been a leader in the massage therapy field since 1979.

As the first nationally accredited massage therapy school in California, the school is committed to training the best massage therapists in the world while supporting the integrity and positive growth of the massage therapy industry.

NHI is truly one of the largest and most respected colleges of massage therapy in the nation.

Basic facts

  • NHI only teaches massage.
  • It is nationally accredited.
  • You will gain valuable experience at the student clinic.
  • Graduates have high job placement rates.
  • Furthermore, NHI has a flexible school schedule.

Furthermore, it takes as little as 8 months to complete an 800-hour Hands-On Massage Therapy Training. On the other hand, it takes about 5.5 months to complete a 450-hour Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program

NHI Tuition fee: $15,588

Contact details

  • Address: NHI Headquarters, 5900 Doyle Street, Emeryville, CA 94608
  • Phone: 510.547.6442
  • Email: nhi@nhi.edu

School official Website

2. Myotherapy College of Utah

Myotherapy College of Utah has been providing excellent clinical approach to massage therapy, training over 20 styles and modalities Since 1987. The school is fully accredited by Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), providing smaller and personalized classes to achieve a more personalized training and attention.

Upon graduation, students will be qualified to sit for the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEX). MBLEX is provided by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB) to obtain licensure.

Basic facts

  • Smaller, personalized class sizes
  • Personalized attention and training
  • Flexible class schedules, Day and Evening classes
  • Financial aid available to those who qualify
  • Myotherapy Student Clinic Hours Monday – Saturday
  • Graduate placement and services
  • Continuing education available

Normally, it takes about 7.5 months to complete a massage training program. In addition, Myotherapy College is also open to Continuing Education for national re-certification.

Financial aid is also available to massage students who qualify with the parameters. In addition, Myotherapy College is also open for Continuing Education for national re-certification. Find more of their massage therapy program.

Myotherapy collage massage programs

  • Massage Therapy Training Program
  • Continuing Education Massage Classes

Myotherapy College of Utah Tuition fee: $13,394

Contact details:

  • Address: 3950 South 700 East, Suite 100, Millcreek City, UT 84107
  • Phone: 801-484-7624
  • Email: jpeacock@myotherapycollege.edu

School official Website

3. National University of Health Sciences

The National University of Health Sciences doesn’t only offer Massage Therapy Certificate Program but also grant access to Associate of Applied Science in Massage Therapy course.

The school provides introductory and advance courses in massage techniques and theory, including business and communications skills.

Located in Lombard, Illinois, the National University of Health Sciences is one of the best massage therapy schools in the world. The massage therapy program at the National University of Health Sciences mainly provides students with extensive hands-on instruction so that they can provide the highest quality of care to your clients.

Here students learn about anatomy and various massage techniques, including sports massage, deep tissue work, Swedish massage, and trigger point therapy.

The school also provides introductory and advanced courses in massage techniques and theory, including business and communications skills.

In addition, the National University of Health Sciences doesn’t only offer Massage Therapy Certificate Program but also grant access to Associate of Applied Science in Massage Therapy course.

Furthermore, you can earn your Certification in Massage Therapy in 3 trimesters or just 1 year of convenient evening classes.  That is, it takes about 1 year to complete a 705-hour massage program. 84.6% at the state licensure exams.

NUHS is one of the best Massage therapy schools in Illinois and Florida.

Basic facts

  • Excellent Career Preparation
  • Gain Business and Communication Skills
  • You will get to learn Cadaver-Based Anatomy
  • NUHS has an Outstanding Faculty and Campus
  • Finally, NUHS has an integrative learning structure

NUHS massage therapist program

  • Massage Therapy Training Program
  • Associate of Applied Science Degree in Massage Therapy

Tuition fee: $20.97/hour

Contact details

  • Address:
    • ILLINOIS 200 E. Roosevelt Lombard, IL 60148
    • Phone: 1-800-826-6285
    • FLORIDA 9200 113th St. N.Seminole, FL 33772
    • Phone: 1-800-826-6285

School official Website

4. Miami Dade College

Miami-Dade Community College’s School of Allied Health Technologies is offering a three-track Vocational Credit Certificate Program that fully prepares students for their chosen career as licensed massage therapists.

. The associate program is designed for existing physical therapists or physical therapist’s assistants and the transition option is available for other healthcare professionals. With these pathways, students can skip a number of introductory health courses and go directly to basic massage therapy courses.

Basic facts

It takes about 1 year to complete a massage therapy program at the Miami-Dade College Medical Campus.

When it comes to best Massage schools cost, Miami-Dade is affordable.

Miami-Dade Tuition fee: Resident – $82.78/hr; Out-of-State – $331.11

Contact details

  • Address:

School Official website

5. Cortiva Institute Schools of Massage Therapy

The school which offers 2 programs on massage therapy provides a comprehensive educational experience that focuses on both the art and science of massage therapy. They also offer continuing education and career services for continued career development and success.

Cortiva Institute is a network of massage therapy and skincare schools; all united by a common mission and standards that help students, clients and the community thrive. Its reported to also be among the best Massage therapy schools in the world and friendly massage school cost.

The school basically provides a comprehensive educational experience that focuses on both the art and science of massage therapy. They also offer continuing education and career services for continued career development and success.

Basic facts

  • Convenient day and night classes that fit your life
  • Access to job opportunities
  • Support in finding a career that brings you joy
  • Accomplished instructors and faculty to guide your development
  • Financial aid available for those who qualify
  •  Automatic student membership in ABMP, the largest massage therapy association in the U.S.
  • Real-world, diverse experience makes grads more in demand with employers.

Tuition fee: $12,587

Contact details

  • Address: Florida
  • Phone: 1-866-CORTIVA
  • Email: info@cortiva.edu 

School official Website

6. Bryan College

Located in Dallas, TX, Bryan College offers Associate of Applied Science with a Major in Massage Therapy and Certificate in Massage Therapy. The school also prepares the student for future employment or independent business skills.

The College seeks to assist in the personal growth and development of qualified students by providing an education based upon an integrated understanding of the Bible and the liberal arts.

Tuition fee: NA

Contact details

  • Address:  721 Bryan Dr, Dayton, TN 37321
  • Phone: 423-775-2041

School official Website

7. The Soma Institute

The school provides day, evening, and weekend programs and also caters to financial aid application for all students who qualify. Soma offers their graduates with clinical massage therapy diploma with 82.2% placement rate in variety of organizations and institutions.

SOHA Institute is an established massage therapy school in Singapore with over 15 years of experience delivering massage therapy certification and spa massage training programs. Situated at the crossroads of East and West, the school also offers self-care and wellness courses for those interested to learn massage in Singapore.

SOHA institute includes body massage courses such as reflexology, Chinese meridian massage, holistic massage, Indian Head Massage, Seated Chair Massage and Swedish Massage which are needed to apply for massage license.

Furthermore, many advanced massage courses like lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy, pre- and post-natal and infant massage are also offered to provide wellness practitioners with mastery in a comprehensive range of skills and treatment modalities.

Also, foreigners attend massage training in Singapore to deepen their understanding of the healing wonders of Asian Bodyworks and experience the positive effects of massage to reduce stress, aid blood circulation, aid in muscle relaxation and improve quality of sleep for self, family members, friends, and associates.

Basic facts

  • An education provider with a social mission.
  • Affordable and accessible competency-based education, with flexible option.
  • Dedicated and qualified trainers.
  • Courses are accredited by local and international bodies such as Singapore SkillsFuture Agency, ITEC (UK), Chengdu University of TCM.
  • Promotes a culture of collaborative learning. 

Contact details

  • Address: Blk 465 Crawford Lane, #02-08, Singapore 190465
  • Phone:  +65 6293 3369
  • Fax: +65 6293 6882

School official Website

8. Southwest Institutes of Healing Arts

SWIHA offers customizable massage program where you can choose your specialties and point of interests at your own pace. All their programs make students eligible for national licensing and national certification exam. One of the best Massage schools in the world.

The Arizona Massage School at the Southwest Institutes of Healing Arts offers one of the best massage therapy programs in the USA. SWHI’s mission is to inspire individuals to discover their gifts and graces and support them as they share their talents with the world in a loving and profitable way.

Basically, SWHI offers a customizable massage program where you can choose your specialties and point of interest at your own pace. Also, all their programs make students eligible for national licensing and national certification exams.

SWHI Tuition fee: $75 per hour

Contact details

  • Address: 1538 E. Southern Ave, Tempe, AZ 85282
  • Phone: (480) 994-9244

School official Website

9. London School of Massage

The London School of Massage is UK’s Premier School of Massage providing professional diploma massage courses, sports massage courses & postgraduate courses. It is also the UK’s most successful complementary training school committed to excellence in the training, assessment, and practice of professional massage and body therapy.

London School of Massage is accredited by ITEC, VTCT, CThA, FHT, Think Tree and IICT, and we maintain the high standards set by these organisations for Alternative and Complementary Medicine

The school offers certificate programs in

  • Massage,
  • Sports Massage,
  • Aromatherapy,
  • Reflexology,
  • Indian Head Massage,
  • Mother & Baby Massage,
  • Anatomy & Physiology,
  • Touch for Health- Kinesiology,
  • Thai massage,
  • Ayurveda massage, and
  • CPD courses.

Basic facts

  • Innovators of Fast track, Intensive Massage Courses – since 1994
  • 100% Pass Rate for ALL our courses since we started
  • Training from fully equipped and purpose-built premises
  • Full course notes
  • Producing excellent World Class Massage Therapists
  • Its very affordable when it comes to massage school cost

London massage school Tuition fee: $1450

Contact details

  • Address: Caledonian Road, 453 – 455 Caledonian Rd, London. N7 9BA
  • Phone: 020 7700 3777

School official Website

10. Okanagan valley collage of Massage therapy

Founded in 1994, OV College of Massage Therapy is one of the top massage therapy schools in Canada. The school is also the first Nationally Accredited Registered Massage Therapy program in Canada.

The massage program comes in two formats: practical (on-hand) and academics (mind) training.it is among the top and best Massage therapy schools in Canada.

During the on-hand training, students get to learn massage theory and practice, hydrotherapy, clinical assessment, sports massage and a lot more. On the other hand, at the mind training, they get to learn anatomy & physiology, musculoskeletal anatomy, communication & ethics, and so on.

Basic facts

  • OV College of Massage Therapy offers experience, passion, and exemplary programs.
  • It is nationally accredited.
  • Top industry professionals engage students with the latest in technology and learning principles.

Typically, it takes about 2 years to complete the massage training program at the OVCMT.

Okanagan valley collage of Massage therapy Tuition fee: $30,365

Contact details

  • Address: 200 3400 – 30th Avenue, Vernon, BC V1T 2E2
  • Phone: 1-800-701-8863
  • Phone: 250-558-3718
  • Email: info@ovcmt.com

School official Website

Best Massage therapy schools in Canada with low massage school cost.

Frequently Asked questions about top massage schools in the world

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What is the massage school cost?

The cost of massage therapy school ranges between $6 to $17 per hour of education, with the average tuition around $9 to $10 per hour. This means that if your state(USA) has no/minimal requirements, you can choose to take a shorter program, which will cost you less in massage therapy tuition.

However, most states with massage licensing criteria commonly require between 500-600 hours of massage therapy training. This is equal to a tuition range of between $6,000 and $10,000 for your certificate, depending upon the school and its location.

For example, the National University of Health Sciences charges $14,934 for a 705-hour certification Massage Therapy program. Also, some programs include the cost of a massage table (around $500) in their tuition prices, not all do though. This is According to Natural Healers.

Is there online massage therapist schools?

Yes, there are schools that offer online massage therapy programs. Online massage therapy degree programs are definitely a great fit for learners who may need to juggle family responsibilities with education coursework. They can also be a good option for those who are preparing for employment in a new career while still employed in an existing job.

However, prospective students are advised to make sure that the programs are approved by recognized accrediting bodies.

what are the massage therapist schools accreditation body?

To get a license to practice, it is of essence that prospective masseurs and masseuses get certified by accredited massage therapy schools.

The Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA) is a national accrediting agency specifically for the massage therapy field and profession. However, there are also other nationally recognized accrediting agencies that accredit health programs and/or trade schools.

Below is a list of bodies in charge of accrediting massage therapy schools both in the USA and in the world:

Is there massage therapist schools in US

The United States of America keeps topping the chart in various sectors including education. In the US, several schools offer massage therapy training programs.

According to Wikipedia, Massage started to become popular in the United States in the middle part of the 19th century and was introduced by two New York physicians, George and Charles Taylor, based on Per Henrik Ling’s techniques developed in Sweden. Since then, the massage therapy industry is continuously increasing.

Students are advised to attend schools that offer accredited massage therapy programs as all but 6 States require massage therapists to be licensed. The Licensure requires the applicant to receive training at an accredited school and to pass a comprehensive exam. In addition, those states that require licensure also typically require continuing education in massage techniques and in ethics.


From the discussion above on the best Massage schools in the world and United States specifically, we have come to understand who a massage therapist is and their duties. Also there are the easiest massage schools to get into and affordable.